AUTHOR's NOTES: Hey there. For those who watched the asian dramas (Meteor Garden, Boys over Flowers, Hana Yori Dango), I borrowed ideas from that series, and so I have come up with this new fanfic. This is my version of course. Hope you like it. This is short, coz its only an introduction. About my other two fanfics, I will update them soon, I decided to not end them even though I started writing another fanfic. So yehey right? =)



I don't want to be here, I don't want to be in this goddamn school for rich kids. First, I'm not rich. I just got in here because my father borrowed large sum of money from his boss just to finance my tuition in this school. I know the fucking reason why he did that. He wants me to be involve with rich kids, no erase that, he wants me to MARRY an heiress. Yes, that's right. An heiress.

Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Brittany S. Pierce, and I'm gay. I'm attracted to girls, but honestly, I never had a girlfriend. I just know that I'm attracted to them. Anyway, I'm just so glad that my parents are supportive of me. But they have rules though, and sometimes I hate them for setting those rules.

"Mom, I'm gay. I'm not attracted with your boss' son so stop pushing me to like him coz I'm just NOT interested." I told them once, eventually outing myself to them.

Their response shocked me a bit.

My father said, "Oh. I'm sorry Britt, why you didn't say so? Well, we can change our plans right honey?" he glanced to my mom and I freaked out a little.

My mom looked at me with that smile on her face, "We have plan B."

"What is plan B?" I glared at them.

"Well, your father borrowed a large sum of money from his boss to enroll you in a perfect school." she said.

I widen my eyes in shock. "What? Why will I transfer school? I'm graduating next school year mom! I don't need to transfer school! That's crazy!"

"Don't be hard-headed Britty… We want you to transfer in Lopez Academy. An exclusive school for rich, gorgeous, and multi-millionaire girls." my mom jumped in excitement.

I know right, my parents are a bit crazy sometimes, well actually they are crazy. They want me to find myself a girlfriend, a rich girlfriend, that's why they made me switched school from public to private.

As I was making my way to my locker, a girl bumped me right into my shoulder.

"Oh sorry" she said, adjusting her eyeglasses.

I smiled. "It's okay."

"Your new here? Coz I think this is the first time I saw your face." she said.

"Yeah. The newcomer. That's me."I laughed bitterly.

She extended her hand. "Oh, I'm Tina Cohen-Chang. You are?"

"Brittany S. Pierce."

"Nice to meet you, Brittany." she said.

"Nice to meet…" but then I was interrupted by the sound of students running in the corridor. "What was that?"

I noticed Tina smiled shyly. "The F4 are coming."

"F4?" I asked.

"Flower 4. F4. It's forgivable that you don't know them because you're a new student. But the rules in this school are: one, get to know them. second, stay out of their way. They rule the school, and if they don't like you, they can kicked you out." Tina explained.

"How?" I asked.

She didn't answer me, she tugged my hand and she pulled me to join the crowd.

That's the moment when I saw them. The F4. Three sports cars parked in the middle of the school premises. Tires screeching very loudly and it looks like they were racing with each other.

As the first car door opened, a pretty girl comes out with straight auburn hair. She smiled widely into the crowd, waving her hand to the students watching including us.

Tina whispered next to me, "That's Sugar Motta. Her family is one of the richest families here in the States. She's the nicest of the F4 but she likes college women more. Older, hot women to be exact."

I snorted. She's pretty but definitely not my type.

Then the second car, the black one, opens and a very beautiful blonde girl comes out. The corner of her lips smiled as she looked at the screaming crowd.

Tina whispered again to me, "That's Quinn Fabray. She's definitely the biggest player in the group. There's this saying that if Quinn looks at you directly into your eyes, you can get pregnant." My eyes wide in shock as I turned to Tina, she giggled. "Not literally, silly. I mean she can get your virginity in an instant. So don't lock eyes with her." I snorted. Definitely not my type either.

Lastly, the red Ferrari car in the middle, both driver's seat and passenger's seat door opened. I thought I'm seeing double as I saw two pretty gorgeous women stepped out of the car. The one in the passenger side, have this straight black hair, she looks sleepy though. She glanced at the crowd and she didn't look interested unlike the first two. She didn't even smile. She looked bored.

And then my eyes flew at the other side, they looked exactly alike, but there's still something different. Her black hair has this large wavy curls at the end, that looks good on her. She removed her aviator shades and put it on top of her head, she glanced at the crowd wearing an arrogant face. She smirked a little that made the girls at my back swoon.

"Those two are Santina Lopez and Santana Lopez. The two gorgeous twins. They're family is one of the richest families in the whole world not only here. The one with the straight hair is Santina. She's the quiet in the group, while the other is Santana Lopez. The leader of the F4. Four words that you have to remember when it comes to her, 'Don't mess with her'."


"See for yourself." Tina said.

I watched as the F4 walked towards us, and the crowd split into half making way for them. One student at my side pushed another student directly just in front of Santana Lopez. The girl bumped into Santana's shoulder.

"Sorry. I'm very sorry." she said, begging on her knees as Santana touched her shoulder. The crowd went quiet. Everybody waits for Santana to speak at the girl.

"Sorry? If Saying Sorry is legal, then why do we need cops for?" she said with that arrogant tone of hers.

"I'm so sorry…" the girl continued to begged.

"Stop saying sorry!" Santana said in a high tone. But the girl continued to apologize. "I said, shut the fuck up!" she screamed as she kicked the trash bin at the girl's side. The girl shivered at Santana's wrath.

I want to go near the girl to stopped her from crying, but then Tina held me in place. She whispered. "Don't mess with her." `

So I just watched as the poor girl cry in front of this arrogant Santana.

"I don't want to see girls crying. So stop it!" the girl stopped, still eyes on the floor. "Now get the hell out of my sight!" she said and the girl immediately stands up and ran towards the bathroom.

"Easy San." Quinn said as she touched Santana's shoulders.

"Do you know how expensive this dress is? And that girl just ruined it by leaning into me." Santana countered.

"I know. I know. Just ignore her. Anyway, It's the first day of school, don't let her ruined your good mood." Quinn said in a soothing voice.

"Yeah. Just ignore that girl. You probably scared the poor girl. I might as well comfort her later." Sugar said and gave Santana a devious smile.

"Don't you have taste?" Santana asked.

"Hmmm… I have. But…" Sugar smiled again.

"Stop it. Perv." Santana smirk.

The three started to walked upstairs when the quiet one, Santina Lopez stopped and fixed the trash bin in place.

"Sanny! Come on!" Santana called at her twin sister.

I watched as the whole incident happened right before my eyes. One thing for sure though, I'm not going to involve myself with 'THE F4'.

Well, what do you guys say? Hope you like the two Santana. As I've said, this is my own version, so it depends if I'm gonna follow the TV series or not, but definitely I have my own way. So, tell me if you want me to continue. xoxo