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"Are you ready babe?" Santana opens the door and I turn around and my jaw drops literally when I see the dress she wears, shiny red dress with a very low V-neckline, with criss-crossing bands in front, an exposed back and very dangerous high side slit. I was mesmerized. But then I frown when my eyes went directly at her exposed cleavage. "Very revealing." I said that made her chuckle. "You can make all the students drool with that dress." then I frowned.

"Oh come on, Britt. I always dress like this and you know it." she said as she walk towards me.

I cross my arms, "But that is way too revealing." I comment. What can I say, those are for my eyes only.

"And your dress, isn't?" she said, still smiling as she raise her eyebrow at me.

I look at myself, I'm wearing the dress she bought for me as a gift. Actually, it has a V-neckline too but unlike her, my breasts aren't that big so I didn't expose much.

"You look stunningly beautiful, baby." she said as she gives me a peck on my lips.

"Don't change the subject." I said that make her chuckle again.

"I'm yours Britt, keep that in mind. They can drool whenever they want but I belong to you. Just you." she said that made my heart flutter.

I smile and lean into her and kiss her lips sweetly.

"You look gorgeous San." I mumble between kisses. "You better not dance… or even FLIRT… or even LOOK at other girls tonight…" I warned.

She chuckles, "I'm Santana 'F4 Leader' Lopez, babe. I think you forgot about that fact. I'm arrogant and stubborn, and I don't LOOK at other girls. You should know that by now." then she lean into me, "You're obviously an exception coz I can't take my eyes off of you, Britt."

I pull her nape and kiss her feverishly on her lips. I capture her lips between mine and swipe my tongue against hers. I bit her lips softly and mumble, "I love you Santana." I feel her smiling on my kisses, so I mumble again, "And you look so hot."

She giggles and hug me tightly, her breasts squeezing into mine, oh god! Where are we going again? Right, Prom! Erase the dirty thoughts Brittany. THAT can wait!

"What are you thinking?" she asks suddenly.

"Huh?" I ask innocently.

"You're doing that again, that 'sigh'. What are you thinking now?" she asks again.

I look at her from top to bottom, then I shamelessly stare at her plump lips, then into her cleavage. "Hmmm… Can you guess what I am thinking right now?" I grin flirtatiously.

Santana groans in disbelief, "Ugh. I think we should go. If we stay here longer than a second, I'm going to ravish you and we won't be able to make it to the Prom," she said as she close her eyes.

I laugh at her, "Maybe a quickie?"


"Ok, ok… Let's go babe!" I said then laugh heartily at her.

PROM 2012 at Lopez Academy… (no one's point of view)

"Santana Lopez has arrived!" One of the girls scream at the top of her lungs and the students stop dancing, all eyes are all glued at the entrance of the hall, the music even changes.

Santana and Brittany arrived at the Prom together, their hands interlace with each other. They look absolutely perfect together.

Santana wears her signature arrogant smirk that made the students swoon.

Brittany, on the other hand, receives all the glares from the students. It was obvious they were jealous of Brittany, the girl who captured Santana's 'ice cold' heart.

"I think they still hate me." Brittany whispers to Santana. "If glaring is a crime, they will all be lock in jail by now."

Santana holds Brittany's hand tightly as a response, "I'm here. Don't worry, Britt."

"I'm not afraid of them." Brittany sighs.

"Then what?"

"I think your mothers are right, they told me that I would be the envy of girls and women in the future just by being with you." Brittany said that made Santana cocks her eyebrow.

"And?" Santana urge Brittany to continue.

"I think they should know that you are mine. Only mine." Brittany said in an arrogant manner. She cups Santana's nape and kiss her in front of the glaring students. Brittany feels Santana's arms wrap around her waist and she pokes her tongue out and let it trace Santana's bottom lip. Santana feels Brittany's tongue and she instinctively open her mouth to let the blonde's tongue explore her hot mouth.

Brittany hears the gasp and shock of the students around them and she smiles into the kiss. Well, at least she showed them that Santana belongs to her.

She let go of Santana's lips with a pop.

Santana smiles at her. "I'm yours, I know. And they all know."

"Good." Brittany replies then smiles adorably cute. She winks at Santana that made Santana blush. "I love it when you blush."

"I don't blush." Santana comments, looking away.

"Oh, you do." Brittany said.

"I don't-"

"Don't argue babe. Believe me, I love it… now let's dance?" Brittany asks as she winks again.

"It's been 30 minutes and they haven't arrive yet." Santana asks, her arms wrap around Brittany's waist. "Don't tell me they have their own after prom party? I'm going to flip out, I'm telling you." She said with a smirk which made Brittany chuckle and poke her nose.

"They're coming." Brittany said in a confident voice.

"How sure are you?" Santana asks.

"Here's Sugar." Brittany whispers as she looks behind Santana. Santana follow Brittany's line of vision. And just like when they first arrived, the girls stop dancing, the music changes, a signal that one of the F4 arrives.

Sugar arrives with Cece Drake. She gives them a smile that could melt every girl's heart. The students swoon. Well, that is the effect F4 gives to girls.

"You've gotta be kidding me." Santana huffs.

"Who is she?" Brittany asks, suddenly curious.

"Cece Drake." Santana said coldly. "The one I told you about."

"Oh." Brittany forms a big 'O'. So, this is Cece Drake, Brittany thought.

Sugar and Cece walk towards Santana.

"Nice to see you again, Santana." Cece greets.

Santana said in an icy tone, "You're not supposed to be here, Cece."

"San, don't be rude to my date." Sugar warn, but her smile never fades. "By the way, Cece, this is Brittany, Santana's girlfriend."

"So you're-" Cece started but got cut off by Brittany.

"The owner of the necklace you stole from my girlfriend? Yes." Brittany said, her voice full of venom which made Santana look at her.

Seems like it affects Cece coz she backs out from Brittany's intense glare instead she chuckle a bit, "I'm sorry about that, Brittany. Me and Santana were just having fun."

Brittany eyed Santana, Santana just shrug her shoulders.

"Well, if that's your description of fun, I don't want Santana to have fun with you anymore." Brittany said, smiling a bit but there's a tone of warning in her voice.

Santana smiles at Brittany, "Sure thing, babe." she whispers in her ear.

Cece and Sugar chuckles at the sweetness of the couple in front of them.

But then Sugar stops, her eyebrows meet when she sees one particular girl on the entrance.

Marley Lopez.

"It's Marley. She's so beautiful, San." Brittany exclaims. "Who is she with?"

Santana looks at her younger sister, Marley widely smiles at her.

Marley and her date walk towards them.

"Is that the youngest Lopez?" Cece asks Sugar.

Sugar just nod her head. She can't help but feel jealous seeing Marley with another girl. And who's that girl? Who the fuck is that blonde girl holding Marley's hand? Sugar thought.

"You look stunningly beautiful, sis." Santana comments.

Marley smiles, "Pride of the Lopez?"

Santana chuckles, yeah, definitely a Lopez. She thought.

"You look gorgeous, Brittany." Marley said towards Brittany.

Brittany smiles widely at her, "Same goes for you. You look perfect. And do you mind introducing us to your err… date?"

"Right. This is Kitty, my best friend from Spain whom I invited to have a vacation here in L.A." she said, "She just came this evening and I practically drag her to be my date for the prom." then she lean towards Kitty, "This is my sister, Santana and her girlfriend Brittany. Then I want you to meet the other member of the F4, Sugar Motta and her… " she trailed off.

"Cece Drake." Sugar adds then their eyes meet.

Sugar is practically giving Marley a death glare but Marley just ignores her. She face Kitty and said, "Let's dance?"

"I would love to. Nice meeting you all." Kitty said with a smile before walking away from them.

"Hey, Sugar. Are you okay?" Santana asks, wondering why Sugar's mood changes. Santana notice Sugar's eyebrows knit together.

"I'm fine. Cece, let's dance honey." Sugar said and drag Cece to the dance floor near Marley and Kitty's spot.

Confused by Sugar's actions and mood swings, Santana grab Brittany's wrist and together, they walk towards the table.

"Something isn't right." Santana comments once they were seated on their VIP table near the corner.

"What?" Brittany asks.

Santana continues to stare at the two couples at the center of the dance floor.

"I think, Marley likes Sugar." Santana said in a serious tone.

Brittany giggles, "Really? Well, I don't blame her. Sugar is really pretty."

Santana ignores Brittany's comment, "And I think Sugar likes her too."

"What?" Brittany asks, "How do you know?"

Santana eyed them once again, "I've never seen Sugar jealous until now. Look at her. She's already glaring at poor Kitty. And she's using Cece to make my sister jealous."

Brittany looks at Sugar and Marley, who are having a sexy dance with their partners while eye-fucking each other.

With a trained eye, like Santana's eyes, you can also see that the two are making each other jealous.

"But I thought Sugar likes Carmen?" Brittany asks.

"Yup. She likes Carmen but I think it's only an infatuation. Sugar never acted like this towards Carmen." Santana said then shakes her head, "They should stop. I don't want to see the two of them getting hurt."

"You mean they should stop their feelings for each other?" Brittany asks Santana.

"Yes." Santana replies.

Brittany shakes her head, "No, San. Don't get involve. Don't interfere with their feelings. Marley is a big girl and Sugar too."

"Yeah, but Sugar is-"

"San, your friend already knew that she shouldn't mess with your youngest sister. In my opinion, she is trying to control her feelings for Marley because of the friendship she has with you and Sanny."

Santana takes a deep breath, "You're right. Let's just see what happens. I won't get involve."

"Promise?" Brittany asks, showing her pinkie.

"Pinky promise babe." Santana said with a sigh.

After 30 minutes, the music changes again, a signal that one of the F4 arrives.

Santina arrives with Hanna Marin by her side. She gives the crowd a simple smile. But still, the girls swoon.

They walk towards Brittany and Santana.

Hanna gives Brittany a kiss on the cheek, "Hey, how are you, Brittany?"

Brittany smiles widely, "Happy. Thanks to you." she honestly said, "Thank you." she repeats again that made Hanna chuckle and wrap her arms around Brittany.

"I didn't know you're with Sanny?" Santana comments.

"Well, I just came by and visit the two of you but then I heard Sanny here, doesn't have a date for the prom so I volunteered myself." Hanna said, encircling Santina's arms with her own. "I hope you won't mind?"

"You look cute together," Brittany said, but then again, there's a feeling of awkwardness seeing Hanna with Santana's twin. But she decides to ignore it, but at the back of her mind, she is more concern with Quinn. She can feel it, there's something happening between Quinn and Santina.

But then suddenly Santana laugh, "Oh god, Quinn!" she exclaims and Brittany, Santina and Hanna look at the entrance door.

And there she is… Quinn Fabray. The F4 Heartbreaker. With her date.

The students gasp at the sight of the gorgeous heartbreaker. And surprise written all over their face when they see Quinn's date.

Hot and sexy actress… Megan Fox.

"Is that Megan Fox?" Brittany asks, her eyes wide.

Santana chuckles, "Yeah. Megan Fox is Quinn's ultimate crush."

Santina snorts, "She's not that hot."

Hanna looks at Santina, "Are you kidding? Megan Fox is smoking hot!"

Santina just rolls her eyes.

Santana smiles at her twin's reaction. Seems like her sister is jealous, but then she opposes the idea. Santina was never attracted to Quinn, so it's impossible that her sister is jealous. End of story.

"Hey." Quinn greets, "So, I'd like you to meet my date, Megan."

Hanna and Brittany smiles widely. "Nice to meet you." They both said in unison that made Megan chuckles.

"It's really nice to finally meet the other members of the F4, and their girlfriends." Megan said as she extends her hand to them.

"You are so hot." Brittany said with a gasp.

Santana nudge Brittany, which Brittany ignores.

Santana just rolls her eyes and sips her drink.

Quinn is currently dancing with Megan, her arms wrap around Megan's waist. "Thanks for accompanying me here." she said, smiling.

Megan give her a meaningful smile, "She looks hot." she said that made Quinn blush.

"Who?" she asks innocently.

"Santina?" Megan said, raising her eyebrow at Quinn.

Quinn avoids her eyes, "It's not her."

"Oh come on, Quinn. Are you still going to deny that to me? You've been using my name for a long time as your 'ultimate' crush, do you think I'm not going to research why?" Megan said, eyeing her dangerously.

Quinn just giggle shamelessly. Actually, they are friends but they never hooked up. Megan's family is a friend of the Fabrays, She just asked a huge favor from Megan to be her date for today just to make Santina jealous.

"She is really pretty, and I think she likes you too." Megan comments.

"I don't know. I think she likes Hanna Marin over me." Quinn said.

"Oh my god. You are really in love with her. I can't believe the F4 heartbreaker is acting like this." she teases.

Quinn squeeze her waist. "Stop teasing me."

"Then you should tell her how you feel."

"I can't. We're friends. I just can't. And besides, she was never attracted to me."

Megan's eyes found Santina, then she smiles and lean towards Quinn, "I think she is attracted to you. She's currently looking at our direction. I think she's jealous."

Quinn couldn't believe Megan's words. Even if she wants to.

"So, Megan Fox? Really Quinn?" Santina's voice stops Quinn from reapplying her lip gloss.

Quinn smiles at the mirror in front of her, her eyes meets Santina. "I know right? Super Hot."

Santina crosses her arms. "So, you finally ask her to be your date? Or maybe, one of your hook ups? Impressive."

Quinn raises her left eyebrow, and turn to face Santina. "So, how's Hanna? Does your mom finally decides that you should be the one getting married to the Marin heiress?"

Santina avoids her eyes, and lean towards the mirror instead. She applies her own lip gloss too.

"Why don't you answer my question?" Quinn insists. "So, when is the date of your engagement party?"

Santina takes a deep breath, "Hanna and I were never a thing."

"Oh really?"


"But do you like her?" Quinn asks.

"I might like her if I'm not in love with someone else." Santina said, casually.

Quinn avoids her eyes again, she fix the falling strands of her hair in front of the mirror. "Right. Emily Fields." she mumbles.

Santina looks at her, "It's not Emily this time."

"Who is it?" she asks, thinking of someone who Santina laid her eyes on. "It isn't Brittany, right?"

Santina chuckles, "Of course no. Santana will kill me."

"You didn't tell me you're dating someone. I'm your best friend." Quinn said, pouting her lips. But her heart violently hammered in her chest. "Besides why didn't you invite her to be your date instead of Hanna?"

Santina just shrugs her shoulders. "Coz I don't know if she likes me or just playing with me."


"Yeah. Oh." Santina sighs, clearly Quinn don't get it. "I think I need to go back. See you later Q." she said.

She starts walking towards the door when Quinn grabs her wrist. Santina smiles, her heart beats faster than it should.

Quinn moves her other hand to lock the door.

The tension is present in the air.

Quinn spun Santina around.

Now they are both staring at each other.

No words spoken.

Quinn's eyes left Santina, and instead settles on the brunette's lips.

Santina unconsciously wets her lips.

Quinn's eyes meet Santina's eyes again. "I'm not playing with you." she whispers softly.

"Are you sure?" Santina asks, her voice raspy.

Quinn nods her head. Their eyes still lock with each other. "Is it true that you're in love… uhmmm… i mean you like me?" Quinn said, her voice unsure.

Santina nods her head and smile at her.

"Do you remember everything that happened when we were drunk?" Quinn asks again.

"Every single detail of it." She said, her cheeks beet red. "Do you?"

Quinn smiles shyly, "I would never forget that night."

Santina nods her head and smile. "But I'm scared Quinn. I don't want to ruin our friendship. And I'm afraid that you'll break my heart." she said, avoiding Quinn's eyes.

Quinn tilts Santina's chin, so their eyes meet again, "You were the one who broke my heart first."

"What do you mean?" Santina asks.

"I'm in love with you for a long time. But you're in love with Emily." she said softly. "I became a heartbreaker because of you. I tried to forget my feelings towards you that I hooked up with several girls, but I'm still in love with you. I can't get over you, Sanny."

Santina smiles, "I would never break your heart ever." she said, then she lean towards Quinn and their lips meet in a heated passionate kiss.

Quinn capture Santina's lips with her own. Her tongue tracing Santina's bottom lip. Santina opens her mouth and Quinn takes the opportunity to explore the brunette's mouth with her tongue. Santina moans softly. She cups Quinn's nape and encourage her for a more deeper kiss. Quinn willingly obliges as she encircle Santina's waist, she angles her head so they can have a great access to each other's mouth and lips.

"I've always love you, Sanny." Quinn mumbles.

Santina smiles at her, "I love you too."

Sugar went out of the hall to have some fresh air. Jealousy is really killing her. Marley is killing her. She's not even familiar with these feelings, all she knows is that it's fucking killing her! Damn!

"What are you doing here?" Marley's voice snap her out of her thoughts.

Sugar walks away from her, "Nothing. I just need some fresh air."

"Sugar." Marley caught her wrist.

"You need to go back there now. I just want to be alone." Sugar said, icily.

But Marley walks in front of her, her hand still holding Sugar's wrist, "Are you jealous?"

Sugar avoids her eyes, "Why would I be?"

"Just answer it, are you jealous?"

Sugar takes a deep breath, "No." she simply said.

Marley's anger rose, "Why are you so stubborn?! huh? Don't even deny it, Sugar! You are jealous! You don't want me dancing with another girl! You don't want me holding another girl's hands. You don't want me kissing another girl! You don't want me with Kitty-"

Sugar's temper rise up, imagining Marley with Kitty is a torture to her. "Yes! I don't want you to be with another girl! I don't want that Kitty for you! I don't want-"

Marley interrupted her with a kiss. She cups Sugar's nape and force her to open her mouth for her. Sugar was caught off guard but she opens her mouth nevertheless. Their tongues meet. Sugar groans then pull away as fast as she can.

"No. This can't happen, Marley. Your sisters are going to kill me." she said, shaking her head. "I can't be involve with you."

Marley shakes her head, "Do you like me? I want you to answer me honestly."

Sugar meets her eyes, "Yes. But-"

"No buts. I like you too, Sugar. I really really like you. I know you have some kind of a reputation when it comes to girls but I'm willing to take the risk. I hope you will too, for me." Marley said softly.

"I might hurt you." Sugar said. "I'm not used to having feelings."

"Just take a risk. With me." Marley said, leaning forward again.

"How about your sisters? They won't approve of us." Sugar said, closing her eyes.

Marley's lips are on hers when she mumbles, "We'll keep it a secret if you want?"

"I don't want to keep it a secret." Sugar mumbles. "Just give me time, I'm going to tell them."

Marley smiles at the kiss, feeling contented.


"I'm nervous." Santana said, her voice low.

"Stop it San. You're making me nervous too." Quinn counters.

"Will you two just keep quiet? You both are making ME nervous." Sugar said, her voice high.


Santana holds the rails of the yacht. She can't help but to think where Brittany is right of this moment. She wants to see her, she wants to be with her. Like now.

Today is her wedding day.

Yup. She and Brittany is finally getting married.

In an island in Caribbean which the F4 owns which they named, The Flower Four Paradise.

Looking at the calm sea in front of her, Santana smiles, memories of her proposing to Brittany clouded her mind.

"Brittany." Cristina Lopez called Brittany, who was busy organizing the models of the fashion show.

Brittany walk towards her boss, who is one of the famous fashion designer in the world. "What's wrong, Mrs. Lopez?" she asks formally. Even though Cristina is like a mother to her because of Santana, Brittany still address her as Mrs. Lopez when it comes to work.

Cristina leans into her, "We have a problem."

She furrows her eyebrows. "Problem for what?"

"One of the models got injured last night, and I need a replacement." Cristina said.

"Oh. We could just use another model here to fill in." she said.

"No, we can't. You see, she is the last act, with all of the models present. She will wear the wedding gown."

"So what do we do now?" Brittany asks, but her mind thinking of a solution.

"I want you to be the replacement." Cristina said, her eyebrows wiggling.

Her eyes widen, "But I'm not good in-"

But Cristina interrupts her, "You are. so go straight to the dressing room now. We don't have much time."

Cristina smile knowingly when Brittany went straight to the dressing room.

Brittany feels very nervous as she walks in the runway wearing the expensive collection of wedding dress made by Cristina Lopez. She was ecstatic.

The audience applaud, they were mesmerized by her beauty and elegance.

But then as she settles in the center, the lights turn off. Panic shot through her because she was supposed to make sure that everything is alright.

She was about to go backstage when suddenly a spotlight filled the entire venue.

You're just too good to be true…

Can't take my eyes off of you…

You'd be like heaven to touch…

I wanna hold you so much…

At long last love has arrived…

And I thank God I'm alive…

You're just too good to be true…

Can't take my eyes off of you…

Santana's voice fills the entire venue. Brittany's heart beats faster at the sight of Santana. She thought Santana flew to France for a business meeting. She never thought Santana would be here, singing this song to her.

I need you baby, and if it's quite all right

I need you baby to warm a lonely night…

I love you baby, trust in me when I say...

Oh pretty baby, don't let me down, I pray…

Oh pretty baby, now that I found you, stay…

And let me love you, oh baby let me love you, oh baby…

Santana is now in front of her, giving her the sweetest smile she possessed.

Then to Brittany's surprised, Santana kneels down in front of her in one knee. "Brittany S. Pierce, will you marry me? I promise to love you more each day, to cherish you and take care of you forever. Please. Be my wife?" Santana said, offering Brittany the most expensive diamond engagement ring ever.

"Oh god. I wasn't expecting this." Brittany mumbles trying to regain her composure back, wiping the tears that's threatening to fall out.

"I know, baby." Santana said, chuckling.

Brittany bit her lip and smile widely, "Yes. I'll marry you, Santana Lopez. I promise to love you too, to cherish you and take care-"

She was interrupted by Santana's lips capturing hers.

Santana smiles at the memory.

Santana's proposal is extravagant.

While Quinn's proposal to Santina is much more private and a little bit… different.

Quinn and Santina flew to France to have a conference meeting. Santana didn't make it. Quinn knew of Santana's plan all along, and vice versa.

"I think we're late for the meeting, honey." Santina said, looking at her wristwatch.

Quinn interlaced their fingers together. "We're not late. We still have time." she said. Her eyes darted towards the numbers.

1st floor…

2nd floor…







Then the elevator shakes. Quinn smiles, it's time for her plan.

"Oh! Not again!" Santina exclaims. "Not now!" she bangs the wall.

The elevator got stucked up.

"What are we going to do now?" Santina asks, frustrated.

"It'll be fine." Quinn said in a calm voice, her fingers drawing shapes to Santina's palm.

Santina relax her mind, Quinn knows how to remove the tension she feels.

Quinn leans forward and gives pepper kisses to Santina's neck.

"Hmmm… You're right, this is going to be fine. Forget the meeting." Santina mumbles and moan as Quinn nips the soft skin there.

"I was hoping you would say that." Quinn said, smiling against Santina's neck.

Santina moves her hand to cup Quinn's breast, but then she stops. Her eyebrows furrowed. "What is this?" she asks as she sees a small box hidden in Quinn's bra.

"Open it." Quinn huskily said.

Santina opens the box and her breath caught in her throat when she see what is inside the box.

Then Quinn drops into her knee while holding Santina's hand, "In the elevator, we had our first kiss. First real kiss actually with both of us sober. I felt magic at that time and I thank god for elevators. I know it sounds weird proposing inside an elevator but elevators have a special place in my heart, in our relationship. so… Anyway, Santina Lopez, will you marry me?"

Santina smiles widely. She pulls Quinn with her and they both engage to a passionate kiss.

"Yes." Santina said between kisses.

"What?" Quinn asks.


Quinn smiles and pull Santina much more closer to her.

But then the elevator starts to move again.

"Damn! I should have said 10 minutes more." Quinn mumbles.

"So you really planned this all along, huh?" Santina said, her eyes twinkling.

"Guilty as charge." Quinn said, in a teasing manner.

Santina pulls her again for another kiss. Then she said, "I love elevators now as much as I love you."

Quinn raise her eyebrows, "Be careful, I'm getting jealous now."

"Of an elevator?" Santina said, amused.

Quinn smiles and put the ring on Santina. She kisses Santina's hand and whispers, "I love you."

Santina's heart jumps, she lean forward to give a peck to Quinn's pouting lips. "I love you too."

Quinn smiles at the memory. She can't wait to be married with her best friend and girlfriend Santina Lopez.

On the other hand, Sugar is fidgeting with her nails. She's scared. She can't help but think of the many possibilities that going to happen unless she sees Marley, in her wedding dress, saying 'I do' in front of her. She remembers how she propose to her girlfriend at the same date her friends proposed to their girlfriends. Actually they all plan this, the three of them. To propose at the same date and be married at the same date.

Marley's voice filled the entire venue. She's one of the new singers that made it big in Hollywood with a bang. Marley Lopez is a rising star, indeed. Apart from her looks and voice, she's carrying the Lopez name and being the girlfriend of F4's Sugar Motta, made her also famous.

Now she's in UK having her concert tour.

She sings her last song when something caught her eye.

Just in front of her, her fans carries a number of placards saying 'WiLL YOU MARRY ME?' at the end is Sugar, carrying a bouquet of flowers. Then another set of girls raises their placards beside Sugar saying, 'PLEASE?'

Marley chuckles slightly, she nod her head frantically that made Sugar run towards her.

Sugar kisses her in front of the stage, for the whole world to know.

"I love you. I love you. I love you." Sugar said, then "I LOVE YOU MARLEY! I want the whole world to know!"

Marley pokes Sugar's nose. "I love you too." she said.

And then they kissed again.

"Oh god! We're almost there!" Santana exclaims.

Their eyes glued to the island, and just in time, another yacht is coming from the right side. Their hearts skip a beat as the said yacht approaches their own.

Santana's eyes meet Brittany's.

Quinn's eyes meet Santina's.

Sugar's eyes meet Marley's.

It's like the whole world stops.

The girls smiles shyly with each other.

They were all looking stunningly beautiful with that wedding dress of theirs.

The ceremony begins when the two yacht came closer to the shore.

Sugar walks the aisle with Marley on her side.

Then they settle on the left side.

Quinn walks the aisle with Santina on her side.

They both settle on the right side.

Santana's hand interlaced with Brittany as they walk towards the center.

As the magical words "I do" leave the three couple's mouth, the crowd stands up and gives them an applause.

Santana looks at Brittany and slowly, she leans forward to kiss her.

Quinn cupped Santina's chin and kiss her softly.

Sugar capture Marley's lips in a gentle manner.

But Brittany, Santina and Marley have another thing in their mind.

They didn't settle for a softer, gentle kiss.

The three of them pull their wife towards them and they all engage in a heated passionate kiss in front of everyone.

And then it happen…

The wedding of the century!

Mrs. and Mrs. Santana and Brittany Pierce-Lopez.

Mrs. and Mrs. Quinn and Santina Lopez-Fabray.

Mrs. and Mrs. Sugar and Marley Lopez-Motta.


"Why are the students screaming?" Mikaela asked her newly found friend, Harmony.

"Oh that? Because the G3 are coming." Harmony said, her eyes twinkling.


"Yeah, Gorgeous 3, as they call themselves. They deserved that name. They are the daughters of the famous Flower Four. They also own the school."

Three sports cars parked in the middle of the school premises. Tires screeching very loudly.

The pink sports car opens, revealing an auburn hair girl with light blue eyes. She smiles widely at the students while waving her hand.

"That is Sugarley Lopez Motta. Daughter of the Director-Producer Sugar Motta and famous singer Marley Lopez Motta."

Mikaela nods her head, she is cute and pretty.

The blue sports car opens revealing a blonde hair with dark hazel brown eyes. She gives the crowd a simple smile.

"That is Nina Lopez Fabray. Daughter of the two business magnate; Quinn Fabray and one of the Lopez twins, Santina Lopez Fabray.

Mikaeala nods her head again, she is indeed beautiful. Mikaela thought.

Then the red sports car opens revealing a tall, tan-colored brunette with sparkling blue eyes. She walks into the crowd like she owns it. She has this arrogant smirk written all over her face. Her body is a masterpiece. She looks drop-dead gorgeous. Sexy as hell. But she looks mean.

"That is the daughter of business executive Santana Lopez and famous fashion model Brittany Pierce Lopez. She is the leader of the 3. Brianna Pierce Lopez." Harmony said.

"She looks mean and scary." Mikaela mumbles.

"You just have to get out of their way and you're all good." Harmony said with a wink then walks away.

Mikaela nods her head.

"Where are you from again?"

"Ohio." Mikaela said.

But then things happen, she bumps into someone when she practically runs for Harmony. Her books fall down.

"Shit!" the voice muttered.

Mikaela look for the owner of the voice.

It's Brianna Pierce Lopez.

"Who the hell are you?" Brianna yells.

"Bry, don't be mean to the new girl." Nina helps the new girl to pick up her books.

Brianna huffed. "Clumsy." she mutters under her breath.

Then the new girl lowers her head and mutters a simple thanks to Nina.

Then she lifts her eyes and piercing blue eyes meet hers.

She immediately lowers her head again, "I'm sorry." she said to Brianna.

"Wow! You're cute." Sugarley joins in. "What's your name?" she asks.

"Mikaela…" she replies softly.

"Mikaela…?" Nina asks.

"Berry. Mikaela Berry."

"Nice name." Nina said.

"And you're really cute." Sugarley adds.

Brianna just crosses her arms, and then she walks past away Mikaela and their shoulders bumps.

When the G3 leaves, Mikaela take a deep breath.

She can't be involve with those three. She swears she won't be involve with them.



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