Many people are familiar with this story.I am a friend of territhebird and since she is no longer on fanfic net she wanted me to continue this story is about the ants going to Hogwarts and meeting your characters. Each character submitted should be detailed and complete with a schedule. You will not find out what house the ants are in until the story. I need two boys and two girls for each house as well as teachers. I will only pick the best submissions. All submissions are due by June 24th 2012. Good luck!

Teacher Form




Blood Status:

Class They Teach:

Anything Else:

Teaching Style:

Character Form

Full name(first, middle and last):




Blood Type( muggle,pureblood,halfblood):




-Clothing/ Accessories-

Everyday clothing:

Bed wear:



Anything else:



Fondest childhood memory:







.1. Do you want to share a room or be alone?(may or may not happen):

.2. What does your part of the your room look like?:


Color- Scarlet and Gold

Mascot- Lion

Traits- bravery, dare, courage, chivalry, nerve

Common Room- scarlet tapestries, gold bulletin boards, squashy scarlet armchairs, long oak wood tables, large and warm fireplace with griffin and lion figurines on top, littered with thin red tables and benches , often a place of celebration, dark red benches and sofas

Element- Fire

Dormitories-(to be filled in later)


Color-Green and Silver

Mascot- Snake

Traits- resourcefulness, ambition, power, cunning, traditionalism

Common Room- green tinge, ebony wood cupboards, low backed green and black sofas decorated with skulls, black mantelpiece with crow and snake carvings, cold temperature, lime green lamps, dark rugs, sound of swishing water in distance, silver lanterns, neon green beanbag chairs, view of lakes


Dormitories -(to be filled in later)


Color-Canary yellow and Midnight black

Mascot- Badger

Traits- fair play, tolerance, patience, loyalty, dedication, hard work

Common Room- fat armchairs, badger carvings on honey-colored mantelpiece, decorated with plants, underground tunnels leading to dorms, very cozy, requires a password to enter, a nice place to fall asleep in , glossy portrait of Helga Hufflepuff, yellow walls


Dormitories -(to be filled in later)


Color-Blue and Bronze

Mascot- Eagle

Traits- wit, intellect, knowledge, honor, creativity, individuality

Common Room- airy room, domed ceiling painted with realistic - looking stars, arched windows, blue and bronze silks hung from walls, midnight blue carpet, very wide, requires a riddle to enter, white walls, several blue bookcases, statuette of Rowena Ravenclaw, nice view of fields, brass telescopes located near windows


Dormitories -(to be filled in later)


Color- Purple and White

Mascot- Dove

Traits- calmness, peace, artistic talent, relaxation

Common Room- large violet sofas, white mantelpiece with dove carvings, purple rugs, thick purple and white curtains, white bookshelves, lavender benches and stools, glass tables with pretty bouquets of flowers on them, decorated with beautiful paintings, chestnut wood cupboards, always has an abundance of food, ivory carvings of doves on mantelpiece, violet tapestries of view of forest, requires a drawing to enter

Element- Spirit

Dormitories -(to be filled in later)