Happy anniversary to me! Today marks two whole years of me writing fan fiction. I do believe that I should tell you the story of how I discovered fan fiction... Morgan Le Fae wanted to dress up as Inuyasha for Halloween. I told her I would make the beads that forced him to "sit" on Kagome's command. While googling how to make it... I came across this here site... it confused the hell out of me, so I found one on angel fire. I stayed in my room for three days reading a fan fic I had found. Soon, I started writing my own fan fiction. I came across this site again, and I started posting to here. The End!

Over fifty years later, a young girl had found herself at the bottom of a well. Her presence automatically awaked him.

'Kazum- I mean Kikyo? I will get my revenge.' He groggily thought. He slowly woke up more as she got closer to him. *Rub rub* 'What the hell? Kikyo never touched my ears! She was too ashamed of them. This can't be her.' He thought as he felt his ears being gently touched by soft hands.

When the warmth left his ears, he had to suppress a whimper. It was gone too soon. He wanted- no needed those hands on his ears again.

'What the hell is wrong with you?' the "mutt" asked himself as he internally shook the thoughts from his brain.

When she was forced to leave him, the fog covered him yet again, pulling- dragging him under. Back to his long slumber.

Soon, the same young girl finds herself in trouble and completely awakens the young boy. She makes a deal to free you demon, against the wishes of the villagers, so he may save them from the Mistress Centipede. However, after killing the demon, he momentarily turned on the side he pledged his allegiance to, only to be 'rewarded' with bead of subjugation.

'DAMMIT!' he mentally growled, 'I swore that I would never let another human have this much power over me! Damn.'

As the months rolled on, she became more. A friend, someone to trust, she became Kagome.

The years passed, and still she stayed by him. No matter what he did, she would forgive him. He knew that he loved her, but he could not forget Kazumi. There was another woman, Kagome was right there, but it wasn't Kikyo. It was Kazumi. He left in hopes that he could see Kazumi. It always was and always would be.

Kagome lay in his arms. In a coma from defeating Naraku. Kikyo had died in the battle, and Kagome would soon do the same, if not given the proper help.

A light lifted from Kikyo's body, and a form developed from it.

"Kazumi?" he asked. His friends looked shocked.

"Yes Inuyasha," the woman smiled, "You are an idiot. You have been chasing after me, and here I have been. This entire time."

"What do you mean?" he didn't understand. She just kissed his forehead and entered the limp body in his arms. Kagome's eye fluttered open, 'Kagome, she's always been Kazumi. Somehow, I knew it too.' He smiled down at her.

"Inuyasha?" she gasped.

"Yes, koibito?" he leaned down and kissed the woman that he had loved for the past three years. He could smell the tears rolling down her cheeks, but he knew that they were tears of joy.

Naraku was dead. The jewel was gone. The well would be forever opened to them and any of their pups.

Later that night, in a meadow, near the place where they first met, they become one.

A final kiss was shared between the newly mated pair, before they allowed sleep to overcome them.

Although they both would never admit it to each other, they both could have sworn that they heard two voices in the wind.

'I shall always love you, Kazumi.'

"And I shall always love you, Isao.'

That's it! I hope you enjoyed this. Thank you so much, for two wonderful years on this site.