Title: David Karofsky's "Sing-A-Long Blog"
Pairing(s);Character(s): Klaine, Kurtofsky; most of the Glee characters
Rating: PG-13 (for safety's sake)
Genre: Romance/Crack
Word Count: ~9500 so far
Warnings: Un-betad, completely AU from end of S2, Blaine is not a nice guy in this fic
Discalimer: Glee, Dr. Horrible, and the characters do not belong to me.
Summary: Schue decides to do "Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-Long Blog" as the musical, with a few twists. When real life starts to mirror the play a little too closely, will "Dr. Horrible's" ending be just as bittersweet?
A/N: This takes place before S3, in fact... I started writing it before the start, so completely ignore it. :P

youtu(.)be/qVBjS22ppdw That's the full movie on YouTube(42min). It's also on Netflix if you have that. (It's not essential, but better if you have seen it. Plus... everyone should see it anyways.)

Important Author's Note:Here's how this is going to work. I will include every song and have tried to include every scene in some way. Some will parallel, some will not. If the song line is just italics that means that it's like background music. If it is in quotation marks then it is "active" in the story. Hopefully it doesn't get too confusing. I'm more than halfway complete, but I want to start posting. When I'm finished I may edit it to flow better.


Dave's Bedroom

Dave stared at his computer screen. He kind of hated it right now. Mainly because it was displaying the "To Do List" his dad made for him. It had items ranging from chores to life long goals. Damn, it was cheesy. What sucked even more was that it was actually helping him.

It started last year. Dave had broken down after prom and come out to his dad, confessing the reasons why he attacked Kurt Hummel, and everything that happened before and after. His dad hadn't rejected him - thank God - but he had taken the next few days to come up with this list. He had a copy saved to his own computer and every week he'd send an edited version to Dave with the fulfilled items scratched out.

Dave had managed to have "get a job" crossed out before school even ended. Half way through the summer, Dave had decided on at least five colleges to apply to. And right now he was staring at the new one… "Apply to early decision to your favorite college." He understood why. Cornell was one hell of a school to get into.

Sighing in resignation, Dave set to work finding the application. He wanted to have this done by the end of the weekend.

A month later (around November)…

Choir Room

If anyone had said that Dave would be standing in front of the Glee club again and not getting ready to apologize, he'd have laughed in their faces.

After he'd finished his application for Cornell, he'd approached Coach Beiste to ask her to write a recommendation letter. She had agreed, becoming his unofficial guidance counselor, but she also told him that if he really wanted to get into Cornell University that he'd probably have to have more than hockey and football on his application.

He had no idea what to do. He may have been good at math and science, but really, those clubs were kind of pointless, like they were there because Figgins wanted them to exist. None of the kids really cared enough to do anything. When he admitted that to Beiste, she'd immediately suggested trying out for New Directions.

It had taken him two more weeks to finally give in. So now he stood in the hallway, trying not to twist his hands in nervousness while he waited for Mr. Shcue to invite him in. Maybe he should have practiced for this.

"So, there are a couple of things we're doing today," came Shcue's voice as the students quieted down. "I've finally decided on a school musical for us to do. It's something that your generation knows and loves but it is much less risqué than Rocky Horror Show."

"Ooooh, is it Wicked?" came Rachel's voice.

"Unfortunately, no," said Shcue. "We can start auditions for it today, but if you'd rather prepare something then you can just sign up for a day later this week."

"But what's the play?" asked Kurt. "How do we know what to audition with if we don't know what we're auditioning for?"

"You'll find out soon. But first, we have someone who wants to join glee. I want you all to pay attention to him instead of planning your audition pieces."

"Wow," came Puck's voice, "You mean there are other losers who haven't joined glee yet?"

Dave could hear Rachel sigh. "We are not the only losers in the school, Noah."

"Would you guys stop calling yourself losers?" said Mr. Shcue. "And you're probably going to scare him away since he's right outside and can hear all of you."

"Yeah, you guys," came a voice that Dave recognized. "We're not all losers."

Dave had forgotten that Kurt's boyfriend had transferred; luckily the kid was a junior so he wasn't in any of Dave's classes.

"Come on in, David," called Mr. Shcue.

Taking a deep breath, Dave slowly walked into the room to stand in front of the piano. At least he had thought ahead enough that the Brad guy already knew what song he'd be singing. Every one stared in shocked silence.

"Hi," he mumbled, a little scared by some of the looks he was getting. Hadn't he made his peace with them last year?

"Dude," came Finn's voice, "If I had known you could sing I would have tried harder to get you to join last year."

"We don't know that he can sing yet, Finn," pointed out Rachel. "That's why he's auditioning."

"Guys, come on," said Mr. Schue. He motioned to Dave, giving his biggest encouraging smile, "Whenever you're ready, David."

For some reason that made Dave feel like the biggest dork. He had to speak before the reality of what he was doing actually hit him.

"I don't know many musicals," he was mumbling, but he wasn't focusing on that right then, "So I figured I'd sing my favorite song from the one I do know."

As soon as he finished talking the piano started to play the simple introduction. If Dave wanted to win them over, he knew he'd have to give it his all. He had never actually moved around to the song, but he'd thought about it whenever he sang along with it. It was probably because he'd been able to apply it to his life so perfectly.

A/N2: Oh, and did I mention that it would be separated by scenes/songs? :P