There was a second of shocked silence as everyone absorbed what this meant. Then the roars started to sound. Well… more like screams considering it seemed like most of the girls were the ones leading the applause.

Dave barely noticed however, because Kurt had wrapped his own arms around Dave's neck and was definitelykissing him back. Eventually, Dave made himself pull away, reminding himself that they were still on stage. It wasn't soon enough though, cause they were still pulled back so the curtains could close.

In the short shuffle, Dave caught sight of a fuming Blaine and felt no regrets while thinking, take that, Shrek. But he was quickly distracted by Kurt, who was kissing his lips in a more chaste manner.

"Are you okay with this?" Kurt murmured.

Dave grinned, resting his forehead on Kurt's, "If they have a problem with it, we can get them suspended."

"No we can't," said Kurt, lifting an eyebrow.

"Well I bet they don't know that," returned Dave, grin widening to an evil smirk.

Dave could see Az at the stage door, and when their eyes met Az just grinned and mouthed, "About time," before returning to the hall. Then suddenly they were surrounded by the glee club. It was an onslaught of surprise, acceptance, back slaps, congratulations, and questions. But none of it was really bad, probably because Blaine was staying off to the side.

Kurt and Dave were trying to fend off as much as they could when everything was eventually brought to a stop by someone's slow clapping.

Dave turned towards the sound slowly, a little worried about what it may mean.

"Well, well, well," said a tall, green eyed, man with spiked blonde hair, "So this is David Karofsky, I was told I'd find you here."

Dave swallowed, holding out his hand to shake and feeling ridiculous while he still wore his costume. "Yeah, that's me," he said, "And you are?"

"Sebastian Smythe," said the man, taking Dave's hand in a firm grip. "Dean's Assistant at Cornell University."

Dave just stared, eyes wide.

"I basically run everything while the Dean acts as the face of the university," Smythe apparently liked to brag a bit. "I'll probably be taking over one day."

Yep, definitely liked to brag.

"W-what are you doing here?" Dave managed to ask.

"Well, we were sent a few videos yesterday and since I was already out this direction I decided to see if they were true. I've asked around and it appears we've stumbled onto quite the… eclectic person."

"Meaning…" this time it came from Kurt, his hands grasping Dave's bicep pretty tightly.

"Meaning, I'm jumping a few hoops and offering you acceptance and a chance at a full scholarship to Cornell University."

"Really?" Dave could barely believe his ears.

Sebastian just kept smirking and nodded.

Dave let out a laugh, wooping and punching the air. He even turned and kissed Kurt again, only on the cheek, but it was still returned with a surprised chuckle.

"Don't I get a kiss too, bear cub?" Smythe said, interrupting Dave's small celebration.

"Uh…" Dave stopped, the moment a little destroyed by the sudden awkwardness.

Sebastian laughed. "Don't worry, I'm kidding." He offered his hand again and said, "I'll put your letter in the mail tonight. Look for it this weekend."

Dave shook his hand and Smythe walked away, though, he turned around at the last minute to add, "Maybe I'll see you around campus sometime." He gave Dave a once over before winking, "Preferably after you graduate." Then he was gone.

Barely able to believe what just happened, Dave let himself get swept up into the crowd, accepting congratulations and praise from those around him and always keeping Kurt within sight.

As the crowd started to thin, Kurt returned to his side, taking his arm and pulling him close. "Well… that was a lot to take in for one afternoon."

"Hmm," Dave hummed, still a little overwhelmed.

"You okay?" asked Kurt, concern in his eyes.

Dave met those glasz eyes and felt himself relax. He was accepted into Cornell, he was out and not hated, and apparently he had Kurt.

Kurt seemed to read his mind, and chuckled a little. "You have everything you ever wanted?"

"Yeah," said Dave, taking a deep breath before letting it out and whispering with a grin, "And I am fine."


A/N: It's officially ended. :) Let me know what you think of the story as a whole. I welcome con-crit too, so don't be shy. I had so much fun writing this and I'm still waiting for someone to do an art piece for it. I hope to see ya'll soon with some more fanfic. Probably co-authored. I'm excited! XD

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