The Fact

'Where are you Kakuzu?'

'I don't know how long I've been stuck in this hole.'

'You always did say time was money.'

'Did you die?'

'No. You were far too strong for that.'

'Did you just get a new partner?'

'Of course you did; you liked them more too didn't you?'

'Did you even think of me?'

'Do you even think of me?'

'No. You hated me didn't you?'

'Heh… We used to fight so much.'

'That was the only time you'd speak to me.'

'But there was a price…'


'Do you know how much it hurts to yell at the one you love?'

'To call them names as they break your heart a thousand times over?'

'No, you wouldn't.'

'Because though you have five hearts, each of them are as black as the night sky.'

'And of course, the truth.'


'You didn't love me Kakuzu.'

'After all, who could ever love a religious, cussing, masochistic zealot?'

'Not you.'

'Never you.'

'Doesn't change the fact, though.'


'My gods abandoned me now.'

'I'm of no more use to him.'

'I'm about to die…'

'Doesn't change the fact…'


'… I love you'

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