The newly crowned Queen of Vanaheim walked into a grey, cold and dark cell. The prisoner she seeked was chained to the far wall of the prison. His chain sparkled with a gold magic around the shackles. The limp and pale creature sat up from the wall he was leaning against, his green eyes sank into her gaze.

"Loki." Frejya said softly. She was wearing a silk blue dress that reached her ankles, it was a halter-neck and draped off her light curves. She wore a newly placed silver crown that balanced on the back of her head, it was encrusted with blue and red jewels that sparkled in the darkness around the two in the cell.

"My, my. Your majesty." He said in a sinister tone. "What do I owe this pleasure? Was your wedding as perfect as you wanted?"

"Yes, it was. I am now happily married." She said in triumph.

"Happy, yes. You keep telling yourself that." He sighed "I know where your true feelings lie." Frejya froze.

"I feel nothing for you Loki." she spat "We were young, foolish and…stupid."

"I can feel it in your heart, you love me still. Why save me otherwise?"

"I owed a debt, I paid it."

"Ah yes. That day, the day you attempted to shut me out of your life. The day you vowed to leave me. After all that fun we had."

Loki smirked in the darkness. Memories of the occasions made him smirk evilly.

"I do not wish to discuss it." Frejya folded her arms

"Oh, I do." Loki attempted to stand, as he forgot about his feet that were chained to the wall still. "How we snuck out, how we-"

"Enough!" she shouted at the God of Mischief. "I was in love with Asmundr, I always did."

"Then why cheat? Why lie? Why see me?" The Trickster had a point. She was foolish in her youth. Foolish with a teenage Loki. She turned her back to him "That's why it was so easy to put you under my control, my dear. Your heart still feels for me. Even after we got caught by Thor. You still felt for me then."

"Loki, I do not feel for you. You were 16, I was growing tired of the same routine. I wanted adventure. I wanted difference. Thor was sworn to secrecy too. I trusted him."

"You sure got different." Frejya had not noticed that the God had been able to move his feet and he was right behind her now. He touched her hair and she jumped. She looked at him in disgust.

"Even if I did feel anything it was for the real Loki. The young, happy, smart, mesmerising boy. The boy who welcomed me into his friendship."

"We had more than a friendship, oh great Queen of Vanaheim." She began to walk out of the cell. She turned and saw the fiery green eyes.

"I hope you rot Loki." He laughed, vemon in his laugh.

"I love you too."

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