'It looks a lot different from how I remembered it' Natasha remarked to her partner, Clint as they lay camouflaged against the snow staring at the infamous compound which apparently contained the Black Widow program and the Red Room Academy. 'See over there' she said gesturing to the right end of the compound 'there didn't used to be an entrance there, it was to the left and see where those guards are patrolling?'

Clint nodded, following his partner's line of sight

'That's where the girls are kept. There are patrols around that area 24/7 so no one can escape, once you are in the program the only way out is death' she said grimly, remembering the days were she dreamt of what was out there, past the high electrified barb wired fence. She didn't have many memories of her days in the red room, the KGB had seen to that with their brainwashing techniques but that was one of them.

Though she had been born after the Cold War had officially ended the government at that time had still wanted to have a back up plan, just in case something was to flare up again between Russian and the USA, thus the Black Widow Program had been activated. They took several orphaned girls and trained them to kill and then set them on each other, so the victor, the most lethal killing machine could become the Black Widow and be sent out to work.

'Well you did escape' Clint remarked, nudging Natasha's side, recognising the signs that she was remembering her less than perfect past.

'Well with your help' she replied, remembering that instead of killing her, like he had been ordered to do , he offered her a job at S.H.I.E.L.D, taking her away from the agency and giving her a chance to clean up her past.

'So Fury was right, there is something going on here' Clint remarked. It was nearly a year since the battle against the Chitauri fleet in New York and him and Natasha were working both for S.H.I.E.L.D but also taking some missions with the rest of the Avengers. 'I thought that you said that they stopped the program when you officially became the Black Widow?'

'They could have started it up again once I defected, though it don't think it's the KGB running it anymore'

'What makes you say that?' Clint asked as Natasha crept forward across the snowy ground to get a closer look.

'I just...' Natasha hesitated, trying to find the right words, not wanting Clint to thing she was being stupid. 'I'm just not getting the same vibes of the place' she said finally.

'Vibes - seriously Nat? You're not getting the same vibes. How am I meant to explain that to Fury?'

'Clint do you remember that time when we had to investigate that Circus a couple of years ago and you knew immediately before you even set foot in the place that it was the Carson Carnival of Travelling Wonders?'


'Well, this place, though it may look practically the same feels different and besides the guards are wearing a different uniform'

'Guards can change their uniform from time to time Nat' Clint replied 'I still think it's the KGB up to their old tricks, trying to create a new Black Widow to replace you'

'Urgh! I'll get you the proof Barton' Natasha replied edging closer towards the compound, walking slowly, years of practise living out here, in the depths of Siberia, meaning that the snow did not crunch under her boots.'Keep an eye out for me Hawkeye' she stated

'Will do Widow' Clint replied, knocking up an arrow ready to fire, in case someone attacked her.

Natasha reached the boundary of the compound. She knew she was right, it was not the KBG operating here, it was something which felt a bit more sinister- if that was possible.

Clint watched as Natasha made her was towards the entrance of the compound. He knew he shouldn't have goaded Natasha, her inklings were normally correct, it was just they needed solid, hard proof, to present to Fury and the rest of the council. He was secretly worried about Natasha, he knew she was more than capable of looking after herself, but she had been acting slightly differently ever since they had been dropped off in Russia. They had been to Russia before on missions and she had seemed to be fine then, so he wondered if her strange moods now were because this mission meant that she had to revisit her past.

'I'm almost there' he heard her whisper over the communicator

'Good luck' he replied

'So what are you going to do for me, when I prove you wrong?' she asked as she reached the entrance and prepared to attack the first guard.

'I don't know' he replied, aiming at the man, Natasha was about to strike, covering her back.

'I can think of a few things'

Clint chuckled; he could practically see her teasing smile

'So what are you doing to do for me if I'm right?' he asked as he watched her swoop in and take out the first guard with a quick punch to the jaw.

'Well firstly you are not right and secondly I'm a bit busy now' she replied as she moved into the compound and prepared to take out the next guard. 'Hawkeye, are you still covering me?' she asked

'I've got your back Widow' he replied following in her footsteps and heading closer towards the compound

'Good' she remarked as she took out the next guard.

Suddenly alarms started to go off, ringing out all over the compound and shattering the quiet which had previously covered the snowy landscape

'Nat what did you do?' Clint asked hurriedly 'get out of there'

'I did nothing' she replied indignantly 'one of the guards must have sounded the alarm before I took them out. Anyway it's nothing I can't handle'

'Widow, I can't cover you if there are loads of guards' Clint said urgently 'back out now, whilst you still can and we'll come back with reinforcements another day.'

'Clint, we need solid evidence and if we come back another day they will be expecting us and have even more security' Natasha replied facing the guards which were approaching and pulling out a gun.

As Natasha fired at the guards, Clint edged closer so he could take a good shot at them. He watched as Natasha showed of her ballet training but ducking and twirling to avoid the bullets which were being sent in her directing as she continued to shoot.

'A little help here Hawkeye would be greatly appreciated' she said breathlessly through the communicator.

'Right' Clint replied and began to fire arrows at the guards who were edging closer. 'Widow, look out' he said quickly, catching sight of more guards heading towards the red haired assassin, out of the corner of his eye.

'I've been hit' he heard her whisper as she continued to fire and the guards who were coming closer and closer. 'I'll be alright; it's just a flesh wound' though she winced and started swearing in Russian under her breath.

'I'm coming in' he replied running towards the entrance and firing for arrows at the guards

'You stay out of this Hawkeye' she replied sharply 'You need to report back to Fury, S.H.I.E.L.D can't lose both of us'

'I'm not leaving you there Natasha!' he shouted, watching in horror as the normally fierce redhead suddenly slumped to the ground, as a man emerged for amongst the guard and injected something into her arm before ordering his men to carry her away as the remaining guards closed the gates, leaving him trapped outside as his partner was left to the mercy of her captors.

'Hawkeye, what's the situation?' he heard Agent Hill, their new supervisor asked over the communicator.

'The Black Widow is down' he whispered 'She's been captured'


'Well they haven't killed her just yet' he replied grimly, wondering if he would ever see Natasha again. He wanted just to storm into the compound and find where the guards had been ordered to take her lifeless body, but he knew that he needed reinforcements and he need to be able to fight another day.

'We're sending in a quinjet to pick you up' Agent Hill said over the communicator 'stay where you are and don't do anything stupid.'

Natasha blearily opened her eyes as water was rudely splashed in her face. Still groggy from whatever they had injected her with, she looked around and realised that she was strapped to a hard wooden chair in the middle of a dark room.

'I never thought I would see you back here again Black Widow' came a voice from her past 'or should I say Natalia Shostakova'

'It's nice to see you again Boris' she replied sarcastically, struggling against the leather straps which were keeping her tied to the chair, as the man appeared out of the shadows 'and I prefer to go by my maiden name thank you very much' she added

'So what are we going to do with you?' he asked, his thick Russian accent seeping through his English, as he cupped he face, running a hand along her jaw line before slapping her across one of her cheeks. 'Well I could use you to show the girls what happens when you run away from the program and turn into a traitor' he muttered. 'Won't that be fun' he added evilly, before stalking out of the room, leaving Natasha in the darkness wondering what he was going to do with her and hoping that Clint or the rest of the Avengers would find her and rescue her soon.

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