The Deal

Parts: 1/1

Main Parings: GaaInoSas and GenSakKak

It was hot. That was the first thought that came to her when her mind slowly came to consciousness. The blankets were heavy and virtually smothering her. She moaned and tossed her right arm over her eyes to block the insulting sunlight.

Why did it have to be so damn bright in the morning? That should have been her first clue that something was wrong. Unfortunately for her awakening brain wasn't functioning at its usual awesomeness. Ino licked her dry lips, frowning mentally. Her mouth was so dry and thick, like it was when she knew she drank too much. Jumbled images played through her head like an unfinished collage.

Say what you want about Sakura, but the girl knew how to throw a party. Ino credited her friend's big forehead were Inner Sakura roamed. With that thought, Ino slowly opened her eyes to let them adjust to the light. She stared mindlessly up to the ceiling or rather, Sakura's ceiling. Must have been too drunk to go home last night she thought absently and gingerly sat up wincing at the sharp kunai pains pounding away in her brain and the sudden protest of her body. She felt so battered and bruised…and sticky.

The blankets fell away from her shoulders, pooling around her waist. Her perky breasts bared a good morning to her and Ino instantly pulled the blankets up in growing alarm.

Why the hell am I naked? That was the first thing that swamped her, but it wasn't the most distressing. She slept naked on more than on occasion but never at Sakura's. Never in her bed. She felt the bed dip on her right and turned her horror filled blue eyes to the mound of blankets moving next to her. Right away she began to notice the stickiness between her tights and the raw tenderness of…both ends. Her breasts that greeted her this morning had dark red splotches on them, something she didn't initially notice until now.

She stiffened, fervently wishing that whoever was under the blankets would stay asleep. She didn't want to know who it was. Their movements halted and she sent a quick grateful prayer up. She had to make her escape now and go home and wash off what's she was pretty sure was a crazy regretful night. She scooted over to the opposite direction and came upon another barrier.

Ino bit her lip. "Oh please not another one." She whispered mournfully to herself. But another pale lump of flesh peeked out of Sakura's pale peach bed sheets. Maybe it's Sakura? Ino gave the person under the blankets a critical looks. Maybe it's a girl? Maybe in my inebriated state I grew curious. Sakura looked pretty hot last night in that skimpy looking off the shoulder jewel toned emerald halter dress. Sudden relief swamped her. Maybe they were both girls and…wait why was she excited about that? She suppressed an amused snort. Highly unlikely that that was the probable scenario. Ino was sure that she would have had a hard time convincing Sakura to sate her curiously no matter how close they were. Her body was telling her that one of them was most likely a guy.

Trapped between two unknown persons, Ino debated on what to do now. There was no way she could escape now. She peered over the edge of Sakura's bed and spotted her discarded party dress lying in a helpless heap next to someone's black sandals. If she could get to it, she could slip it on and head out the door free and clear without breaking her stride. Then she wouldn't have to face them and could do her walk of shame home alone. Gods, two? She had her share of one night stands but it had only been with one person. She never made a habit of going off with someone after every party she went too, but things happen. She was a very passionate nineteen year old after all.

Ino summoned enough courage to climb naked from the shield of the heavy blankets and crawled on all fours to the end of the bed while she whole body loudly protested her movements. Silently, she crept to her dress and slipped the clingy black fabric over her head and felt instantly better. Her shoes were strewn far apart from each other but she would be dammed if she left them.

She tiptoed to the door, heart pounding in anticipation of her so-far-so-good-stealthy-wish-I-could-see-their-faces-when-they-wake-up-naked-to-each-other getaway. Ino almost giggled. If both of them were guys, she would totally miss their initial shock at finding themselves naked in bed with another man. She was almost tempted to pull down the blankets to see if they were guys!

One of them groaned aloud and panic slapped away her internal musings. Time to go! She twisted the knob and to her eternal dread, found it locked! This can't be happening! Her wrist frantically twisted the knob and she tried to pull it open. Damn it!

"Who puts a lock on the outside if a door?" She practically whimpered. And who dared lock her in this room in the first place!

There was a low rumble in the form of a gran behind her. "Not again." Ino closed her eyes. She recognized that voice. She had to echo his sentiments. Not again. Why did it have to be him of all people? One-night stands were only supposed to happen one time! Not, let's see (she mentally counted), six (?) times! In all accounts she should be used to waking up next to him. Sometimes she would acutely remember what kinds of nights they shared. She flushed at the memories.

Sighing in defeat (so much for escaping free and clear!) Ino turned, taking in his sexy rumpled look.

"The door is locked." She said lamely. At the look he gave her, she blushed, eyes sliding to the moving wad of sheets. Sasuke glanced sharply to the side, pulling his blankets tighter around his waist. It was a tense five seconds. The sheet fell from his face and when the other guy opened his eyes, he sat up sharply.

Ino's mouth became dry and her eyes felt like they grew three times bigger. Her shoes dropped from her numb fingers, clattering on the wooden floors. His questioning aqua eyes quickly focused as he looked at both she and Sasuke. Then she saw understanding cement into the purse of his lips.

There was an awkward silence that followed. How…how…how? What the hell happened last night? She could understand how she and Sasuke ended up in Sakura's room but not him! Ino turned back to the door and tried the knob again, her fingers feeling foolish. Damn it why won't this open! Why was this happening? Why couldn't she remember what went down last night? She pounded the door in frustration.

"Will you two get dressed please?" She cried out when they continued sharing glances at one another without moving. She turned back around and placed her forehead on the cool surface of the door, unable to look at them. She never felt shame after a one nighter. Why should she? She wasn't a prude and she enjoyed carnal activities like a healthy woman should. But this? This was so very different. She didn't know how to feel about this at all! How could she participate in a ménage a trios?

"You're standing on my pants." Gaara's soft voice pulled her from her distressing thoughts. She picked them up and tossed them to him. Sasuke's shirt was next to her as well and she picked that up too. Her underwear fell from it. The flimsy lavender silk lace was ripped. Aww, she liked these one too! She tossed Sasuke his shirt and balled her ruined undies in her hand and tried the door one last time, hoping that the gods would bestow upon her some miracle and open it for her. But no such luck.

"Can…one of you open the door?" She was horrified how watery her voice sounded. "Honestly, Sakura's dad is a psycho. Who puts a lock in the outside of a door? It's too late to protect Sakura's virtue now."

There was some rustling behind her as the two dressed. "I don't know why you're so freaked out. It's not like this hasn't happed before." She heard Sasuke say.

Gaara cleared his throat. "This never happened to me." He muttered.

Ino closed her eyes to stall her tears. She didn't even know why she was crying! "This has never happened to me despite what you think. It's never been like this! I-I can't even remember what happened last night. How did all th-three of us get into this situation?"

"Are you crying?" Sasuke asked incredulous.

Ino spun on her heel. "It that so surprising to you? I can't be freaked out by this—this ménage a trios aftermath? Why aren't you freaked out? Do you remember anything?" She screamed at his ever impassive face. Gaara and Sasuke exchanged looks which infuriated her even more. "Well?" She snapped at them.

Gaara's cool aqua eyes collided with hers. "Not particularly. I didn't even want to come but Naruto convinced Kankuro and in turn he dragged me along." She could tell Gaara was still peeved about that and considering what this was, she could totally understand.

"What about you Sasuke?"

He shrugged absently. "I don't remember."

Ino glared at his nonchalance, irked that he didn't really care. Ohh, she was going to change that fast! "Then how do you know that I was the only one you did last night?" She challenged. Both stiffened and the air became charged.

"You're not suggesting…" Gaara began with an ice cold glare.

"She's not!" Sasuke snapped. "Don't even think that!"

Ino smirked, sadistically glad that she aroused something from him. "Are you so sure? Just a minute ago it seemed like you didn't care what had happened."

Gaara took a menacing step forward.

"I'm just saying!" Ino protested, not wanting to be a victim of his sand prison. "I just want you two to be as concerned as me okay?I want you to freak out like I am!"

Both glared at her. Sasuke folded his arms. "Fine. Let's get out of here." With that, Sasuke burned the lock with a fire jutsu and the door opened without so much of a squeak. Ino used her special ninja skills to soundlessly make her way down the messy hallways of Sakura's home. Cans, bottles and other empty containers littered it. There were even a few people slumped against the walls, passed out and still drunk. She felt Sasuke and Gaara trail behind her, seeing and—ugh—smelling what she came across. Once they reached the living room Ino only had one thought.

"Sakura's parents are going to be pissed when they come home." She mumbled to herself. She knew about half of the people currently scattered about the living room. She saw Kiba there, snoring face down on the couch. Naruto was sprawled on the stained rug clutching a wilting blow-up doll, drool dripping down the corner of his mouth. Lee was half naked, hair sticking out from all sided in a fetal position in the corner of the room. Someone had used a permanent black marker to draw a line connecting his eyebrows. And Sakura, where the hell was she? Ino didn't see any pink among the remaining party guests.

She didn't see the other rookie nine and Team Guy anywhere either. They must have already left Ino thought while she quietly made her way to the back kitchen door. Outside in the warm summer morning sun she turned to the other two.

"We make a deal here and now that this never happened." She said seriously.

"I thought you wanted to find out what happened last night?" Sasuke raised a brow. She flushed, her body telling her more than she cared to admit.

"I don't anymore. You guys have to promise! Promise!" She hissed at them.

"I wasn't going to say anything." Gaara said. "Such acts would only result in problems for me and my village as Kazekage." Ino didn't like the way he said that. She felt like he was insulting her for some reason.

"Because your version on what happened last night would likely insult my manhood and sexual preference if I don't agree, I can do nothing but agree." Sasuke drawled. "So you better keep your mouth shut as well." She agreed to that and they all left the back yard of the Haruno house.

She had to make her walk of shame home in secrecy. She didn't care if Sasuke or Gaara made it back unseen at all as long as they left the opposite way. By the time she got home, her body was aching all over. Soaking in bone melting hot water would make it all go away, and then that night (whatever happened) would be washed away. She would banish it from her memories forever! But as she stripped off her clothes, she grinned secretly to herself. She got Sasuke and Gaara! How many girls could say that huh? How many? Her pervy fangirlish giggles ricocheted off the tiled walls of her bathroom…


His loud snort brought him from his sleep and he groaned and rubbed his eyes with a nasal yawn. When he realized that he was still in his hiding spot in the Haruno girl's bedroom he quickly stilled and waited a minute or two, searching the room to see if he was alone. He was. Grinning like a madman, he slid open the closet door.

"Ahh! What wonderful morning!" He said loudly and turned back to the closet to get the recording device he had hidden. The little red light was glowing a dull red color, indicating that it was almost out of battery life. He clutched it close to his chest. Mission 'Research Threesomes" complete! He could wait to watch it all.

"Icha Icha will have new material soon my beloved readers!" He petted the small device. This research had taken some time to accomplish. He managed to weasel his way into this party and pick out who he wanted to study. When his eyes landed on the bombshell blonde, he almost had a nose bleed right there and then. She was perfect! Naruto's teammate Sakura was another option. If he could get those two girls into a room with a guy, it would be perfect. Spine tingling flawless. He could make that guy have his wet dreams come true and he, the Super Pervert Jiraiya would rake in millions! Muhahaha!

So, he performed a String of Fate jutsu and secretly wrapped those chakra infused string around the blonde and pinkett in an imaginary bow around their necks, but much to his horror, they broke into two! Damn it, now he would have to find more people for this to work! Tch, girl/guy/girl would have been his choice, but then the idea of guy/girl/guy was rapidly worming its way into his mind. He never wrote that kind of smut before but he realized that it would be a pleasing change. His readers wouldn't expect it.

He was debating what male party goers he would gift Ino and Sakura with when that Sting of Fate jutsu chose for him. Ino had bumped into the Uchiha and the string attached itself to him, tying around his neck without him even knowing. Interested, he watched her smile flirtatiously at him before turning (like everyone else was doing) to the door to see who was joining this jovial party. It was Naruto and a few ninja from Sand. One of them was the Kazekage. Jiraiya melted into the background, not wanting his student see him and ruin his plans but he kept a strict eye on Ino and Sakura. He waited and waited until he heard Sakura giggle loudly. She playfully smacked an older ninja on his shoulder taking a seductive sip of her spiked punch (hey, they needed booze in this rated K+ party). Her string attached to one, Genma Shiranui.

"Kekeke…this is going to be good." He chortled, eyes moving back to Ino. While he had watched Sakura's string attach itself to Genma, somehow Ino's string attached to Gaara, the Kazekage. Damn he missed it! The blue chakra strings glowed red and sealed the String of Fate jutsu. He quickly ran down the hall in a complete teen concealment shadow clone jutsu as to avoid strange looks and found Sakura's room easily. With a few hand seals, he marked the room where he wanted the string to lead them. He sat up the camera and then ran out of the room to see if Sakura had completed her String of Fate jutsu. In the hallway, Ino breezed by him with Sasuke and Gaara following close behind. They were drunk on desire and Jiraiya grinned deviously, refusing to feel guilty about his research and manipulating these nineteen year olds. When he got back, he saw that Sakura's string latched onto another. Someone he didn't expect to get caught in his String of Fate jutsu. With his last camera, he jimmied Sakura's parents' room open on the other side of the house and created another seal before placing his recording camera on the dresser, under a towel.

In the morning, all his hard work would come into fruition! He couldn't wait!


Ino and Sakura sat in a booth for lunch, both quiet and subdued.

"Did you get your place cleaned up before your parents returned from their trip?" Ino managed to ask.

"Hum?" Sakura snapped out of whatever was keeping her distracted. "What? Oh! Yes! I did thankfully."

"It was quite a party. I didn't know you would spike the punch!" Ino joked.

"I didn't! Someone else did. Whoever it is, I'm going to find them and kill them!" Sakura muttered darkly, taking a sip of her steaming cup of tea.

Ino just gave a non-committal hum and saw Kakashi and Naruto enter the little café. "Hey! Guys!" Ino called them over with a wave of her hand. Sakura turned and Ino saw her stiffen when she spied them.

"Hey guys! We're just grabbing something to go since Kakashi-sensei doesn't want ramen. Hi Sakura!" Naruto grinned down at his teammate. "Where were you? We were supposed to have practice. It was only me and Sasuke."

Sakura blushed. "Oh? S-something came up at the hospital right Ino?"

At Sakura's kick under the table Ino jumped. "Right! Something came up." Damn it that hurt! What did she just lie? Why the hell was up with her?

"Oh, we'll we're going to have dinner later at Sasuke's. You'll come right? Kakashi-sensei tell her she has to come!" Naruto whined, turning to the ever quiet Kakashi.

"Hum? Right. If she doesn't want to come then I'm sure Sasuke will understand."

"I-it's not that." Sakura said hastily. "It's just that me and Ino already made plans so…"

It took everything Ino had not to choke on her water. At Sakura's pleading face she forced a convincing smile. "Yeah, we're going to have a move night and hang out. We haven't had the time to get together all this week." She told Sakura's team.

"Aww, that s to bad."

The bell jingled and Sasuke entered. The air seemed to woosh out of her lungs when their eyes connected. She hadn't seen or spoke to him since the day after the party. Gaara had left yesterday, but she had cornered him and made sure that he would keep their deal.

"I won't go back on my word." Was all he said before leaving back to Sand Village.

"Our food is taking forever to get here." Ino murmured, breaking eye contact.

"You know, I'm not that hungry. Wanna go?" Sakura asked, standing up.

"Sure. Uh, talk to you guys later then okay?" She and Sakura linked arms and left quickly outside and didn't stop walking until they stood in front of Ino's home, five blocks away from the café.

"Okay, what's going on? Why were you acting so weird when Naruto and Kakashi came into the café?" Ino demanded, a hand on her hip.

"What about you? Did something happen between you and Sasuke?" Sakura countered. Ino looked away and flushed, automatically giving away her answer.

"Ino! Again? When?" Sakura gasped. Ino scowled.

"Hey, I asked first! You talked with Naruto totally fine. Is it Kakashi? Did he do something bad?"

Sakura flushed scarlet. "N-no! Why would you think that?"

Ino knew her best friend well and knew she was lying. But what happened? "Then…he did something good?" Ino pressed, raising an eyebrow.

"Ino! I don't want to talk about it! If you won't tell me what went on with Sasuke, then why should I tell you what went on with Kakashi?"

Damn. No matter how desperately she wanted to know what had happed between Sakura and Kakashi, she had made a deal with Sasuke and Gaara.




Six months later…

When Ino returned home from a far away mission, she had a package waiting for her. She studied it as she trudged up the stairs to her apartment. There was no return address. She shook it and felt something heavy slide up and down. Grabbing a butter knife, she cut through the thin tape and opened the cardboard. There, peering up at her was a book. An Icha Icha series book and perched on the cover was a post-it note.

Turn to chapter 13, page 219. Ino hesitated for a second before shrugging and turning to the page. She scanned the beginning of the paragraph, blood slowly draining from her face as she continued to read. Her finger grew numb with how hard she was clutching the book. Her legs felt like jelly and she sunk to her knees, shakily turning the page again and again. Eight pages worth! She more she read, the more that memory flooded her. He didn't leave out any details!

"Oh gods…" She breathed, letting the book fall from her lifeless hands. "Oh gods…" She had to get to Sasuke…she…

Someone knocked hard on her door and she bolted from the floor to open it. Sasuke stormed in with a book in his hands. "Did you read this? It was fucking Jiraiya!"

"I read it. Oh gods what are we going to do? Did—did Gaara get a copy too?" Ino grasped his arm to steady her trembling fingers.

"Yes, he messaged me and said he got one." He growled. Ino grabbed her open book from the ground and shut it with a snap.

"But no one knows it was us right? No one knows! I didn't say anything did you?" She cried out.

"Of course not! I didn't say one word about it." Sasuke exploded. "Did you read the whole thing? There is another scene, but I don't think it's us."

Ino flushed. "You read the whole thing?"

Sasuke's eyes widened. "I was just checking!" He defended. "He fucking dedicated this book to us. Look! "To all those who inspired me.". I wanna kill that man! You'll help me hide the body right?"

"Tch, I'll dig the grave!"


I hate him I hate him I hate him I hate him! Sakura chanted this over and over in her head as she read the highlighted page. The ass highlighted it for her! Like she didn't need another reminder in her life! With a growl, she threw the book across the room.

"Ah, she's in one of her mood again. Hurry and get ice cream Kakashi!" Genma was sitting in her living room reading the Icha Icha book again for the third time since it arrived on her doorstep five days ago.

"Why do I always have to get it?" Kakashi tucked his own book in his pocket. "I went last night!"

"Go!" Sakura barked at him. "And you! Squid tacos!" She ordered Genma, settling herself more comfortably in her reading chair and opening a book of baby names.

"Ice cream and squid tacos?" Kakashi asked uneasily, looking queasy.

"Go man! Go! Why did you have to make her angry all the time?" Genma pushed Kakashi out the door before Sakura's glare melted their pretty boy faces off.

"I'll be glad when this kid is born so I will know once and for all, whose it is!" Genma grumbled, shoving his hands in his pockets.

"This is all Jiraiya's fault. I want to choke the life out of him and then pour boiling hot tar on that massive head of his for getting us into this." Kakashi said darkly, but then his face lightened and he took out the new book. "I wonder who this other couple is. This chapter is hot, hotter than ours. I'm jealous."

"Hey! We had some good moves too!" Genma protested. Kakashi just chuckled…