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Bella woke up feeling dizzy and disorientated.

She sat up against the familiar headboard and almost jumped out of bed at the sight of Jacob Black, standing in front of his bedroom door in nothing but a towel.

'Good morning, munchkin.' He casually greeted her before opening his messy closet.

His room was cluttered to say the least, and the charcoal walls made it appear a lot darker and incredibly sleep-inducing.

Bella clutched the blue comforter to her nude body and glared at him.

"Where are my clothes?"

The tall, broad shouldered shape-shifter rummaged through his closet and tossed her a Captain America t-shirt.

'How should I know?' He shrugged. 'I found you in the woods last night, sleepwalking as usual, so I brought you here.'


Bella tugged at her short hair in frustration. She was sick and tired of waking up in places other than her bed.

'Why shit? It's possible that you were a nudist in another life…or maybe a porn star.'

Jacob dropped his towel to the floor, revealing his assets to a startled Bella.

She covered her eyes even though she'd seen him naked on more than one occasion because his curtains were always open.

"You have no shame at all, Black!"

'Says the bare-ass naked girl who's lying on my bed…' Jacob snickered while putting on a faded pair of jeans.

Bella huffed and slid his large shirt over her head.

"I didn't do it by choice, you idiot!"

'Oh we both know that if you had a choice in the matter, you'd opt for a night of marathon sex in this very bed.' He cockily told her.

"Yes, 'cause that's my goal in life…to sleep with the high and mighty Alpha!" She rolled her eyes at her sexy neighbor.

He really was infuriating at times.

'Gee…how about saying: thank you for hauling my peachy ass out of the woods, Jakey.'

"Jakey?" Bella scoffed at his choice of nickname. "Is that what your harem is calling you these days?"

Jacob slammed his closet door shut and turned around to face her.

'Why the fuck are you riding me? Huh?'

The petite brunette slid off his mattress, wrapping his sheets around her waist in an annoyed manner.

"Wow...where shall I start? Maybe its because I was attacked by a vampire two weeks ago…" She counted off on her fingers.

"Or maybe it's due to the fact that you lied to me about being a wolf this entire time…" She sighed.

"Then of course, there's dad, who is out there chasing God knows what because I had to lie to him about the whole thing!"

Jacob gave her a sheepish look and padded barefoot to her side of the bed.

'I know that keeping our secret is not easy but put yourself in my shoes, Bells.'

Bella shook her head, her chocolate eyes gazing out into the distance.

"Do you know how hard it is to sit in class and pretend like none of this is real?"

'Yeah well, I've learned to live with it and so should you.'

Bella contemplated his words for a few seconds, remembering that fateful night…

She was out clubbing with her friends when this extremely good looking guy offered her a drink.

Jacob was there, surrounded by his flock of endless women and sneaking glances in her direction every now and then.

Yes, they were friends, but lately, he seemed distant and full of himself.

She was pissed at him for being such a cocky bastard and decided to loosen up and flirt with the blonde man who had taken an interest in her.

Foster was hot and older than Bella, with a level of sophistication that made her blush whenever he gazed into her eyes.

She found his accent ridiculously sexy and was completely enamored with him.

It was as if she was hypnotized by his magnetic persona.

Her friends encouraged her to dance with him and she did, looping her arms around his shoulders and giving Jacob a show while he sat at the bar, throwing daggers at her pale companion.

'Let's get out of here…' Foster whispered in her ear.

He took her hand, and was surprised to find it colder than her own.

She waved goodbye to her friends and left the club, thinking he was going to drive her to his place, but he didn't.

Instead, he led her down a dark alley and pushed her up against the wall, in the shadow of some old crates.

Bella struggled against his strong hold and tried to scream but her voice wouldn't come out.

Foster's crimson irises scared the hell out of her as he closed in on her neck.

'You smell divine.' He licked her tears, much to her horror and she saw his fangs elongate right before her eyes.




The sound of someone clapping made him turn around slowly and cautiously without loosening his grip on her forearms.

'And the Oscar for best pick-up line goes to…Mr. Fang!' Jacob sauntered over to them with a wicked gleam in his onyx eyes.

'Let her go or I'll turn you into minced meat and feed you to the wolves.' He growled at the vampire who was on the verge of making a meal out of his childhood friend.

Foster backed away from the trembling girl, holding his hands up in surrender.

The alpha's eyes glowed in the dark before he swiftly charged at the blonde vampire. He didn't want to phase in front of Bella so he waited until they were out of sight and then exploded into a giant ball of fur.

He chased the vamp into the woods and snapped his body in half, tearing him limb from limb, his temper flaring at the thought of losing Bella.

Embry and Quil offered to burn the body so he returned to the alley, phasing mid-way in order to put on his cut-off shorts.

He found Bella huddled in a corner, too stunned to move.

'Bells…are you okay?'




He carried her home that night and told her about the cold ones and how they were responsible for most of the unsolved missing cases in the area.

He backed up his story with evidence from books and newspapers, giving her a few days to digest it all.

She was convinced that he was a vampire slayer so he left it at that.

A few days later, Jacob felt the need to show her his wolf, so he did.

Embry and the gang told him it wasn't such a good idea but he went ahead and phased in front of Bella for the very first time.

Her initial reaction was hilarious.

She had always wanted a dog so the moment her eyes landed on the russet wolf with the adorable puppy eyes, she reached out and petted his head.

"Aaaaw…can you stay like this for forever?"



"Yeah. I guess I'm gonna have to live with it and start taking sleeping pills so that my subconscious doesn't end up killing me."

'I have a great solution for your sleepwalking habit.' Jacob's wicked grin was a sign of an incoming dirty suggestion.

Bella folded her arms in front of her chest, tapping her foot against his chocolate brown carpet.

"Please do enlighten me, Dr. Phil."

'You could sleep here...in my bed and I'll keep an eye on you during the night.'

"Ha! No...no way. I'm not sharing a bed with you."

'I did not say that.' He smirked.

"But you implied it." She jabbed a finger into his naked chest, her cheeks burning like the midday sun. "It's bad enough that you saw me naked and now you want to take advantage of my sleepwalking? You are unbelievable, Jacob Black!"

'When have I ever taken advantage of you, huh, Bella?' He narrowed his eyes at her. 'Because last time I checked, it was my name you were calling out during your late night orgasm sessions.'

She swallowed thickly and averted her gaze from him, her heart-shaped face turning into a ripe tomato.

'Yeah…I can easily hear you, thanks to my super senses.' He added.

The embarrassed brunette darted past him and ended up tripping over the sheets.

Jacob's fast reflexes saved her from crashing to the floor, his arms steadying her by the waist, effectively pulling her to his warm chest.

She tightened her hold on the linen sheets, her humiliation preventing her from moving a muscle.

'It wasn't intentional…'

His fingers traced the curve of her neck, making her shudder.

He knew Bella was attracted to him, but she was too proud to admit it.

Having a new girl on his arm every month didn't help the situation either.

"I…I need to go."


She took a deep breath and waited for Jacob to give her the green light so she could cross the yard to her own house.

Moments later, she was sneaking in through the back door, unaware that her father had returned from his shift and was in the middle of having breakfast in the kitchen.

'Good morning, Bells.' His deep voice made her jump.

She really thought he was asleep, or better yet, at the police station.

"D-dad! What are you doing here?"

He wiped his mouth with a napkin as casually as possible and ordered her to sit.

'There's a leaf in your hair.'