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Rated M for adult themes and language.

Jacob and Bella drove around the city in search of a hotel room. There were many options available, from cheap motels to lavish resorts. All they needed was a bed or a couch…or even a mattress.

Jacob was not as picky as his imprint who was fidgeting awkwardly in the passenger seat.

'So, where would you like to spend our night of debauchery?'

"Umm…I don't know." She shrugged. "You choose."

'Bells...' He reached out and touched her hand. 'I know we're both horny as fuck, but if you don't want to get laid tonight…'

"Oh hush." She interjected. "I do want to get laid. More than once if possible."

'Then why do you look so damn nervous?' He observed.

"I am not nervous. I'm actually calm. Very calm." Bella replied. "Just pick a freakin' hotel already!" She urged him in a frustrated tone.

'Fine.' He steered the car towards the nearest Bed and Breakfast. 'This B&B seems decent enough.'

"Agreed." She nodded. "Did you buy any protection?"

'Yeah. I got two condoms in my wallet.' Jake pulled up in front of the hotel and parked the car next to the main entrance. 'One for popping your cherry, and one for later.' He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

"Good." Was all she said before she climbed out of the Phantom.

Jacob locked the doors and followed her down the stony steps towards the entrance of the two-storey building. It looked more like a large doll-house with its pastel pink walls and baby blue shutters. There was a small garden next to the building complete with a bird house and a rustic fountain.

"This is nice." Bella remarked with a smile. "Oh look! It's a fairy garden." She pointed at a miniature table with tiny little chairs located next to the fountain. The wooden table was adorned with miniature tea cups and plates. "How adorable."

'Adorable? More like crazy ' Jacob snorted. 'Fairies don't exist. You do know that. Right, Bells?'

Bella rolled her eyes at him. "Men." She sighed, grabbing his hand and leading him towards the sliding doors.

'Women.' He teased. 'Your obsession with tiny things and Ryan Gosling is so fucking weird.'






Cue the awkward laughter.

"Jake. Why are you blushing like a virgin?! It's my first time, not yours."

'Pfft...blushing? Don't be silly. It's just too damn hot in here.' He took his t-shirt off, fanning himself with his left hand.

"Yeah. You're right. It is rather…stuffy." She cleared her throat. "Maybe I should lose the dress?"

'Sure.' He swallowed. 'Do you need a hand?'

Bella turned around and asked him to unzip her. "Why on earth are we acting like a pair of awkward teenagers?" She chuckled.

'No idea.' He replied, fingers deftly lowering the zipper of her dress. 'This is not how I pictured myself undressing you at all.'

"Me too." She chimed in. "I expected you to toss me over your shoulder and act all rough and possessive."

'Well, it's not too late for that.' He smirked, tugging on the fabric of her dress. 'Just say the word and I'll tear your clothes off, panties included.'

She turned around to face him, the black dress sliding past her pale shoulders. "No. I prefer this gentle side of you. It's refreshingly different."

'Really?' He quirked a dark eyebrow in response. 'So you find this sexy?' He wrapped his arms around her. His bare chest was warm and deliciously inviting. 'Does my gentleness turn you on?'

"Of course it does." She smiled up at him. "I love you. I really do. But sometimes your confidence makes me nervous. You're so comfortable in your own skin, unlike me."

'Bells, I've seen you naked before and your body is fucking awesome. Trust me. I'm a guy. Enough said.' He leaned forward and kissed her thoroughly.

The kiss opened the floodgates, unleashing months of unresolved sexual tension. Bella kissed him back enthusiastically, her fingers gliding upwards towards Jacob's neck. He groaned and picked her up in one smooth move. She tasted like muffins and barbecue sauce.

He carried her to the white antique bed that was way too feminine for his taste. The room itself mirrored the exterior of the Bed and Breakfast. There were flower patterns and bird photos in every corner of the cozy bedroom.

Jacob hated it.

"What's wrong?" Bella asked breathlessly once the kiss lost its passionate steam.

'Nothing.' He replied while sitting down on the mattress.

She sat in his lap, her legs draped over his muscular ones. The stubborn dress was still clinging to her shoulders. "Jake. You're not even…hard. Do you need a hand job or something?" She asked innocently.

'Uh…no.' He took a deep breath, beads of sweat sliding down his caramel chest. 'Just give me a sec.'


Jacob had no idea what was wrong with his penis. It was as if the freakin' room was cock-blocking him.

'Maybe we should order some dessert to pass the time.' He awkwardly suggested. 'Preferably ice cream and a butt-load of ice.'

"Ok." Bella faked a smile and slid off his lap."You can call room service while I use the bathroom."

Jacob cradled his head in his hands the moment she disappeared inside the small bathroom. 'Fuck.' He muttered. He was a tad bit nervous but that was normal. Sure, he was about to have sex with his imprint for the first time ever, but it was no big deal. Really.

'I'm the Alpha for fuck's sake, not some football player with performance anxiety. Man up, Black.'

Meanwhile inside the bathroom…

Bella washed her flushed face and turned the shower on. The sound of gushing water was perfect for masking the call she was about to make.

'Hey, Bitch. Did you get laid or not yet?' Leah answered on the second ring.

"Negative, Sergeant Clearwater. My V-Card is still intact."

'Excuse my French, but what the fuck?' The she-wolf remarked. 'This is not the phone call I've been waiting for all day. Tsk…Tsk…you two should join a nunnery for all I care. This is getting ridiculous.' She ranted. 'Seriously, Swan. If your love life was a book I would have died of boredom by now.'

"Haha. Very funny, Leah. Here I am, calling you for moral support and you shower me with snark."

'Jeez. What can I say? It's my way of showing how much I've missed your sorry ass.' Leah responded in a softer tone. 'Now spill. I'm all ears.'

Bella sighed and leaned against the marble counter. "Jake's having trouble…umm...getting it up. God, I can't believe I'm actually telling you this!" She groaned.

'Hmmm…wait until the boys hear about this.' Leah chuckled. 'Oooh, this is just epic!'

"Clearwater, don't you dare share this with anyone else! I'm warning you." Bella hissed.


"No. No butts! Now be a good friend and help me out here. I wanna have sex goddamn it!"

'Ok. Take a chill pill. Jeez.' The she-wolf said. 'I was only kidding.'

"Yeah well, I'm not in the mood for your silliness right now." Bella shot back. "This is serious. Dead serious."

'You are abso-fucking-lutely right. They should declare a State of Emergency in Arizona because Bella Swan decided to get laid tonight.'


'Sorry. Sorry. Let's discuss your boner situation.' Leah snickered. 'My advice? Give Black a striptease or an oil message. It'll get him hard and ready to pop in no time.'

"Any other suggestions? Because he's ordering ice cream as we speak. Ice cream, Leah!"

'Oh shit. Not the ice cream. This is bad. Super bad.'

"Yeah. He's going to eat his ice-cream then doze off like a baby." Bella pouted. "I honestly think he's nervous. Hell, I'm nervous but mostly horny."

'Black, nervous? I doubt it. Unless…'

"Unless what?"

'Unless he's afraid of being monogamous.' Leah said. 'Because once the two of you do the deed, there's no turning back.'

"Gee, I feel so much better now, Leah." Bella muttered sarcastically.

'Sorry…sorry. You know what? Just forget I said anything.' The she-wolf backtracked. 'Erase and rewind, ok? I give really shitty advice, so call Embry or Quil, or Doctor Phil. See how I made that rhyme?'

"Whatever. Thanks for your input. I'd better go deal with this on my own."

Bella sighed and ended the call feeling much worse now that Leah had mentioned the whole monogamy thing. She had forgotten all about it. "Damn you, Clearwater."

Jacob was basically her mate for life; her Forever so to speak.

"Screw it. I'm getting laid tonight and not even ice-cream can stop me." She quickly turned off the water and opened the bathroom door.

"Jacob?" She scanned the small bedroom for her Alpha but he was nowhere in sight. She suddenly heard a weird clanking noise behind the couch.

"Oh my God!"

Jacob was in full-on wolf mode and his snout was covered in vanilla ice cream. He was licking the glass bowl clean while happily wagging his tail.

"Umm…hello? Excuse me?" She snapped her fingers in order to get his attention.

He finished devouring his treat and took his sweet time to acknowledge her presence.

"Why on earth are you in wolf form?" She asked, feeling mildly exasperated.

His dark puppy eyes conveyed his confusion as well.

"Did you try phasing back?"

Jacob nodded his furry head in reply. He did try, twice so far, but his wolf refused to comply.

"Shit." Bella sat down on the carpet next to him. He whined and rested his russet head on her lap. "Should I call Billy?" She suggested.

He barked once, meaning 'no'.

"What should I do then? Ask the Coldbanes for help? Maybe they know a thing or two about werewolves."

Jacob removed his head from her lap and growled. "Is that a no? Because this is getting…whoa!"

The Alpha pushed her towards the door with his snout. He had a feeling that Alexander was behind this. He must have fed him something that triggered his wolf gene and caused him to phase unwillingly.

"Where do you think you're going?!"

He twisted the doorknob open using his teeth and motioned for her to follow him. "You can't just waltz out of here in wolf form." She pointed out.

He rolled his eyes and stealthily made his way down the corridor. "Jacob Black!" She hissed. "Come back here right this instant."

Bella sighed and followed him to the parking lot. Thankfully, there were no eyewitnesses around to scream in horror at the sight of an ice-cream loving werewolf in Arizona.

"I'm guessing the Coldbanes are somehow involved in this, right?" She deduced.

He nodded in response and started pacing in front of the Phantom. "I highly doubt it though. They were desperate enough to ask for your help. They would never do anything to jeopardize it."

Jacob snorted in wolfy fashion and banged a paw against the passenger door.

"No. Hide in the back seat." She ordered. "Come on. In you go."

He huffed and puffed before grumpily climbing inside the car.

"Good boy."

The dirty look he gave her was unintentionally hilarious.




Bella adjusted her dress before climbing out of the car and locking the doors. "Stay here. I'll be right back."

Jacob barked and pressed his paws against the window in protest.

"You're not coming with me and that's final." She glared at him before spinning on her heels and marching up to the front door.

Alexander stepped out from the shadows just as she was about to ring the doorbell. 'Back so soon?' He drawled.

"Jesus. You scared me." Bella gasped. "Yes, we're back." She replied, eyeing him suspiciously. "Jake is kind of stuck in wolf form."

Alexander smirked knowingly and clasped his hands behind his back. 'Is he now?'

His jade eyes landed on the Phantom where Jacob was trapped. The Alpha snarled and started rocking the Phantom sideways like a boat.

"He thinks you're the culprit. So, are you?" She prodded.

'I find it quite amusing that you managed to lock your beloved Alpha in a 300,000$ car.' He replied, circling her petite frame like a predator. 'He'd better not shred those leather seats.'

Bella folded her arms across her chest and sighed impatiently. "Jake's going to break out of your precious car in less than five minutes, so you'd better answer my question and fast."

Alex chuckled darkly and stepped into her personal space. The porch lights accentuated his fiery red hair, making him look devilishly handsome. 'You're not the boss of me, Imprint.' He scowled.

Bella stood her ground, shooting daggers at the taller hybrid. "Wow. You really do have a thing for me." She remarked. "It's written all over your ugly face."

Alexander blinked, his eyes widening slightly at her words. 'My face is the antonym of ugly.' He scoffed. 'And for the record, I do not have a thing for you. Short and obnoxious brunettes are not my type.'

"Obnoxious? Ha! Look who's talking." She snorted. "You don't even know me."

He pursed his pink lips and bent forward until they were face to face. 'I spy with my little eye a sexually frustrated girl who is in desperate need of a good old fashioned fuck.'

Bella slapped him before he could even blink. "Now listen up you slimy pervert…"

She never got to finish her sentence because Alexander's scowling lips were suddenly swallowing her words.

The bastard was kissing her!

Jacob growled in anger and head-butted the window, effectively shattering the glass. The hybrid was holding Bella hostage in his arms, kissing her fervently. She struggled to get free but he was much stronger.

Alex sucked on her lower lip one last time before letting her go. 'Fuck.' He swore under his breath. 'Sorry. I…'

The Alpha snarled and lunged at the distracted hybrid. He tackled him to the floor, snapping his jaw threateningly. Alexander barely flinched, his arms resting peacefully at his sides.

"Jacob. No!" Bella shouted in panic, afraid of what he might do.

'Listen to your Imprint, Alpha.' Alex coolly drawled.

Jacob growled, his eyes burning yellow as he straddled the hybrid.

"What kind of game are you playing, Coldbane?" Bella asked, scrubbing her mouth using the back of her hand. The taste of cigar and expensive champagne still lingering on her lips.

Alexander chuckled darkly, his emerald eyes glinting with mischief. 'No game. I just wanted to give Jacob a taste of Elissa's medicine.' He revealed. 'We've been stuck here for months. Unable to return home, forced to stay in this hell they call Phoenix. I was bored as fuck so…' He paused, locking eyes with the Alpha. 'I suppressed his human genes.'

"Suppress?" Bella crouched down next to Alexander's smirking face. "Jesus. Are you some kind of witch?"

'Yes. I'm a wizard. Call me Dumbledore.' He responded in his trademark sarcasm.

Jacob slammed his right paw in warning, his claws dangerously close to the hybrid's porcelain cheek.

'I take it you're not a big fan of Harry Potter then?'

"No. He's not." Bella answered on behalf of the Alpha.

'Tsk…tsk. And here I thought you were a match made in heaven.'

"Oh for God's sake, just talk already!" She pinched his cheek. Hard.

The front door swung open all of a sudden and Gabriel stepped out in his striped pajamas looking sleepy and disoriented. 'Bella? Why…' His voice trailed off when he spotted his brother lying on the floor with a wolf towering over him. 'Oh for heaven's sake, what did he do now?'

"He kissed me." Bella replied. "Oh, and he did some kind of hybrid mojo to suppress Jake's genes."

Gabriel sighed and palmed his tired face. 'Christ. He must have slipped Jacob some kind of potion during dinner.'

'Bravo, brother.' Alex clapped his hands mockingly. 'It's actually a serum. They use it in the Makah Reservation to prevent young wolves from phasing into human form during their training. It also spontaneously activates their dormant wolf gene.'

"When does it wear off?"

'Two hours, give or take.'

Jacob growled loudly, his sharp teeth grazing Alex's forehead. The hybrid wrinkled his nose in disgust. 'You are in desperate need of a mint, Black.'

The Alpha huffed and turned around, stomping all over Alex's torso.

'I am absolutely speechless. Really.' Gabriel pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration. 'Your behavior is inexcusable.'

"Damn right." Bella chimed in. "Jake's been nothing but nice to you. He genuinely wants to help your family, so why did you slip him the serum? Huh?"

'Because I am a selfish prick as my father would say.' Alexander said, moving to sit up against the marble column. 'He says I'm a lot like Loki, the God of Mischief.'

"He's right. You are a prick!" Bella spat and slapped him on the cheek.

He winced, his eyes following the curves of her body as she hoisted herself off the floor.

If looks could kill, he would be dead by now.

'Bella. Jacob. I apologize on behalf of my idiot brother.' Gabriel said with a hint of desperation in his voice. 'He is fond of trickery and mind games but I can assure you that he meant no harm.'

"Whatever." Bella sighed tiredly. "I'm outta here. We'll talk later."

Jacob followed his imprint down the steps and stomped all over the perfectly manicured rose bushes.

'Your jealousy is going to cost us our future, Brother.' Gabriel chided his brother.

Alexander rolled his catlike eyes but did not deny being jealous. 'Don't be so melodramatic. They gave us their word.'

'It seems that you don't understand the gravity of the situation. You kissed an Alpha's imprint!' The older hybrid shouted. 'You should thank your lucky stars that he left you in one piece.'

Alex rose to his feet, still as cocky and unrepentant as ever. 'I should, but we both know that I won't.'




"You encouraged him, Jake. Yes, you did! Don't look at me like that." Bella ranted as she marched past the mansion gates. "You jokingly offered to exchange me for his freakin' Aston Martin, remember?"

Jacob followed her with a sour expression on his wolfy face.

"You were right though. He does like me." She turned around with both hands on her hips. "Ugh. What are we going to do now?"

He glided past her and sat down beneath a tall sycamore tree.

"Wait here? Nope. Sorry. I'm going back to the hotel." Bella resumed walking downhill, the sound of her heels echoing loudly in the calm desert night.

She flagged down a taxi and returned to the cozy B&B. She decided to put an end to her sucky night by taking a nice, long bubble bath since getting laid was no longer on the menu.

She took her sweet time with the bath, making sure to put on some soothing music via her iPhone. The sound of gentle ocean waves almost lulled her to sleep.

An hour later, she climbed out of the tub and wrapped her wet body in a lush towel. It was unusually cold causing goose bumps to rise all over her arms and legs.

She opened the door to a dark room and a pair of glowing irises staring right at her.

"Jesus!" She gasped, clutching the towel tighter to her chest.

Jacob's eyes were a lot sinister in the dark. They were clearly human eyes judging from their size but they were still intimidating nonetheless. 'Come here.' He ordered in a deep, commanding voice.

Bella blinked and took a step forward. She used the faint light of the bathroom to reach the bed where Jacob was waiting in his boxer shorts. "Why are you sitting in the dark?"

'Shhh.' He pressed a warm finger to her lips. 'Sit down and take off your towel.'

"But…" She protested against his finger but he silenced her with his whole palm.

'Do you wanna have sex or not?'

Her answer tickled his fingers. It was a loud but muffled 'yes'.

'Me too. Now lay back, relax and spread your legs for me.'

"Yes, Master." She said the moment he released her.

'Good girl.'

Bella could hear the soft hum of the air conditioner in the otherwise quiet room. No wonder the room was so cold.

The bedcover was soft beneath her fingertips as she blindly climbed onto the mattress. She could feel the Alpha's eyes burning a hole through her towel. 'I almost got arrested for indecent exposure tonight by the way.' He spoke in a slightly aggravated tone.

"Oops." She swallowed, feeling a tad guilty for leaving him on top of that hill. "I totally forgot about your emergency boxer shorts. They were in my purse."

'Yeah. You should have at least dropped them off before ditching me under that sycamore tree.' He grunted from beside her. 'Towel off. Now!'

She closed her eyes and slowly removed said towel from her damp skin. The comforter felt cool against her bare back in contrast to Jacob's hot breath on her neck. "Are you going to punish me for ditching you?"

'Mmm…I'll think about it.'

She could hear the naughty smirk in his voice. It was turning her on big time.

Hot calloused fingers parted her thighs, making her shudder. She knew that he could see everything in High Definition thanks to his supernatural senses.

Embarrassment crept over her cheeks and coated them in a strawberry blush. "I'm beyond mortified right now." She confessed, covering her face with shy hands.

'Don't be.' He gently kneaded her creamy thighs. 'Your pussy's worthy of a sex tape.'

"Umm…good to know." She gasped when his fingers ghosted up her stomach. They travelled to her breasts, leaving a trail of fire in their wake.

'Your nipples are so fucking pink.' He whispered huskily, leaning forward to sample one.

The warmth and moisture of Jacob's tongue combined with the sensation of his hands on her damp skin were enough to make her moan. She was on sensory overload, especially when he sucked the sensitive skin below her ear.

She opened her eyes to find Jacob's bright irises brimming with lust. 'You're so responsive.' He drew circles around her belly button, watching her body squirm in reaction to his touch.

"Enough with the commentary." She whined.

'Yes, Mistress.' He chuckled, sucking her lower lip into his mouth.

He kissed her hard, branding her tongue with his flavor. His lips practically erased Alex's kiss from her memory. When their lips parted ways, she could barely even remember her own name.


Every inch of Bella's body was flushed and aroused. She was also fully aware of the wetness between her thighs and it had nothing to do with her earlier bubble bath.



'I want you to spell out cunnilingus for me.' Jacob instructed, planting both her feet on the mattress and sandwiching his torso between her legs.

"Why? Oh…OH!" She gasped the moment his tongue met her clit.

Her thighs clenched, and she fought the urge to crawl up the mattress in embarrassment.

The Alpha sensed the sudden tension in her body and wrapped his hands securely around her thighs. 'Relax, honey.' He cooed in a gentle voice. 'Your Tumblr fantasy's about to come true.'

Bella took a deep breath and closed her eyes again. "Yes. Yes it is." She licked her swollen lips. "I just don't think I can spell anything right now-OH shit!"

She cursed and moaned with each lick of his tongue. His fingers joined in a few seconds later, stretching her slowly.

Jacob was an expert at reading her body language, the way she responded to his ministrations was beyond arousing. He was spelling out the word cunnilingus directly on her sensitive clit.

Minutes later, she was threading her fingers through his hair, her hips gyrating against the mattress.

She was close, so he pumped his fingers faster until her thighs clenched around his head and she screamed. Her body shook and trembled like an earthquake when she orgasmed.

He smirked and tried to tone down his cockiness while she recovered.

"Oh my God. Was I too loud?" She asked moments after her big O.

'Yep.' He grinned in the dark. 'You can be as loud as you like. We're the only ones on this floor.'

"Umm…good to know." Bella cleared her throat. She felt utterly relaxed and ready to snooze. "Can you turn the lights on? I want to see you." She requested.

'Patience, Bells.' Jacob chuckled. He padded barefoot to the mini-fridge and fished out a bottle of water.

"Thanks for…you know." She blushed, covering herself up with the towel. "I was so not expecting you to come back and ravish me like that."

'That was just the appetizer.' He uncapped the bottle and brought it to the bed. 'Now sit up and open your mouth.'

"That's what she said." She giggled nervously.

'It's just a bottle of water, silly.' He clarified.

She parted her lips and welcomed the cool liquid as it travelled down her throat.

'Are you ready for the main course?' Jacob asked in a strained voice.

He was hard and ready to explode at any minute.

"Yes." Bella nodded. "Condom?"

'Fuck. I almost forgot.' He muttered.

She felt the mattress shift as he searched his wallet for the condom. 'Got it!'

"Oh thank God." She sighed with relief.

A pair of strong, sizzling hands grabbed her waist all of a sudden before dragging her up the bed. Her head was now resting on a very fluffy pillow.

'So, any last words before you cash-in your V-Card?' Jacob whispered in her ear. His muscular body was hovering right above her. His eyes were no longer glowing but he was radiating amazing heat.

Bella explored the contours of his chest with her fingers. He felt like a deliciously hot water bottle. "Nope. I'm ready. More than ready actually. A little nervous, yes, but ready." She babbled. "Sorry. I'm shutting up now. Whoa, is that your…"

Jacob guided her right hand south until it met his swollen 'Cock? Yeah.' He swallowed thickly. 'It's pretty impressive, eh?'

"Uh-huh." She licked her lips. "This is going to sound so cliché, but how on earth is this mini-dinosaur going to fit inside my vagina?!"

The Alpha dissolved into laughter at her words. He could barely hold himself up on his shaking arms. 'Mini-dinosaur? Honey, your imagination is too much sometimes.'

"Jake, I can barely wrap my fingers around it. It's so thick and long." Bella said, stroking it experimentally.

It was somewhat erotic, touching Jacob in the dark. He groaned in response and buried his face in the crook of her neck. 'Bells. You can play with it all you want later.' He peppered kisses all over her collarbone followed by tiny bites to her flushed skin. 'Hell, I'll even let you call it Harry Potter, but please let me fuck your brains out.'

"Okay." She released him and clutched the comforter instead. "Are we going to do it in the cover of darkness? Because I'd really like to see your adorable face."

'My face is not adorable.' He growled, grabbing both her wrists and holding them hostage in his grip.

"Yes it is." She teased, arching her back in an attempt to kiss him.

He saw what she was trying to do and pinned her wrists above her head. 'Behave.' He ordered.

"No." She cheekily responded.

Jacob extended his arm somewhere to her left and switched on the bedside lamp. The room was instantly flooded with light and Bella was finally able to see him.

His russet skin was covered in a thin sheen of sweat and his beautiful onyx eyes were heavy lidded and dilated. She could see the veins in his biceps and the tension in his broad shoulders.

He was wound up like a spring.

'Wrap your legs around my waist.' He instructed in a sultry voice.

She complied, her lips grazing the sweaty skin below his collarbone.

Their height difference prevented them from being directly face-to-face but that did not stop Jacob from kissing her. She had to tilt her neck backwards while he had to arch his back until their lips met in a slow and sensual kiss.

He released her wrists, allowing her hands to roam freely up and down his back. In the meantime, he made sure that she was ready enough for him. 'Fuck. You're so wet.'

His tip nudged her entrance while he distracted her with his fingers. She moaned and dug her nails into his shoulders. "Keep going." She whispered encouragingly.

He glided easily into her welcoming body and tried not to move. It was a tempting thought but she needed time to adjust. 'You okay down there?' He asked in concern.

"I'm more than okay." She nodded, her cheeks as red as berries. "There's no pain whatsoever."


"Yes! This is unbelievable." She smiled. "I thought losing my V-Card was going to hurt like a bitch!"

'Huh. It must be an imprint thing.' Jacob mused.

"Jake." Bella nudged him with her foot. Her persistent squirming was driving him crazy. "Please move."

His eyes glowed briefly as he started to move in and out of her. The friction combined with her throaty moans and cotton candy scent was too much sensory overload. 'Bells, I'm close. Like really fucking close.' He panted.

"Me too. I think." She rocked her hips in rhythm with his thrusts.

His muscles flexed faster and his pace increased. He was making those sexy grunting sounds in her ear, his pleasure spilling over with each powerful thrust.

She closed her eyes and tightened her legs around him. "Oh…OH…Yes! Faster! Please…"

Jacob growled and doubled his pace, his biceps barely holding him up. The mattress was squeaking loudly and the headboard was banging hard against the wall.

Bella tugged on his soft hair and pulled him down for another sloppy kiss. "Love you." She panted into his mouth.

His eyes mirrored the same sentiment but he was finding it difficult to verbalize it. Every ounce of his blood felt like it was rushing straight to his dick.

He quickly grabbed Bella's right leg and flung it over his shoulder. The new angle triggered her orgasm. She screamed and dug her nails into his back. He slowed down until her orgasm subsided and then he just allowed his instincts to take over. He used his knees for support and delivered a few more thrusts that sent them both to O-town.

"Wow." Bella shuddered and immediately passed out.

Jacob collapsed on top of her, his muscles going lax as weeks of pent up sexual tension finally left his body. He quietly listened to her steady heartbeat and felt his ego soar to an all time high.

'Hot damn. I am a sexy beast.'