Hello people of FanFiction! This is my second one shot so I hope you like it! Thank you to everyone who read my other one shot Sarah's Mother's Day, I really appreciate it! So I finally got my My Babysitter's a Vampire DVD and I am so very happy! I was watching my favorite episode when this idea came to my weird mind, I will not tell which episode until the end of this little story so read the author's note at the end! Anyways, enjoy this one shot and let me know what you think!

Disclaimer: I, GabyS.99, sadly do not own the awesomeness that is My Babysitter's a Vampire. Teletoon and Disney do.

Something Better

'Where is it?' Sarah thought. She threw Ethan's clothes out of his closet trying desperately to find a blanket she left last week at his house. It was a cold winter day and she really wanted that blanket so she and Ethan, her boyfriend of one year, could cuddle together on his couch.

Unfortunately, Ethan's closet is one of the messiest places in Whitechapel. "No wonder Benny hid the Cubile Animus here" she whispered to herself. "Did you find it?" Ethan yelled from downstairs. While she was searching for the blanket he was making hot chocolate in the kitchen. "Not yet!" she yelled back "Have you thought of cleaning your closet?" "Ha ha very funny Sarah!"

After a few more minutes of searching she was about to stop when she saw a sleeve in the back of the closet. A very familiar sleeve. She slowly moved the clothes that were covering the piece of clothing. When she moved the last shirt that was covering the sleeve she gasped.

In the back of Ethan's messy closet was a navy blue cardigan. Just like the one she had back home. The same one she bought when she was under Benny's dumb love potion two years ago.

"I can't believe he kept it" Sarah whispered to herself. 'Well it is Ethan I'm talking about" she thought while smiling. "Did you find it yet?" Ethan yelled again. Sarah smiled, took the cardigan and yelled back "No. But I found something better!"

Well this was short. Even if it was short I hope you enjoyed it. If you guessed my favorite episode was Smells Like Trouble then give yourself a pat in the back! This one shot was based on that episode. While she was under the love potion, Sarah bought herself and Ethan matching cardigans. I thought that episode was awesome and full of Etharah moments which I hope there is more of in season two. Which reminds me, who else is super excited that season two is almost here! I'm SUPER excited! Moving on, please review!