Title: The Revir Chronicles Genre: General Rating: T Fandom(s): Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Pairing(s): Various or maybe none

Summary: We know how the story went. Marche and his friends got pulled into Ivalice and eventually left. Then everyone but Mewt (poor guy) got pulled back somehow. But what happened next? What happens on all of those dispatch missions? And what if Mewt did come back? Continuous series as long as I have inspiration.

Warnings: May vary every chapter. None for this one.

A/n: This is right after Marche, Cid, Mewt, Doned, and Ritz disappear. About a week after.

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to any of the characters that appear here nor will I ever.

Montblanc certainly didn't expect this much chaos after the otherworlders left. He was currently running around Bervenia Palace in a frenzy, hurriedly trying to get things in order. Babus, Shara, Nono, and the rest of Montblanc's clan were spread throughout the castle in a similar state. There was currently no Royal family, no Judgemaster, no order whatsoever, and the country's citizens were falling into a state of panic. Who would regulate laws if not the Judgemaster or palace? The country's wide open to attack like this. What of the issue of law cards? What's gonna happen to us? Ivalice was quickly falling apart at the seams.

"Kupo! Hurry up and try to contact the town watch offical in Baguba! Tell them to get a group of representatives together, kupo! You! Make sure they're ready to send over the ones from Sprohm! Are all the boats running?" Montblanc ran around checking up on everything. "Hurry up, kupo! I want this dummy government running by tomorrow!" But he didn't watch where he was running and he ran into someone making them both fall onto the floor. "Kupopo..."

Babus sat up after he hit the ground and looked for what had run into him. He saw a very stressed looking moogle lying a foot away.

'Hm... It's that moogle that was always with Marche...' He thought. 'What was his name...?'


'Oh yeah, that was it...' Babus thought as a viera assassin ran in a panic towards them. Babus stood up and dusted himself off as the assassin started talking at high speed to Montblanc, who was struggling to get up. Babus held out his hand to the poor moogle who took it gratefully. Montblanc held up his hand to the assassin to silence her and looked at her exasperatedly.

"SLOW DOWN! Now what is the matter, Dusya?" The assassin took a few deep breaths then began to coherently.

"A whole army of Clan Borzoi freaks from the Nubswood are at the shoreline opposite the castle and threatening an attack," She said, still sounding a slight bit panicky.

"I thought we took care of them a month ago! Kupo!" Montblanc exclaimed. He really felt like pounding his head against the wall. "You know what? Just get rid of them, kupo! I don't care how you do it, just eradicate that bunch of kupo idiots!" Dusya went from panicky to gleeful in a millisecond. She then skipped off to gather the rest of Clan Revir together to painfully eradicate the last of Clan Borzoi from the world forever. Montblanc resisted slamming his head against the wall from all the stress. He had never felt this stressed before. Babus looked at him with slight concern.

"Are you okay? You look like you haven't slept all week."

"I haven't," was the moogle's tired reply. He looked over at Babus. "Is it usually this stressful around here?" The nu mou appeared to think about it for a minute before nodding.

"Yes, pretty much," he replied. "At least it has been for the past year..." Montblanc looked shocked.

"Kupo? And you LIVE here? How do you stand it, kupo!" Babus shrugged.

"I don't know. I just got used to it, I guess," he replied. Montblanc looked around, worried.

"Well, I hope my clan and I get used to it soon. Kupo..." Babus looked at him confused.

"Why would you guys need to get used to it?" he asked. Montblanc glanced at him.

"We're the representatives for Cyril," Montblanc replied. 'And being the most powerful clan in Ivalice, we have to represent all of the clans, too. Which is probably why Clan Borzoi decided to attack now."

"Hmm... That may cause a problem." Babus mused. "If that's the case, then won't some of the other clans constantly try to take you guys out so that they can be in control...?"

"Kupo!" The moogle fell onto the floor in a sitting position, staring ahead blankly. "I didn't think about that... All I was thinking about was what was best for Ivalice at the time. The moment we leave the palace and start running about Ivalice regularly again, all of the clans will start conspiring against us! Kupo! We'll probably be ambushed in the Jagds! And what will happen when we disappear, kupo? Who will take over? If that Zorra Sect takes control..." Montblanc shivered at the thought of those radicals killing every person in Ivalice. "Plus, we've freed every bit of turf in Ivalice! The Clan Wars will flare up again and more innocents will be oppressed. Kupopo... What do I do!" Montblanc curled into a small ball on the floor as if trying to block out the world. It was a sad sight.

"Well, you guys could stay in the palace..." Babus said. "Not only would we not have to take needless risks to get you over here safely, you guys would be right here incase of an emergency. Plus your clan could defend the palace better than most. of the royal guard. Don't tell them I said that though." Montblanc looked surprised.

"You'll let us stay here...?" Babus nodded.

"Why not?" he replied. Montblanc looked a lot less stressed. He uncurled himself and smiled for the first time in a week.

"That's perfect! Now we won't need to rush over if something happens and all our resources will be right here where they're actually needed. Kupo! I feel so much better now. Thank you! Kupo!" Montblanc hopped up and hugged Babus before he rushed off after hearing a crash from the kitchens, muttering something about stupid, always hungry, impatient lizard bangaas. Babus blinked, slightly confused and shocked at hearing such mumblings come from a moogle. This was definitely going to take some getting used too.

A/n: So what do you think? Marche's clan will be living in the palace! I expect it to stay standing for about, um, two days. Tops. We'll see.