Christi pulls the hem of her beige dress down as she sits beside her best friend, Kelly, in the mom's room, "So, I think I'm

actually excited for the dances this week." Christi glances over at the other moms waiting for their opinions.

"I'm glad that we are finally getting an age-appropriate, non-controversial group dance." Holly states, setting her purse on

the floor and sitting between Kelly and Melissa, "So, what do you think about Paige getting the only solo this week, Kelly?

She really deserves it."

Kelly looks down at her two daughters practicing and smiles, "I am absolutely ecstatic for Paige, and I'm probably more

excited than she is, but then I have to look at Brooke who is second-to-first on the pyramid, and she doesn't even get a

special part."

Christi nods her blonde head, "Yeah, I think Paige deserves it, you know, 100%; but what I don't understand, is why Abby

didn't go ahead and just put Paige in that spot on the pyramid if she wasn't going to give Brooke a solo or at least a special

part as well."

They all nod their heads, "Melissa, you're being quiet. . . What do you think of Maddie getting a duo with Chloe instead of a

solo?" Holly asks curiously, glancing at Melissa and watching the girls practice.

Melissa remains a bit quiet before answering, "I'm happy for the both of them, I like the theme of the duo, too."

Kelly crosses her legs and inquires, "So, you're not even the least bit upset that Maddie didn't get a solo, although she was at

the top of the pyramid?"

Melissa begins to look a bit annoyed, "No. . . I don't know why you three always think that my mind set is only about Maddie

being on the top of everything."

Holly, Christi and Kelly exchange glances and Christi just rolls her eyes, "We never said that Melissa, but when you get that

defensive about something that was never even brought up, we can't help but feel that way." Melissa begins to gather her

things to leave, when Gia pokes her head in the door, "The costumes just got here and Abby wants all of you to come

downstairs so the girls can try them on." They gather their things and follow Gia down the stairs and into a dressing room,

where they find the girls sifting through the boxes squealing in excitement.

Abby comes into the room with a clipboard and measuring tape, "Girls, if you keep that up and go losing your costume, you

willbe cut out of the dance." At that the girls calm down and find their correct costumes for the group dance, with Abby's

instruction, and they try them on. The tops are pink and corset-style, the skirt short and ruffled. In their hair they wore

matching pink, fishnet fascinators. "Aw, don't you girls look adorable." Christi coos.

"Moms, you will need to stone them with the Swarovski crystals here and here," Abby points out, using Nia's costume as an

example, "then you'll just use the plain, pink crystals here." The moms nod their heads exasperatedly, and Abby sends Paige,

Chloe and Maddie to try on their other costumes. Maddie and Chloe enter shortly after wearing identical jade green outfits,

the tops are tight and patterned with matching stones and poufy sleeves, the skirts flowed to mid-thigh and they wore plain,

green hairpieces. Paige wears a simple, white poufy-sleeved top. Her skirt is khaki-style, powder blue and reaches an inch

above her knees, with a faux white petticoat underneath. She wears simply a small, white daisy flower in her hair.

"Paige's hair should be curly and half-up, half-down and her flower hairpiece should be on the right side of where the hair is

pinned. Maddie and Chloe's hair should be up in the smaller curly buns, the top should be in a bump and their hairpieces

should be just on the right side of the bun." Abby tells the moms, examining the girls' outfits, "For the group dance their hair

should be in the bigger curly buns and some of the girls' fascinators should be pinned on the left and some on the right, you

can divide that up however. Girls, that's all, you can go change back into your dance clothes now."

The girls head back into the changing rooms. "Abby, if Paige is doing a patriotic dance then why is her outfit so simple? It's

kind of ugly." Kelly asks, looking at Abby, confused.

Abby turns to Kelly and rolls her eyes, "Kelly, I thought we were over all of that with you believing I'm setting your kids up to

fail, blah blah blah. . ."

Kelly lets out a long sigh and rolls her eyes, "I never said that Abby, I was just asking about the costume. . . But it is true."

Abby shakes her head and walking out of the room replies, "I am her dance teacher. If you don't trust me then you shouldn't

even be here. Quit thinking crap like that." Kelly just rolls her eyes, as they walk back up into the mom's room.

Abby better watch it or Kelly is gonna end up going off on her. Christi thinks to herself as they sit back down to watch the

girls finish practice. This is gonna be a long three days.

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