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Six Years of Fifty

Part Ten:

"You and Suzanne broke up?"

We didn't break up. Our contract expired."

The fountain pen in Dr. Flynn's left hand scratches quickly across the notepad. I would normally be concerned about what he thinks is so significant about what I've said but I can't stop staring at the pad. It's black. Could this be the third book he's filled with notes about my life? That troubles me.

"So what happened? Why did you decide not to extend your arrangement?" Dr. Flynn says as he pushes his thin framed designer glasses further up the bridge of his nose.

"She was developing feelings for me, a dependence surpassing the terms of our agreement."

"So Suzanne loves you."

I shrug. I can't believe any woman could feel that way about me no matter how good I make her orgasms. "She thinks she does. But she doesn't know anything about me, and that's the way I like it."

He offers me a small, sympathetic smile. "We've established that you rely on your lifestyle to keep your relationships from becoming too personal. We both know how much you value a strict set of rules in order to remain in complete control. So why do you think this keeps happening?"

"Why do they keep falling in love with me? It's infatuation, nothing more. Human beings always want what they can't have and sooner or all later they all ask for more. Hence the term limit on the contract. It simplifies matters."

Dr. Flynn looks down and resumes his scratching across his crisp new notepad. Idly I wonder how long it will take him to fill this one. "What will you do now? Find a new submissive?"

"Yes. I thought about returning to the dungeon where Elena took me to train. We had some fun times there. My hope is to find a more professional sub at that establishment. Someone who will know what is expected of her with realistic expectations."

"Christian, would you mind giving me some background on this dungeon? I'm afraid I'm not familiar with the term in a BDSM context," he says. "Perhaps recount for me the first time Elena took you there. What were your expectations? And what did you find satisfying about the experience?"

I smile at the good doctor. "Well, Doc, I'd be more than happy to give you an inside scoop of Seattle's finest sex dungeon."




Elena parked the car about a block from the large metal door on the side of a brick building. It was so inconspicuous that from the street it looked like nothing but an emergency exit door into a dark alley.

"Are you ready, Christian?"

I looked at Elena's face under the soft glow of a nearly street light. She appeared confident and relaxed despite the fact we were about to enter a place called Ramshackled. Ever since she told me about this dungeon, a place where new Doms went to hone their craft, I'd been begging her to bring me. By winter break my sophomore year at Harvard she finally agreed. Elena said I'd needed time to commit to my decision to move out of the submissive role and take on the more complex role of Dominant. After four long months of consideration and study I was finally about to take that step. I was scared shitless.

I was no longer Elena's submissive. She was joining me that night for moral support and guidance, and because she was afraid of throwing me to the wolves inside that building. Elena ended our arrangement the night of the charity dinner in August and since then had focused on turning me into the best Dom possible. Our friendship continued to strengthen and she helped me a great deal while I developed the emotional mindset of a Dominant. The transition was more difficult than I had anticipated and sometimes I naturally submitted to Elena without even being aware of it. If we argued over anything I would often give in too easily, still wanting to please her. Or I would consider her point of view on a subject before deciding what mine should be. It was a hard habit to break, especially since we were communicating so frequently by phone, but as the months went by I became more and more drawn to the idea of having the power and control.

Elena had explained in great detail the kinds of people and activities I was bound to see inside Ramshackled but nothing could prepare me for the reality of actually experiencing it firsthand.

I'd had my first real taste of being in control the night in the hotel room at Hotel Andra and all semester I'd been looking forward to this moment. It was the opportunity Elena had promised me would come when I was properly prepared. That night I would dominate a woman in the dungeon, a stranger who would call me Sir and follow my every command. I was shaking with anticipation.

"I'm ready," I finally answered wondering if she could tell I was still anxious. Elena knew me better than anyone and I worried she wouldn't let me go through with the introduction to the dungeon if she felt I wasn't mentally prepared for what awaited us inside.

Elena narrowed her eyebrows at me but moved to step out of the vehicle. She was wearing a short black shirt and black sweater cut low to reveal much of her cleavage. She had instructed me to dress casually; so I took her advice and wore a t-shirt and jeans. I followed her across the street and into the darkened alley where Ramshackled's door was located. There were no people milling around this particular street in Seattle and I felt as though we were engaging in some sordid and dangerous activity.

I knew even from the lobby that this place was unlike anything I'd ever imagined and would shock me worse than anything Elena had ever done to me sexually or emotionally. Standing behind the front desk was a man, tall and lanky with dark black hair tied back in a pony tail. He wore no shirt, exposing multiple tattoos on his arm and chest, and my eyes immediately fell upon his pierced nipples. He also wore a severe looking collar made of steel. A pendant hung down the center with a name engraved. I stared a little too long, wondering if it meant the man's name was Oscar of if his Dominant was named Oscar.

"Can I help you?" he asked as he scrutinized my face and body with his eyes.

"We made an appointment," Elena said smoothly stepping around me to take over the conversation. "Six o'clock with Duke."

"Did you submit your paperwork yet?"

"Yes, I faxed them over last week," I said. Elena had helped me with that. Ramshackled needed a note from my doctor proving a clean blood test, a completed questionnaire regarding my interests and limits, and a nondisclosure agreement. All very practical safety measures and I was thankful for them.

The man hit some keys on the computer and his eyes lit up with understanding. "Christian. Yes, I see everything we need is on file which is good. I see you are a new trainee. Well, the girls will be ecstatic to see you. Do you plan to take male subs too?" he asked eyeing me up again. It was obvious he liked what he saw.

I was taken off guard by his question; I'd never even considered same sex scenes before. "Um, not at this time," I answered firmly. Elena stifled a smirk and I shot her a dirty look.

"Such a waste," he replied wistfully shaking his head. "I'm going to show you around first and then you'll meet Duke. This is reception. Everyone must sign in and out every time you come. Never bring a guest that hasn't been previously approved. Once the staff recognizes your face you'll be able to just sign in and then go on back, but until then please wait up front for the staff member to give you clearance. Security is very important to everyone here."

I nodded my head as I glanced around. The reception room was about twelve by ten in size and the windows to the outside had steel bars on them, which I suspected was more for security than ambiance. We were not in the classiest part of Seattle, after all. The floors were black tile and the walls a dark shade of blue. Sconces along the walls provided the only light except for a few high hats positioned over the check-in desk.

The man bent his index finger motioning for us to follow him. "I am Oscar, by the way. I work the front desk a few days a week and then sub the rest of the time. You'll see a lot of me since I live here," he said happily as he began escorting us down a long dark hallway.

It was then that I saw much more of Oscar than I ever wanted to. As he moved from behind the check-in desk I realized he wasn't just shirtless, he wore no clothing at all. Not unless you considered a chain mail thong clothing. The metal weave wrapped around Oscar's cock leaving little to the imagination, and even less room for... expansion, and went around his hips on both sides coming together in a single chain that flossed between his buttocks. Elena pinched my arm and told me with her eyes to stop staring as we walked behind him.

She was right that I needed to control my facial expressions better. I was familiar with the concept of a cock cage and even had the displeasure of wearing one a few times during my years subbing for Elena so it wasn't the device that stunned me, it was Oscar's willingness to wear it in front of all these other people with not the slightest hint of humility. I realized then that my experiences up to that point might be considered tame among this crowd. Elena never subjected me to public humiliation as there was never anyone else who knew about our relationship. In fact, the only other woman to ever see me naked was Svitlana, the gift Elena gave me at Hotel Andra.

Oscar led us through the dungeon pointing out various rooms, both private and public. There were at least ten private rooms used for scenes and training purposes. Each one was decorated differently, some kept with the dungeon prisoner theme and others had varying degrees of Gothic style decor. He showed us two common spaces where Doms and subs were engaging in various sexual acts. Other men and women lounged on custom built sofas that lined the walls and watched the activity taking place in the center of the rooms. I was amazed at how nonchalant all those people were about sex and nudity, as if they were desensitized to it completely. I felt like every outlandish, absurd situation Elena had subjected me to was small potatoes compared to these people. Exhibitionism, orgies, and the idea that a common interest in BDSM could produce a community of sorts were new concepts to me and I knew that I had to decide whether or not I was willing to participate in them.

After seeing the common use rooms and all the private spaces Oscar showed us another part of the building he called the kennel. It was a large rectangular room with a pair of bathrooms labeled Men and Women at one end. As my eyes took in the sight of naked male and female submissives lounging about in large metal cages I was reminded of what Oscar had said earlier when the tour began.

"Oscar, did you say before that you live here?"

He smiled proudly, "uh huh. That's my bed over there. The one with the pink fleece blanket."

I looked in the direction he pointed and saw Oscar's 'room' consisted of a cage resembling something that belonged in a zoo and was meant for a wild animal rather than a human being. He walked Elena and me over to his personal space where I was speechless to find that inside was nothing but a twin sized mattress with a pillow and blanket made up neatly to look like a proper bed. There were a few books stacked next to it and a number of pictures taped to one side. That was all. He had neighbors on both sides, each cage no more than two feet away from his own. One was empty and the sparse personal belongings closely resembled what Oscar had. On the other side was a nude female who was kneeling on her bed in a waiting position. There was not room enough to stand. She looked too slender, perhaps one hundred and ten pounds at the most and probably nineteen or twenty years old. She leaned against one side of her cage with her eyes closed paying no attention to Elena, Oscar, and me.

"Does your Master lock you in here at night, Oscar?" I asked.

Oscar laughed. "No, Sir. The pets are free to move about in the night after our Master's have left. We can go to the kitchen for food, the fitness center, or use the bathrooms. We have to follow the rules of course, but we only get locked in if we're being punished."

I nodded my head and wondered if these men and women really followed the rules while their Masters are home in their own real beds. Then, out of the corner of my eye I spotted the security cameras on the ceilings. A dozen of them, each one pointed at a different cage. The Doms must be running surveillance on their submissives from their homes. i wasn't sure how I felt about that.

"Do you like it here? I mean, do you live here under your own free will?" I wondered quietly.

"I love it here! I live in a constant state of arousal. That's why my Master had to cage me," he said proudly tapping his fingers against the chain mail cage on his cock. "I was experiencing too much pleasure outside of my time with him."

"You mean with other... pets?"

Oscar smiled widely. "Yes. Those of us who live here are very close. We all have jobs to do but there is a lot of down time when we're not working or serving our Masters. So we fuck. Life on the outside wasn't working out to well for me. My father was a drunk and my mother resented me, so I left home the day I turned eighteen. Duke found me working at a strip club here in the city, struggling to make ends meet, and offered me a better life. Now all of my needs are met; I'm fed and cared for better than I ever was at home, and I get to participate in a vast array of sexual explorations. Trust me, you'll love it here too once you get acclimated. And you're such a pretty thing; the girls will make you feel right at home."

As we stood there a tall blonde man approached from the doorway. He wore black dress pants and a white collared shirt. He had the appearance of a businessman, possibly coming straight from his office. He pulled a wooden chair up to the cage next to Oscar's where the slender girl was still kneeling inside. The man sat down and reached his hand between the metal bars of the cage to stroke the girl's head. He let out a satisfied sigh as if he'd been waiting for that moment all day. The girl mewled happily as if she felt the same, nuzzling her head into his hand the way a cat would getting its ears scratched. I felt slightly nauseous at the sight but so fascinated I couldn't tear my eyes away.

Oscar clapped his hands together getting my attention. "So, shall we move on to your training room? All you have to do is pick the woman you want to start with. You'll be pleased to hear that seven pets have agreed to sub for your training. Duke said that's a large number for such a new Dom."

Elena and I followed Oscar back near the front of the building and into a room with much better lighting and green walls. The floor was a soft brown carpet and I remember being struck by the vegetation in the room. Low tables scattered along the walls with houseplants of every shape and size. More hanging plants with long leafy vines hung from eye hooks in the ceiling. As promised, there were seven women in the room seemingly waiting for me. It was a heady feeling when I entered and they all looked up at me expectantly. It was like walking into the Garden to choose my Eden. I glanced over my shoulder at Elena and she smiled, nudging me forward with one hand.

I walked around the room inspecting the submissives. They were all similar in that each one had her hair pulled back in a pony tail and hands bound by solid metal handcuffs. They were also all completely nude, but after everything else I'd seen that was not quite so shocking to me. Some were sitting in chairs and others were standing together conversing. When I began inspecting each one I noticed how different the women were. Some were blonde, others brunette. Most were slender, shaved, and as curious about me as I was of them. I looked over each submissive and then glanced back to Oscar for guidance. Should I just point to the one I wanted like choosing a cake at a bakery?

Oscar crossed the room to where I stood and whispered, "You may touch them, Sir, ask them questions. Or do you see one you like already?"

I pointed to a petite woman with long brown hair. Her eyes were cast down and she appealed to me the moment I saw her because she seemed... innocent. "Lucy, come here please," Oscar said in an authoritative tone.

The woman was startled when she heard her name be called and clearly she had not expected to be chosen. She crossed the room quickly and fell to her knees in front of me. All the other women were watching, Elena included, and I had never felt so powerful in my life.

"Lean back, Lucy," Oscar instructed. Then he motioned for me to take over.

I walked slowly around the young woman who was now sitting on her ankles and leaning back with her face tipped up to the ceiling. Her thighs were spread and her breasts pushed out as she supported her weight on her hands. My hand threaded through her hair and I still remember how soft it was. Her skin was slightly tan and her breasts were round and supple. I couldn't resist brushing my hand across her nipples as I passed behind her. Her shoulders trembled slightly and I could tell she was holding back a moan of pleasure. She seemed to have good control of her physical responses.

"This one will do," I told Oscar decisively. As much fun as the selection process was, Lucy's pose was arousing my senses and my dick. I was ready to get started.

As we left that selection room I wondered if I would find my first real submissive there at Ramshackled. Even then I didn't think I could be the kind of Dominant that caged his play thing when I was away or made it a habit to fuck in front of other people. The dungeon experience might not be for me but it was crucial to my training so I decided to embrace the culture and chalk it up to a learning experience. Besides, something about that little brunette was making my skin tingle. I wanted to hit her the moment she knelt before me. It was a new sensation and just the tip of the iceberg in my journey into BDSM.

Elena grasped my forearm as we walked down the hall into one of the private rooms Oscar said I would be using. "Christian, do you feel comfortable enough to do this without me in the room?"

I never thought she would leave my side that night and I told her so. "I need you, Elena. Even if Duke is doing the actual training, I still need your feedback afterwards." What she thought of me was more important than anyone else's opinion.

She smiled at me and said, "You can do this. I think it's important you stand on your own two feet. I'll stay until you meet Duke but then I'm going to mingle with some of the other members. I won't be far away."

Oscar escorted us into the small training room as I mulled that over. Elena was right; I could do this without her. I just never had before. Even with Svitlana, Elena was there in the room. It would be a new experience for me to engage in this lifestyle apart from her. I knew it was time to come out from her shadow and figure out what it was I wanted to get out of my new role as Dominant.

Lucy walked directly over to the yellow yoga mat on the floor and assumed a waiting position. There was a lot of equipment in that room that I had read about but never seen in person. One drawback to subbing for Elena was that she hid her preference for BDSM from her husband and couldn't have any of that fun stuff in her home. Four years as her submissive and I'd never been strapped to a Saint Andrew's cross. Seemed like a damn shame. Now that I was in command things would be different.

"Alright, friends, this is where I say goodbye," Oscar announced sadly. "Duke will be here in a few minutes. Do whatever you need to prepare, take out the props you want from those drawers over there or hang your clothes on the coat rack behind the door." He stared, waiting. "No? Not going to disrobe just yet? Well, alright. Can't blame a man for trying. I'll show myself out."

Oscar walked to the door and grabbed the handle. He turned slightly to look over his shoulder at me and added, "When you're ready to experience the joys of another man's pecker promise you'll come find me?"

He looked so hopeful that I couldn't help but chuckle and nod my head. "Thank you for showing me around tonight, Oscar. I swear if I ever crave the taste of hard cock you'll be the one I call."

After Oscar left I walked around the room to get acquainted with all the equipment. A lot of it I didn't know how to use and Elena made a few helpful comments from the leather sofa where she sat on the far side of the room. I toed off my shoes and socks, kicking them into one of the corners, and then approached my chosen submissive.

"Lucy," I said slow and clear. "Don't speak or look up. You are not to make eye contact with me unless instructed to do so. Before Duke arrives, I wanted to thank you for offering your body for my training. I don't know how much, if anything, you know about me. My name is Christian, I am twenty years old, and although I may be young I've spent the last four years serving my own Mistress. I know what it takes to submit one's will so freely and willingly. So thank you for this." The corners of her lips turned up just as the door to the playroom opened.

The man who entered wore blue jeans, a white t-shirt, and a tight smile on his face. I knew it was Duke because a man like this, muscular, bald, and intimidating could never have an ordinary name like Steve or Bobby. Tattoos were scattered across his firm forearms and disappeared underneath the cotton of his t-shirt. Duke glanced down at the submissive kneeling before me and his smile widened. He nodded, looking at me for the first time, seemingly approving of my selection. He crossed the room and shook my hand firmly. His grasp actually hurt a little.

"Christian, I presume. It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Duke." He glanced over to Elena and his expression softened. "The lovely Elena. How are you, my dear?"

Elena smiled in a way that told me she and Duke were old friends. "Happy to see you again... I was surprised to hear you were a trainer now."

"Yes, well, I got tired of security detail. I couldn't stand there watching all those Doms doing mediocre and unoriginal scenes. It was too hard to keep my mouth shut, so now I can give them my two cents when they're fucking things up."

Elena laughed. "Well, it's fortunate for Christian that you're here. I have complete confidence in your ability to teach him right. Make sure you show him that thing you did with Barbara last year."

Duke thought for a second and then he remembered whatever scene she was referencing. "The scarf thing? I'm surprised you remember that. I'll add it to my lesson plan."

I watched the two of them and wondered if Elena had ever fucked Duke. As far as I knew she hadn't been with anyone but me in four years, besides Linc of course. Elena explained to him how she wanted to make sure I received a proper introduction and that I would be coming back on my own after that night. She walked over to me and whispered in my ear low enough that no one else could hear her. "You'll always be my boy, Christian. Now do me proud and leave some bruises on her ass."

After Elena excused herself from the room Duke lost his friendly smile. I could literally see him slipping into a fierce Dominant state of mind. He motioned for me to come closer to him and we talked quietly so Lucy couldn't hear us. She hadn't moved a muscle since she knelt on that yoga mat. Her control was impressive. Duke went over his plan for my first training session. He explained that he was familiar with my preferences and limits. Elena had even told him about my desire not to be touched in any way unless I said so. He didn't ask why and I assumed it wasn't uncommon for Dominants to have odd preferences or fetishes that weren't questioned by the others, such as Oscar desiring to sleep in a cage.

We began with a quick tutorial on all the props in the room and he let me chose what we started with. Many things I had never used before, and I was mesmerized at how many varieties of floggers, canes, and paddles he had. The first thing I pointed to was the soft nylon rope.

"You want to bind her hands?" Duke asked.

"Her body. Elena let me do it quite frequently when she subbed for me. I'm good with the ropes."

Duke raised his hand as if to say lead the way. That was a moment that will be etched into my memory for the rest of my life. I realized that Elena had brought me there because she truly had taught me everything she knew. She has her own style and I could see that I had much experimenting to do in order to discover which way my own tastes would lean. Would I be brutal and humiliating like Elena? Could I ever indulge in the kind of power exchange that someone like Oscar enjoyed? I wanted to start with something more personal; to use my dominant nature as a release of tension and stress the way I did subbing for Elena. I took the rope in my hands and walked over to Lucy.

"Stand up, pet," I said to her. She had been kneeling for quite some time and I could tell her balance was off from the lack of circulation in her legs. "I want you to spread your feet apart and place your arms at your sides. Remember to say Yellow if you need to me to slow down and Red to stop the scene. Your safe words are important and no repercussions will ever come from using them. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir," the brunette woman said. It was the first time she'd spoken and the excitement in her voice startled me. I didn't know why she would be so eager to sub for a man who hardly knew what he was doing.

"Okay. I'm going to tie you up in these ropes to limit your movement and make you look beautiful."

Duke had followed me but kept back to see what I would do. I took my time, crisscrossing the ropes across her stomach, around her shoulders, and down around her thighs. I kept the binding loose enough not to leave painful red marks but firm enough that she would feel the pull when she moved. I stepped back to admire my work and felt confident that her movement was severely limited by what I had done.

"Now what do you think I should do?" I asked my trainer.

"Did you have anything particular in mind?" he replied.

The only thing I knew for sure was I wanted to hit her. Elena asked for bruises. Honestly, it was all I could think about. Well, that and fucking her while I did it. "I have dozens of plans in my head. But I thought you were going to guide me."

"I'll tell you what to do when I see you make a mistake or lose your focus. Other than that I want to watch how you conduct the scene on your own. I won't let you hurt her and if I feel the need to redirect you I will."

"Alright," I said warily.

"Close your eyes for a moment, Christian. Put your hands on her body and just feel. Let yourself relax. What do you want to do now?"

I walked behind Lucy so she wouldn't look at my face. Being unsure of how to proceed made me feel vulnerable, which was ironic because I was not the one wrapped in rope knots. My hands reached around her shoulders and palmed both breasts. They were soft and warm and I felt myself relax. I explored her body with my hands, keeping my eyes closed so I could concentrate on just the feeling of her soft skin mixed with the fibers of the rope.

"I want to spank her with one of those wooden paddles," I whispered in her ear and was rewarded with a light shudder of her body.

"Okay good. Lucy loves a good spanking," Duke said as if he knew from experience.

I looked around the room to decide where to place my submissive. The bed seemed like the best option so I walked her over to it and bent her at the waist until her cheek touched the mattress. Her arms were at her sides but the rope around her wrists kept them limited in movement. I had made sure that I was in no danger of her touching me. With my foot I tapped her legs apart about twelve inches.

The paddle I chose was a hard wood, maybe walnut. It had a wide handle wrapped in leather and felt good in my hand. I swatted the air in front of me like I was serving an invisible tennis ball across the room. The whoosh of air passed across the submissive's behind and made her skin turn to goose flesh. Her face was turned away from me and she made no other movements as I walked around behind her.

My shirt would stay on but I wanted to remove my jeans. I was already experiencing some arousal and didn't want to suppress my body's reactions. When I was ready to begin I looked over at Duke. He just nodded encouragingly so after a deep breath I began the scene.

"You look quite lovely laid out like this, Lucy. I'm going to redden your ass as I see fit, but remember your safe words if it becomes too much. If you're a good girl, I might just fuck you."

Lucy mewled softly in response and pushed her behind up to me invitingly. I smirked with cocky confidence and placed my left hand on her lower back to hold her down. I spanked Lucy with my right hand a few times, warming up her flesh and psyching myself up. It felt good to be in control again. I hadn't dominated anyone since Svitlana and I hoped my eagerness wasn't obvious to either person in the room with me. I felt like I could so easily lose myself in sensation.

The first whack of the paddle was liberating; it was indescribable how good it felt to strike her. My left hand moved to the back of her head and I fisted her dark brown hair between my fingers as another blow landed in the center of her ass. She flinched for a second but then groaned under her breath. It felt like she was giving me a subtle cue to continue. So I did. One after another, I rained down blows on her soft pale skin until the entire area was pink.

"Do you plan to make her come?" Duke asked from over my shoulder. I'd almost forgotten he was there.

"Yes, I do."

He came up beside me and took my left hand. "Until you learn her body I want you to keep two fingers inside like this," he said pushing my index and middle fingers far into her pussy. Lucy moaned like a whore.

"Listen to the sounds she makes and feel her from within. With practice you'll be able to know your submissive's body like your own, but until then you'll need a guide. You can control her orgasm by feeling for the tightening of her inner muscles."

I nodded. My sub would undoubtedly get more pleasure from the spanking with my fingers inside her and Duke was right about me needing help to know when she became close. I hadn't actually given her pleasure much consideration thus far. I was too enthralled by the changing hue of her skin and the throbbing of my erection.

"Thanks," I said as he stepped out of my way.

Experimentally, I pumped my fingers in and out listening for the sounds Lucy would make in response. Another whorish moan. My dick twitched in excitement at the sound. Still encased in cotton, it was ready to come out and fuck her hard. But I ignored that desire; not quite finished beating her with the paddle. So I resumed the spanking, intrigued by how it felt having my fingers inside her. I could feel the impact the paddle had each time it connected with her behind. It was fascinating.

I struck her, she moaned. I struck her harder, she moaned louder. My mind raced with excitement; I could feel adrenaline coursing through my bloodstream. It was like I had tunnel vision, only able to see her red ass and the back of her head. Over and over I struck her until my vision began to blur and I felt her pussy clench tightly, coating my fingers with her release. She cried out in pleasure and it only barely registered in my brain that she had come. My right hand was moving on its own accord, hitting her repeatedly in difference spots all over her soft red skin. The dark brunette hair was splayed across her shoulders and when I removed my hand from her pussy I reached up and tangled it back into her hair. I didn't even care that my fingers were still slick from being inside her.

My grip yanked her head back so that she was looking up at the wall and I saw her hands clench in tight fists. It was a warning sign that I missed at the time. I was lost in the euphoria of the scene. I'd never been able to bring myself to hit Elena, who I still viewed in my mind as my mistress, the way that I hit that woman that day. It was like unleashing a lifetime of pent up agitation and pain in a single moment.

Finally she screamed in a way that even I could tell was real pain. In the same instant Duke was beside me pulling the paddle out of my hand. I was breathing erratically and had to bend over and place my hands on my knees in order to calm myself. I felt like I might blackout from the intense emotions I couldn't seem to compartmentalize. I watched as Duke inspected Lucy's behind and there was one patch of bruise beginning to form. I knew I should have stopped but the truth was that I hadn't wanted to. I'd lost control.

Duke looked at me out of the corner of his eye. I couldn't tell if he was mad or just disturbed by my aggression. "She didn't say yellow," I said to defend myself.

"I know. She probably should have. You'll need to learn the boundary between pleasure and pain. It's a skill all Doms pick up with more practice."

"Is she okay?" I asked in a low voice. Lucy was quiet, lying on the bed with her head turned away from me.

"She's had much worse. We'll rub some cooling lotion on her skin and she'll be fine. I'm going to untie the ropes while you clean yourself up."

I stared at him, confused, until his eyes dropped to my groin. I had cummed in my boxer briefs without even realizing it. "Oh," I muttered glancing over at Lucy's head. She'd turned toward me when Duke was speaking and a smile spread across her face as she looked down at the wet spot.

Embarrassed, I tended to myself with a tissue while Duke released the submissive from the rope knots. There were fine red lines crisscrossing her skin and it made my dick stir a little. I enjoyed seeing the reminder of what I'd done to her visible all over her body.

I figured the scene was over and began putting my pants on. Duke waved me over just as he was flipping Lucy onto her back. "We're not done yet, Misfire," he said with a smirk.


"Your former Mistress paid for a full hour. I think you've had enough control for one evening though, so I'm going to conduct the rest of this scene and you'll pay close attention to what I do as you participate, got it?"

I nodded, completely dumbfounded as Duke proceeded to strip off his clothes without hesitation. "Do you want to get fucked now, pet?" he asked Lucy patting her head and smoothing down her hair the way one would give affection to a cat. I swear she purred in response.

He instructed her to get onto her hands and knees facing the end of the bed. I hadn't even noticed the metal foot board of the bed had three circles in it until Lucy was in position. Duke lifted the top railing up and Lucy immediately crawled forward to place her head in the center, largest hole, and her wrists in the side holes. Then he closed the railing again. I'd heard of a stockade bed before but never saw pictures or had the opportunity to see one in use. It was quite shocking even after everything I'd seen there that night. The rims of each hole were padded but it still looked like a frightening position to be in, especially during rough sex.

Duke knelt on the bed behind the submissive and placed his hands on her hips. Then he looked at me with raised eyebrows. "Your sub is ready to serve you. Are you going to fuck her mouth or just watch us?"

I looked at Lucy and saw her mouth was open, waiting, and her big brown eyes were fixed on me. Rubbing my hand over my cock I walked in front of this woman, a willing submissive that another man and I were about to share, and placed my other hand on her head. Her eyes closed and nuzzled against my hand. When I pulled my hardening dick out her tongue poked out of her mouth to lick the tip. I pushed my soiled boxers down to my ankles. With the sub shackled like a nineteenth century criminal I felt comfortable enough to remove my t-shirt as well. Naked, I stood before her and teased her lips with my cock.

I waited for Duke to start things off, which he did a moment later by pushing slowly into her body. I couldn't be sure which entrance he chose but regardless Lucy moaned in pleasure. I pressed forward too, filling her mouth with my cock. She was good at what she did, taking me in with ease and not letting up the swirling motion of her tongue or the sucking power of her mouth until I was close to coming. My hands moved to the sides of her head and I held her in place as I slowed the speed of my thrusting.

For the first time since Duke and I began fucking her, my eyes glanced his way to see how close he was. I didn't know if there was etiquette about who should come first or how close we needed to synchronize our releases. I could only imagine that the submissive would not like to take a load in her mouth and then have to stay shackled another five minutes while her ass was plundered.

I didn't have to wonder long. Duke grunted loudly and announced he was about to come. Having never witnessed another man's orgasm I was slightly put off by the sight and sound of it. Lucy quickly remedied that by grazing my dick with her teeth and doubling down on her efforts to get me off. I thrust my hips against her face and concentrated only on her. I thought about her naked breasts slapping against the iron stockade foot board as Duke rammed into her with force. I thought about how hot and wet her mouth was and how I could fuck her without any concern about being touched by her hands.

The sound of Duke's orgasm filled the air and I moved my hands to the bedposts in order to get a different angle. I fucked the subs mouth hard and fast, throwing my head back in ecstasy as I let go and released down her throat. She moaned happily and licked her lips after I'd pulled out.

When everything was over Duke sent Lucy to the kennel and he talked to me a little more about how our training sessions would go. I had an appointment to meet with him again the following Saturday. I found Elena in one of the common rooms and we said goodbye to a few people and promptly left the building.

"How often do you come here, Elena?" I asked her in the car.

"Oh, for years. Why, you didn't like it?"

I wasn't sure how I felt about the dungeon experience, but seeing as I was a long way away from having my own house where I could practice BDSM in my own way I knew I was restricted to places like that. "No, it was... educational. I know I need to train," I said thinking back on the intense paddling I'd given my submissive earlier.

"That experience cost me a thousand dollars, so I wants to make sure you are committed before I pay for a full month," Elena responded lightly.

I had no idea Elena had spent that much and I was outraged at the cost. But I convinced her that I wanted to continue going to Ramshackled while I was home on winter break from Harvard. I swore I'd pay her back one day. Elena didn't know at the time that I was planning on dropping out of school after my spring semester. I was already formulating my plan to launch my own business but didn't know how to finance it yet.

Little did I know at that time that I would not only rely on Elena to provide the capital for Grey Enterprise Holdings but also for the monthly membership fee to Ramshackled for over a year. That's where I learned almost everything I now practice with my subs, besides of course what I've carried with me from my experiences with Elena.




"Why did you continue to go to place so dark and hellish, Christian?"

"It gave me hope," I explain simply. "Seeing that place made me feel... not so fucked up. Like maybe whatever it was inside me that craved pain and control wasn't the worst thing in the world for me to feel. I had my vices, my preferences, my needs... but I didn't have a pet human. So that was something."

"And the girl you chose. Why her?" Flynn asks eyeing me carefully.

"I don't really know. I liked that little brunette woman. Lucy. She reminded me of someone, like a face I'd seen before but couldn't pinpoint the time or place we met."

"You have a preference for brunettes, don't you? Petite, fair complexions too?"

"Yes," I reply shortly, wondering what psychobabble is brewing inside that Oxford educated brain of his. He's scratching away in the notebook again.

"Suzanne is petite and brunette also, isn't she?"

"Yes. Why, do you think that means something?"

Dr. Flynn's eye brows shoot up to his hairline as he glares at me as if he is waiting for me to realize something completely obvious. What had he just been talking about? My submissives. How they are all brunette, petite in body shape, with fair complexion. He asked why I chose the same characteristics in each of my subs.

Why do I follow that pattern?

How should I fucking know? I'm fifty shades of fucked up which is why I'm paying him two hundred dollars an hour to fix the emotional scars left behind by my skinny little crack whore mother who fucked me up in the first place.

Oh. Well, shit.

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