She just sat in there, in her cell; her back to the glass wall. Bruce Wayne looked at the helpless girl in front of him. He couldn't help but feel sorry for her: losing her beloved, left out in the streets and captured by hated men. The girl was still as a statue yet her aura of hatred and evil sent chills down Bruce's spine. Another man walked up beside Bruce, holding a clipboard and his face full of worry.

"She hasn't said a word or moved since she arrived" the man said, revealing himself to be Commissioner James Gordon. Bruce had known this man for years, being the most powerful man in Gotham City he knew all the police force. Also known as the GCPD (Gotham City Police Department).

"Poor Girl" Bruce managed to say. "I can't help but feel sorry for her"

"She deserves what she gets!" Gordon was harsh with his words. "In fact this is the most gracious option. She should have gotten worse!"

"No one deserves worst than what they have got, Commissioner!" Bruce put his point across. Gordon looked up at the eligible bachelor.

"Would you also say that about her 'beloved'?" Gordon looked with detective eyes. His white moustache wrinkled as he tried to deduce Bruce's opinion.

"Joker was a dark person with a bad childhood that's all!" Bruce raised his voice.

"Joker killed people for a laugh!"

"There are other people in Arkhum!"

"But he was the worst!"

"HE WAS THE BEST!" a sharp female voice rang out. Bruce and Commissioner Gordon turned round to see the young girl standing up. Her three coloured hair was messed up in madness, her eyes darkened in wanted vengeance and her outfit bright and colourful. The design of the outfit made Bruce think of a court jester from the middle ages. The girl in front of him was the perfect mate for the Joker. A horrid murderer who's psychopathic ways hurt many people and corrupted the chosen few.

"I loved him and he was the only person in this God Damn world who cared for me!"

"Be quiet Mrs Quinzell!" Commissioner Gordon shouted in frustration.

"It's Quinn, Harley Quinn!" She said stomping her feet. The blonde locks in her hair flicked up in anger. "And this is my que!"

At that moment in time, the building shook and the cell in front of them filled with smoke. As the smoke cleared and Bruce and the Commissioner recovered from the initial blast, Bruce looked up to see the shocking event. The girl in the red and black corset stood up fully with high amounts of elegance and venom in her moves. Her pants were patterned with three diamonds shaped into a upwards arrow. Bruce looked outside the hole on the other side of the cell to see men in similar colours to the the woman they were saving.

"Bye Bye Brucey!" Harley Quinn teased, blowing a kiss the Gotham's most eligible bachelor. She stepped back out of the cell and joined the group of men, running for freedom into the city.