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Leaving had been hard but this- this was infinitely harder. Myka looked at the crumpled up piece of paper in her hands. When she had first gotten it from the doctor's lab she had thrown it away- then immediately dug it out again, convincing herself that she'd somehow misread, that the test results belonged to someone else- anyone else.

But she had read and re-read the letter so many times now she could recite it by heart.

"Tumor. Brain Cells. No Cure. I'm so Sorry Myka"

Those words, coming from her friend and Warehouse physician had left Myka at the same time shocked and numbed to her very core.

Walking out onto the platform outside the main office, she stared out into the vast Warehouse 13. Everyone but her was currently cataloguing everything from Warehouse 2. She could see them from here, Pete and Claudia messing with Artie and Leena struggling to cover her laugh. Myka Bering loved it here more than anything else in the world. This had been more home to her than Colorado. A place she felt loved and accepted and welcomed. She loved all of

Artie, her boss, mentor and father figure.

Leena, the older sister she had always wanted.

Claudia, the little sister she never had

Her throat caught at the next person

Pete. Pete Lattimer. Partner, friend, sometimes acted like a twelve-year old, but would always be there for her. But she couldn't always be there for him. Not anymore.

Myka was told that her brain would wither away and die in the next few months and she didn't want that. Didn't want to fade away and watch her family suffer along with her. There were a billion new and exciting ways to die in the Warehouse. She got the one that probably caused the most pain.

She had left a note the last time she had left, she would do so again. Myka dialed Pete's cell phone, knowing he would have it off right now. She knew if she spoke to him- or anyone- it would just make things harder for all of them.

"Pete it's Myka. I know you had your cell phone turned off so I decided to call you. I knew if I told you this face-to-face you'd convince me out of it. But that would just cause more pain for all of us. By the time you get this, you'll know what I have done, I know death is never easy, but it's-"Myka chocked back a rather large lump in her throat. "It's the only way. I don't want to fade away Pete. I love you. I love you all. Consider this my note" With that, Myka hung up the phone, and looked at the solid, black object in her hand. Her Secret Service weapon. Her gun.

Turning the safety off and aligning it with her temple, Myka took one long, last deep breath at the place she loved so much. At the people she loved so much.

And with a single, loud bang, she ended the life her friends held so dearly.