Title: Isolation With Company

Summary: Harry lives alone in a secluded area of the world. He gets an unexpected visitor that brings the expected and then some.


Harry's PoV

My eyes flashed open. There was an intrusion at the wards. There were only three people with access to the wards. Myself obviously, my gamekeeper, an elderly muggle woman, and one other who never came to my estate. I glanced at the alarm clock next to my bedside, it was too early to be the gamekeeper. I jumped up and put on my robe.

I walked down stairs and put a pot of tea on the stove to brew. I glanced out the kitchen window. He couldn't use magic within my wards so he would have to walk the entire two miles up the drive way. I smirked a little, then frowned, he had better have a good reason for coming.

I had time to shower and get dressed, but that could wait. I glanced at the mirror on the wall by the door. Green eyes stared back at me, then darted to the black hair that had calmed a lot since my youth, they then followed my frame. I nodded, I didn't care much for my appearance anymore but my body had acted like I did. I was naturally tan from working in my immense garden, muscles slimmed and toned from nightly laps around the perimeter of my estate, and I had long since lost my glasses, due to gaining perfect clarity after Voldemort died.

I heard the whistle blow on the pot of tea. I reached for a cup out of the cupboard and poured myself a cup, put the tea under a cozy so it didn't get cold. I did this all out of habit, I had been fully muggle since I relocated myself to isolation and put wards up around my place.

I stepped out on to my porch area to wait. I saw my guest approaching still some ways away. I watched his fluid movements, his brisk pace as if he needed me. I laughed quietly to myself. He had gone on to be an auror and was attempting to track me down so he could attempt to sway me to pursue the same profession.

He was soon within shouting range. I waited though, I would allow him to begin the conversation. He soon reached the end of the drive.

"You're a hard person to find, Potter." He said coming up the walkway. I nodded.

"Obviously it wasn't as hard as I meant for it to be, or you're just stubborn. What do you want, Draco?" I asked, no animosity, no hate, just a little frustration because I had wanted to disappear. I watched as he stumbled slightly at the use of his first name. I yawned and stretched. "You're here awfully early in the morning. Come inside, I'll make you some breakfast and you can tell me why you're here."

I said going back inside and leaving the door open for him. I was completely sure he would follow. I wasn't jittery and nervous like I could have been. I had accepted that I was gay in third year, I thought I might have been attracted to men in general, but I had never fancied any of the other guys in school. In fourth year, I mused that it was just Draco and figured it was just a crush, it wasn't till sixth year that I knew for certain it was love. Since then I have been able to calm my feelings and control my emotions and excitement.

I poured myself another cup of tea. "Would you care for a cup, Draco?" I asked as he came in and shut the door behind him. He nodded a bit. "Now tell me what you are doing here."

I grabbed another cup and poured the tea. I set the cup down and refilled my own cup then sat opposite where I had set his cup. He sat down and took a sip of the tea.

He set it back down, and licked his lips to catch a drop that escaped. Then he met my eyes, "Potter, I think you know why I'm here, if you don't, then you're denser then you look."

"Draco, if I wanted to be an auror, I would have joined right away." I stood and grabbed a few pans out. I set them on the stove on low to warm. "Besides I don't use magic anymore."

I could almost feel him lift his eyebrow at me. "No magic, you really didn't want to be found. You know Ron and Hermione didn't even know where you disappeared to."

I nodded cracking eggs over one of the pans. I sliced two slices of ham and put them in the other pan. I put bread in the toaster, the flipped the eggs. I could feel Draco's eyes on me. I flipped the ham on to a plate, the eggs followed and soon the toast popped up. I pulled it out, buttered it, sprinkled cinnamon and sugar on it and placed it on the plates. I set one plate in front of Draco. I placed the teapot on the table as well as salt and pepper, grabbed my plate and sat down.

"Why didn't you want to be found?" Draco asked.

I finished the bite in my mouth before answering. "I didn't want to be part of a world that would only publicize me because I killed a murderer. I could live in the wizarding world, using magic, having my picture taken every time I go out in public, settle down with someone who only wants me for my fame and money. Or I could live in the muggle world meeting people that wouldn't understand magic, and would possibly try to take advantage of me, and would be every bit as nosy into my life as the wizarding world would be. Or I could live on my own not having to worry about strange visitors or nosy people."

I watched him ponder that he took a bite of his breakfast. I ate my own breakfast. I heard the noises of the animals waking up and felt a disturbance in the wards. My gamekeeper must be coming in to take care of them.

"You have powerful wards up but someone just got through them." He said.

"My game keeper, Ellen, just arrived. The wards are very powerful, unpenetrable." I said.

"I got through, as did your game keeper." Draco said.

I laughed a little. "Draco, your partner was unable to get through. You were allowed through, only you, Ellen and I are allowed through them. How long did you tell your partner to wait for you?"

"Two hours. Why me?" He asked.

There was a knock on the door. I got up and answered the door. "Good morning, Ellen."

"Mr. Potter, there was a man at the gate. When I asked if he was here to see you he said he was, and his partner had come up already." She spoke sluggishly. She was a small pudgy woman and kind of reminded me of Professor Umbridge, the difference was she was actually kind and not falsely cheery.

"Yes, his partner is here. I invited him in for breakfast, would you like some?" I asked.

"No, thank you sir. I was just wondering if your guest had made it. I will stop by before I leave." She replied before stepping away.

I nodded and turned back inside. I met Draco's eyes. I stepped over to his side, leaving a few inches between us.

"Po... Harry, why was I allowed through?" He asked.

I put a hand on his shoulder and trailed my other hand along his jaw while I briefly met his lips in a light kiss. I straightened up, and went back to my seat. I cut into my eggs and acted as though I hadn't done anything, even though my heart was racing and I could feel myself losing control of my emotions.

"Oh." I heard Draco mumble. I took a deep breath and looked up at him. His silver eyes had turned molten. I looked away and poked at my food.

"Draco, you were allowed through because I love you, however you will not try using that to your advantage. I still will not become an auror."

"You love me?" He asked it as if it was the most impossible thing in the world.

"Yes." I said. I looked up at him again, I swallowed trying to get moisture back into my suddenly dry mouth.

"Well, um." He glanced around awkwardly. "I, um," His eyes settled and he jumped up. "Harry, can I stop by after work?"

I glanced at the time he had ten minutes to go two miles. He might make it if he ran.

"Yes, of course." I said standing as well, "Come with me." I led him outside and toward the garage. He hesitated as I opened the car door. "Draco, it's called a car, this particular model is a mustang. It's not going to hurt you, it's this or you run the entire two miles back to your partner."

He got in. I started it up and pulled out of the garage. I drove to the gate, he still had a few minutes to spare.

"Potter, I mean Harry, um, thank you for breakfast. And thank you for letting me in." He said, I nodded in response.

He got out of the car and walked through the wards to meet his partner.

I stared after him fondly, before driving back to my house.

(Alas, I am ashamed. The reason for my shame being I have this out and my Outsiders chapter fic is in almost hiatus. Almost hiatus because I know what I want to write for part of it, it's just the leading up to that part that I'm not sure about. I'm working on it though. Just to make it clear, this is going to be a chapter fic, not entirely sure how many chapters, but fairly certain I'll be changing pov once in a while. I'm working on an Outsiders oneshot as well as the afore mentioned chapter fic so not sure how often this will be updated. But hope you enjoyed. -Luvs Cassy.)