Chapter 3

Harry's POV

"Ron is my partner."

The spatula slipped out of my fingers and fell to the floor with a clatter. I stood motionless for a few moments with the only sound in the house the sound of the sizzle from the vegetables frying. I wasn't sure what I expected and how I was supposed to react to that.

"Ron, as in Ron Weasley?" I finally asked quietly.

I stayed facing the stove. I wasn't sure how Draco was going to react to my hesitation.

"Yes, Ron, as in Ron Weasley." He said quietly in return.

I nodded and picked up the spatula and tossed it in my sink. Grabbing a new one out of the drawer, I focused on the vegetables. I put the spatula down and grabbed some meat and put that in a different pan, sauteing that as well.

"So, you two get along now?" I asked trying to regain control of my emotions.

"It's strange but yeah, we do get along. I figured, I owed him some sort of compensation for how I treated him during school, so I apologized a lot and started treating him like he deserved as a pure blood. He was shocked at first but after he and Hermione broke it off, I made sure he was okay afterwards. We went for drinks and he wanted to get completely hammered. I convinced him that she was probably a good lay but other wise not worth actually being anything other than a friend and wouldn't be worth the hangover headache in the morning. I helped him through the break up with out severing the ties of their friendship." Draco explained.

I nodded. "Good."

"Yes it is. He is a very good friend in return too."

"I know, that's why he's my best mate." I hesitated, "Was. I guess me being in isolation kind of removes me from the best friend position."

He laughed, "Not really, he refuses to admit that you could possibly be gone, therefore won't replace his best friend."

"Oh." I put the food together and put it on the table. "Draco, would you be interested in meeting me for lunch tomorrow? And bringing Ron?"

He looked at me confused. "What exactly would I say to him, 'Hey, we're meeting Harry for lunch, come along?'"

"Tell him you got a lead on me, and you were going to meet said lead for lunch. I can send you an owl canceling the meeting and while you guys are grumbling about the bloke who canceled on you, I can just show up and be glad for familiar faces." I said as if it were the easiest idea in the world.

"And what are you going to tell him when you finally start talking?" Draco asked.

"We'll figure that out when we get there."


Draco's POV

"So, where is this source of yours Draco?" Ron asked for the umpteenth time.

"I don't know, he should have been here by now." I glanced around worried that Harry wasn't following the plan. "Maybe we should order something since we are on lunch."

Ron agreed. We were almost done with the meal and we still hadn't heard anything from Harry. Suddenly, we heard shouting and saw several people running. We glanced at each other, drawing our wands, and headed towards the chaos source.

We heard more shouting and saw a few hexes shoot towards one person who just jumped out of the way, dodging the hexes coming their way.

"Harry Potter comes back to Diagon Alley. Isn't that nice? And he's not even fighting back! Lose your magic Potter?" A familiar voice sneered. I couldn't place the voice.

But Harry could. "Of course not Greg, I just choose not to use magic. I don't need to."

I realized who it was then, Gregory Goyle. He shot another hex towards Harry, who just jumped into an alley narrowly missing getting hit.

Ron and I jumped into auror mode and sent spells toward Goyle. We disarmed him and arrested him for disturbing the peace. By then, other aurors had arrived and took him in for us. Harry approached us.

Ron's eyes widened. "Merlin's beard." He muttered, Harry stopped in front of us. Ron swung a fist at Harry's arm. "That's for disappearing."

Harry rubbed the spot where Ron's fist had hit him. "Good to see you too, Ron. You and Draco just happen to be in the same place at the same time or something?"

Ron lifted his eyebrow at that, I smirked, "We're partners, and we are actually supposed to be meeting a source who knows of your location, but running into you is even better." I said, I wanted to ask him why he changed the plans, but I couldn't.

Ron spoke as well, "So, where have you been hiding, mate?"

Harry shrugged, "I've been here and there, mostly staying in isolation so I wouldn't have to deal with the fame of being me. You guys getting lunch?"

I nodded and Ron spoke excitedly, "Yes, would you like to join us? I'm sure Draco here won't mind."

Harry looked to me, his emerald orbs catching the light, "Would you mind Draco?"

I smiled, "Of course not." We started walking back to the café, and then I remembered that we were almost done eating.

Harry noticed the nearly empty plates and smiled. "I just remembered I was going to go get a book. I can meet you guys in about..." he glanced at his watch and said "half an hour?"

Ron glared at him, "Really, you're leaving already?"

Harry nodded, "I just have to get a book. Honestly Ron, I can even come right back here after I get the book if you want."

Ron just shrugged, "Just don't disappear again, I mean it."

Harry nodded and headed away from us.


We waited for a bit after we were done eating, then went to go find Harry. I was a bit surprised to see a owl come to us though as we were getting up. It landed in front of Ron and offered it's leg to him. Ron took it and read the note, before chuckling. He scribbled on the paper quick before giving it back to the owl and watching the owl fly off.

"Seems George saw Harry and pulled him inside for tea and conversation." Ron said lightly, heading in the direction of his brothers' shop.

I followed and said "At this rate, we won't be able to visit with him until we are done with work."

Ron laughed and nodded, "That would be just like Harry though."

We arrived at the shop and stepped inside. We heard loud laughter coming from the back of the shop and followed the laughter.

George looked up as we stepped through the curtain, "You came!"

Harry turned to face us. He smiled, his eyes were glistening and his face was flushed, as if from laughing a lot. "Hey, guys! Have a seat! Join us in drinks and treats and talk!"

Ron sat and I excused myself and quickly sent a message to Kingsley telling him where we were and who we were with, then I joined the conversation.

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