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Chapter 6

Draco's pov

When I woke up, I could feel Harry's arms around me. I could feel the weight of relief of him knowing. I opened my eyes and looked around. The room had to be Harry's bedroom, it looked lived in. The closet was partially open and I could see clothes in it. The nightstand had a few cup rings on it.

I turned in Harry's arms to study him. I noticed he had an extra blanket on him, he must have grabbed it sometime in the night, not wanting to join me under the covers. His hair fell across his eyes in wisps, layering like feathers. His skin looked smooth, almost flawless, but there were faint scars in places, the obvious one covered by hair now.

I studied him and saw little things that most wouldn't see. I knew he would never truly know how much I needed him. I knew he wouldn't see how much he had saved me by being there two days ago. He wouldn't know how low I had almost been. What he would know was how much I need him and how much I love him.

He stirred a bit. I debated pretending to sleep, but I didn't want to miss his emerald orbs being revealed. He didn't wake though. I worked on committing his face to memory because even though he said I was welcome anytime, I wasn't sure how permant that welcoming was, though I would have liked 'anytime' to be 'forever'.

I felt Harry's arms tighten around me and saw a small smile grace his features though his eyes were still closed. "You're still here." He mumbled, his voice quiet and still sleep-ridden.

"It's Saturday, I don't have to work today." I mentally kicked myself for how that sounded, but Harry chuckled, a deep resonating chuckle that melted my insides.

"I'm glad you stayed." He paused, and though his eyes were still closed his expression clouded over in thought. "Draco, I have a proposition. Would you like to stay? Here, I mean? Forever?"

"Yes." The response was out quicker than my brain had a chance to register the question, but I knew it was the right answer.

Harry's eyes fluttered open. Identically gorgeous green chasms sparkled in the morning light. "Really?" His tone was questionable and dubious.

"I would love to stay here forever. If you are going to go back into isolation, I would rather be by your side through it. I was against you once and I'm not going to make that mistake ever again." I said hoping to relieve some of the doubt he had in my answer.

He smiled, a bright passionate smile that left me mystified. "Good. Isolation with company would be better than isolation by myself."

I nodded. "Would I still be able to go to work or would we just be cut off from the whole world forever?" I asked.

"We could be cut off from the whole world if you would like, but if you would rather come and go as you please that would be alright too. If you're happy and I get to see you happy, then anything will be alright." Harry said easily. "Any more questions."

"Yea, several but they can all wait. There is a blanket between us and I would much rather there wasn't so we could go back to sleep more cozy than we are."

Harry laughed and rolled away from me only to grab the covers and slip under them. He quickly moved to my side wrapping his arms around me again. "So you'll stay?"

I nodded. "I will stay. Until I have to work, then I'll go to work, then immediately come back here. I don't want to lose you again."

Harry smiled and snuggled his head into the crook of my neck. We would have our differences sure, and we would have to deal with Ron and George when they were unhappy about us but I couldn't see us separating over any thing.


"...I now pronouce you Mr. and Mr. Potter-Malfoy. You may now kiss the groom."

I smirked and turned to Harry. Tangling my hand in his hair, I met his lips. The oohs and aahs of our friends and family were drowned out by the feel of Harry's lips on mine, his hands on my hips.

When we pulled apart, we were both breathless. I entwined our hands and he gripped mine tight. We smiled at each other, and looked to our guests. They cheered as we lifted our entwined fingers happily.

From the Weasleys, to the Longbottom's and Zabini's, to my parents, to the rest of our friends and some of the people from the office there were smiling faces all around. Harry and I started our decent back down the alter.

Five years ago, I had stumbled upon him in isolation. Now I was joining him permanently. Whether we stayed in isolation or not was entirely up to us, and our families knew we were going to be ok no matter what.

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