John Cena's and Evan Bourne's Story, based off of the song Nothing Hurt's Like Love by Daniel Bedingfield. Enjoy

It was nerve wracking joining RAW, I managed to fit into Kofi's social circle. It was a starting point, Jeff, Phil, Kofi and Faith Ted and Cody slipped in and out of our group to hang with Randy Orton and John Cena...*sigh* John Cena, I had been crushing on the man since I had gotten here. There was just two problems...One he doesn't even know I exist and two...his wife Elizabeth. John was a committed man, I watched him call her, tell her how much he loved her and he couldn't wait to see her, and it made me feel terrible inside. I am happy for him; don't get me wrong, I just wish it was me instead.

It was early in the morning and I was sat with a cup of coffee drifting off into space. I was practically invisible anyway so no one paid me much attention, I was watching him. Seeing his dimples when he laughed and joked about with Randy, I kept telling myself I should just go over there and introduce myself...Pfft yeah right, like he would care. It took me a few minutes to even realise someone had joined me, I realised by the hand waving in front of my face I looked startled and knocked my coffee over with my elbow. My companion was quick to move in fear of being burnt.

"I didn't mean to startle you Evan." I knew that petite feminine voice was Faith's as I looked up at her, she gave me a warm smile. "Sorry about that Evan."

"Don't apologize Faith, it was my fault." I watched her grab some napkins and start to clean up the mess. I turned my attention back to Cena when I heard his light airy laugh and I felt myself smile, I liked seeing him happy, it made me smile regardless of how much I knew we were never going to be together.

"I'll grab you another coffee." I heard Faith and turned back to face her, as Randy stopped to say hello to her and engage in light chatter, he moved on and she went to get me a new coffee and herself a tea (Typical British). I realised Cena was on his own, but he didn't seem to mind, but this time he caught my looking at him and I looked down at the table and I knew I just knew my cheeks were heating up. I saw Faith set our drinks down and I distracted myself and hoped to get a conversation flowing.

After a few minutes of joking and chatting. "Mind if I join you guys?" I looked up my eyes wide in shock, John Cena asked to sit with us. Faith nodded and voiced a sure and I just nodded dumbly as he took a sit between me and Faith. I suddenly found my lap more interesting, while they both talked away about everything and anything. "Evan how are you finding it here on RAW?" I blinked owlishly at Cena, he was engaging in conversation with me...I felt myself giving off a little squeak of joy on the inside. "Ye...yeah, Kofi ma...made me feel welcome." I stammered and he flashed me his trademark dimple smile and I wanted to faint there and then, considering that smile was for me out of everyone. "Kofi is a great guy, you are lucky to such a nice group of friends." He gave me a pat on the shoulder and got to his feet. "If you need anything don't hesitate to ask or let me know. I want you to feel like this is your home from home."

"Leave her for me..." I muttered under my breath, I didn't realise I had even said it until Cena questioned and I felt like a complete idiot...I now had to make up some stupid and silly excuse. "Evan wanted a few one on one training sessions with you." Faith voiced and I watched her take a sip of her tea. "No problem Evan, give me a shout when you want them." He walked off and I watched him. "Leave her for me? Evan..."

I groaned and face planted the table.

I am such an idiot!