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I pulled a Cena and stayed curled up and hidden all day, I could hear some of the stars talking and I listened to what they had to say.

"Did you see Bourne bolt out of the basement earlier? What did he do try and scare Kane?" That was Santino joking around for you, I then heard the thick Russian accent of Vladimir Koslov.
"You like that pipsqueak no?" Vlad asked and I felt myself hold back the violent urge to be sick...Santino?! Ewww...that was just gross. "What if I do, it's no different than you liking Punk." That was gossip to me...Vlad liked CM Punk the Straight-edge superstar. "Chances of you getting Bourne are as likely as Miz getting Faith to go on date." Whoa...wait hold up Miz wanted to go on a date with Faith? She has her heart set on Morrison...stupidly enough. "Heh, if Hardy managed to date her she is easy prey. Besides the chances of you getting Punk are just about the same if not less chances of Evan and me." I heard their voices grow faint and I pulled a face of disgust and shook my head. The bloke has a mono-brow! Probably in more than one place...I shuddered at the thought. I curled up tighter especially when I heard a smash and the sound of heavy footsteps. "Look, I said I was sorry!" That was Morrison's voice...what had he done to get himself into trouble? "Hunter please let me explain..." Worst decision he could've ever made...trying to reason with The Game and his mighty sledgehammer. It was like Thor and his hammer deadly combination. "Not this time!" That was HHH and he let out what sounded like a mighty war cry. Morrison must've bolted because the footsteps faded.

"Shawn stop him please!" Another set of footsteps...this place was turning into a mad house.
"What do you expect me to do Faith? He deserves this; he did that to you because you are vulnerable and weak, an underdog trying to make a name for herself. Sleeping with him is the wrong way to go about it." That was Michaels voice the wise and caring heartbreak kid, I felt the crate I was hiding behind (Considering it was on wheels) move towards me and I shuffled back. "Shawn...I didn't sleep with him. I gave him an ultimatum, I won't let him touch me like that not until he swears to be mine and cuts his ties with her."
"When he is done with you he will just go back to her, I've seen his type before. He'll brag about it and then tell everyone what a cheap and easy lay you were, how good you were, how bad you were what you did, how you looked without clothes. That'll break you, I'm not up for seeing him do that...and trust me Hunter can't destroy everyone with that sledgehammer."

I let out a squeak of terror as the crate came too close and Shawn was quick to hop off of it, and peered behind it. "What the heck are you doing behind there boy?" he asked and shifted the crate to give me more room and I sighed in relief. "Uhh...nothing sir." I muttered sheepishly and he just chuckled and helped me to my feet and out of there. "Evan...What on earth were you doing back there?" I looked at the floor and scuffed my shoe along it idly letting it make a squeaking noise, both their eyes were watching me and waiting for an answer. "Evan!" I lifted my head as I heard Cena and I climbed up onto the crate before climbing onto the steel support on top and I looked down it was a hard leap from the crate to this and there was no way Cena would make it. "Evan come down please!"
"Welcome back." Faith spoke and my eyes glanced between the two before Cena turned his attention back to me. "Evan, I'm sorry. I didn't mean what I said before. I'm sorry, really sorry." I sat cross legged and looked down at him, like hell was I coming down. "Don't sulk boy, he said sorry now come on down before you get yourself hurt." Shawn's Texan drawl as thick as ever. I ignored them, I heard Cena sigh. "I'm not leaving until you come down Evan."
"Well you'll be waiting a while. I am not coming down."
"Is that because you are scared of coming down or because you are upset and annoyed?" I looked at Faith, she had a point. "Uhhh both." I answered truthfully. Faith gave me the look of a typical smirk and Shawn pinched the bridge of his nose. "How the heck are we going to get the lad down? We can't just leave him up there."
"Kane or Undertaker could help." Cena suggested and the look on Faith and Shawn's face was as clear as day, that that was not going to happen. "Hmm, I know someone who could get up there and get him back down." Faith spoke almost thoughtfully, like she was remembering something. Her brown eyes looked distant and I tilted my head kinda wondering what she was thinking about. "Anything will do Faith." She looked to Shawn and nodded before dashing off. "Got yerself into a right pickle haven't you?" Shawn asked and I glanced at him.
"What makes you say that Mister?" I felt like such a little kid calling him Mister, but he was like a top dog around here. He deserved to be shown respect, he chuckled. "What's so funny?" I asked and he took his hat off. "You don't have to be calling me Mister, it makes me feel older than I am. Shawn'll do just fine, boy."
"Ok, if we are deciding what to call each other, than I'm not boy. Evan will do just fine...Shawn." I saw him smirk before turning to Cena. "I like him, he's got spirit." I grinned to myself more than anyone.

I was banging my head against the cement wall waiting for help, Shawn had gone and Cena was still waiting. I closed my eyes, and I heard two thuds and the bar vibrated slightly. I opened my eyes and there was none other than John Morrison, I glanced down to see Faith stood there. "A Parkour expert, he'll help you." She voiced and I looked back at him.
"First you and now him, people are making a habit of this."
"Ha, ha, very funny Nitro. Can you help him down like you did me?"
"Yeah, he'll be slightly heavier due to his muscle, but it won't be a problem."
"I'm not coming down with him there!" I huffed and crossed my arms, Morrison looked at Faith and raised an eyebrow and she shrugged. "Come on John, let's leave John to get Evvy down." Evvy...? Sounded like a weird but cute pet name. I watched Cena and Faith walk off. "Good can you get me down?" I asked and Morrison stretched and leaned across from me. "Nah, not until you tell me what's up." I gave me an annoyed glare. "I've been told I'm a really good listener." He added, but I looked away. "It's nothing." I huffed.
"Suit yourself."

I looked back to find him gone and walking down the corridor." He...hey! Faith sent you here to come and get me down! Not leave me up here!" I hollered after him, I watched him in his designer jeans hands stuffed into the front pockets walking away. "Not until you talk." He said in an almost sing song voice. "You tell me why Faith was up here first...then I'll talk." He stopped like he was thinking it over; he gave a shrug of his shoulders, like he had nothing to lose from telling me. "Deal." He was back up here in a flash, and he stretched and re took his position from before.

Oh great, I wish I hadn't of said anything!