Title: Magnetic Personality
Characters: Jack, Ianto and Owen
Summary: The ass needs to come with a warning label: Careful- Has own gravitational pull
Rating: PG
Notes: Written for : Challenge 260: Odd Couples. An installment in the early days of "Hub Wars". This takes place pre-series. You should also check out and her own "Hub Wars" series.

Magnetic Personality

"Sir, why are you touching my ass?" Ianto asked when Jack's hand cupped his backside.

"I didn't mean to. My wriststrap is stuck," Jack replied. The more Jack struggled, the tighter his hold became.

"But that doesn't explain you GRABBING MY ASS!" Ianto's voice echoed through the hub. As he tried to break free of his new boss' harassing hand, Ianto could hear Owen snickering.

Owen chuckled as the men struggled to separate. Some metallic objects were supposed to attach to Ianto's backside, but he never expected Jack's wriststrap to be one. This was much more amusing. "Such an oddly cute couple they make."