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No one's Point of View

"Amu, hurry up!" Ran called, flying ahead of her sisters and her owner, Amu. She merely chuckled softly as she quickens her pace. Miki and Suu flew after them while Dia was inside of Amu's bag, sleeping. It was New Years Day, and they were attending a festival in celebration of it.

"Coming," Amu replied, fastening her pace even more. Strangers looked at her like she was a lunatic. To their eyes, she was talking to herself really loud, but Amu didn't care. She stopped by a shooting booth, because she noticed a prize she desperately wanted. It was a prince plush. Amu's face turned slightly pink as she thought of the resemblance of it. Amu pulled out 300 yen and paid the stall owner to participate in the shooting game. Amu turned to Ran.

"Ran," she called. "Can you help?" Ran nodded flying towards Amu. Miki, on the other hand, looked uncomfortable.

"Amu, are you sure you can do that?" she asked. "Isn't it kinda like cheating?" Amu looked at her funny before laughing. Miki just looked at Amu, confused. Amu shook her head as she wiped her tears off. She didn't care if others were looking at her if she was a crazy kid. She already faced that before.

"Nah," she answered. "If you're bothered with me using Ran, then maybe I won't get that stuffed prince that looks surprisingly like Kiseki." Amu was teasing Miki, Miki was sure of that, but the name caught her attention. She looked up and searched for it. Once her eyes locked on to the prince plush, her eyes widen. She gripped on Amu's sleeve in glee.

"Forget what I said, get that stuffed prince!" Miki ordered. Amu laughed as she took a gun and leveled it. Ran did a small cheer as she character changed with Amu. A heart appeared on Amu's cross shaped clip. She grinned widely as she aimed at the prince. She gripped the gun and closed one of her eyes before pulling the trigger. She got pushed back slightly from the gun's recoil.

The prince was shot down, and the owner handed it to her. She gave a thank you before taking off. She passed the prince to Miki, who had a mischievous look in her eyes. Amu sweat dropped and looked away, deciding that she doesn't want to know what Miki wants to do with it.

"So, where to next?" Amu asked. They stood in one spot for a while until Ran jumped up with an idea.

"Let's go get our fortunes!" she declared. Amu rolled her eyes. She didn't really believe in fortune telling, but what the heck. It couldn't hurt. Maybe it'll tell her something important. She and the others raced to the fortune stand, but couldn't find it. Amu looked left and right. When she was about to give up, she felt something prickling her back. She turned around to see that the fortune telling stall was just behind her.

"Finally," Amu panted as she requested her fortune. Ran did a small pep cheer, thinking it will help Amu get a good fortune. Miki was furiously sketching a scene, and Suu was twirling around gleefully. It took a few minutes, but when Amu finally got her fortune, her face held shock and a bit of horror.

"Ooohh you got bad luck Amu," Ran gasped. "Looks like you won't be anywhere close to Tadase soon." Amu blushed a deep shade of pink before pinching Ran's face. Miki smirks as she continued her drawing and Suu giggles. Dia stayed silent as a mouse, resting inside of her egg. Amu looked at her wristwatch.

"It's getting late guys," she informed. "It's time to go back home." She character changed with Ran and skipped towards her house, but when she got to a good walking length, she changed back. During this time, a black limo parked itself next to her. The back window rolled down to reveal the boss of Easter, Kazuomi.

"Hinamori, Hinamori Amu?" the man questioned. Amu glared at him before giving a curt nod. The man smirked to himself. He stepped out of the car and walked to the front of her. He took off the sunglasses he was wearing and tucked it into his pockets. Amu's eyes narrow in response.

"I'm Kazuomi and I want you to work for us," he proposed. "You have potential and it shouldn't be wasted with those Guardians." Amu stepped back while her charas hovered behind her. Her eyes widen in surprised, and then narrowed her eyes again.

"No," she declined. "I won't join a company that makes x eggs." The boss merely chuckles darkly as he leaned forward next to her ear. Amu felt like needles were pricking her neck all over, but she ignored the feeling and focused on him.

"If you don't join, you're family and friends would pay the price," he whispered. Amu glared at him before looking away, unintentionally flipping her hair in the process. She gave a snort.

"Is that a threat?" she growled. She didn't believe him. Surely he would not be able to do such thing. He laughed and presses a red button on a remote that was hidden in his pockets. Right then, Amu overheard familiar screams of agony and pain. Her eyes widen with shock.

"Ran! Character Change!" she ordered in a panic. Pink wings appeared on her feet and hands as she raced home. To her dismay and terror, her home was on fire. Police and an ambulance were there already, but the fire was already getting too strong. Before she could race into her house, a firefighter stopped her.

She struggled to get out of his grip, but he was too strong. He finally let go after she calm down more, promising he'll find her family living in there. An hour later, the fire was gone. Her house had burned all the way down. To make things worse, all of her relatives are dead. They died in the fire. The boss of Easter, still there, makes his way to her.

"You could have prevented this," he smiled evilly, "Will you continue to protest? Your friends will be hurt in the process." Amu fell to her knees, sobs held back. Her guardian characters sat on her shoulders in comfort. Amu bit her lip, so she wouldn't lash out on him.

"Fine," She reluctantly agreed. "I'll join Easter." The man gave a menacing laugh, returning to his limo, which was now parked next to her house. He looked out of the window.

"Come to the Easter Headquarters tomorrow after school," he ordered. He puts on his sunglasses back on and rolled up the dark window up. It drove off as her sobs slowly became cries of sadness and loneliness.

"Amu, it'll be all right," Ran cheered, trying to make Amu smile. Miki and Dia stayed silent as Suu dried Amu's tears. Amu tried to smile for them, but it was too much. Her tears were now dry, but the pain was still there.

"No." Amu denied, standing up. "It's not." She slammed her hand on a lamppost next to her. It had a dent forming on it and her hand screamed in pain, but she didn't care. She lost her family. This should be nothing compared to that.

"Tch," she groaned, "just my luck." With that said, she wandered off to who knows where and disappeared into the night. Trailing behind her was Ran, Miki, Suu, and Dia, worried for their broken owner.

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