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Amu's pov

Hey, Amu here and I'm 14 years old. I go to Seiyo High. I went to my locker and opened it when someone called, "It's the guardians" Mimori said, "The principal, Tsukasa said that they could still be guardians." Manami said, "There's Tadase who's the King of Hearts, then there's Rima whose the queen of hearts while Nadeshiko, the queen of spade, there's also Kukai, Jack of hearts, Nagihiko the Jack of spades and, Kairi, Jack of clubs, and last of all Yaya is the ace of hearts."

"Oh, that reminds me, hey Amu-Chan," Yuki asked, "Why aren't you in the joker anymore?"

That's right I'm not the Joker anymore.

After she asked that I noticed Tadase look at me. Should I say the truth? Well, this is what happened.

"See you guys tomorrow!" I called to the guardians.
"Bye Amu-Chan!" they called back.
"Mama, Papa, Ami, I'm home!" No one answered.
"Ran, Miki, Suu, Dia, help me find them." I exclaimed.
" H-hai Amu-Chan," they stuttered searching in the kitchen and rooms while I went to the living room. When I got there my eyes widen with shock. There was blood everywhere with my parents and Ami drenched in them. I started shrieking loudly.
"Amu-Chan are you okay?" Dia asked when all of my chara came and saw what happened.
"Y-yea..." I replied. Then the doorbell rang. When I opened it there was a police officer there.
"Hello, are you Hinamori, Amu?" the officer asked.
"I understand that your family got murdered."
"Do you have anywhere to stay?"
"Yes, but I want to stay here for a few days and pack up, so is it okay to stay for a bit?"
"Of course, take as long as you like." Then the officer left. I went upstairs, climbed up on my bed and started crying.

Ikuto's pov
"Yoru, chara change," I commanded.
"Hai nya, chara change," called Yoru.
I felt cat ears and a tail on me.
"Ikuto nya, are you going to see Amu nya?" Yoru asked.
"Yea, let's go."
Made it to Amu's house... Hmmm I wonder why there is polices cars close to her house. I jumped onto her balcony and tapped on the door. Amu didn't noticed me, but her chara did. Miki flew to the door and opened it for me.
"Thanks Miki," I said. "No problem," Miki replied sadly.
"Amu, what's wrong? Tell me."
No answer.
"Amu..." I said empathizing her name. Then she ran to me and started crying real loud. Wait, my guess was she was crying just now too.
"Amu what happened?" I asked.
"It's my fault! My family died and I wasn't there for them! If I didn't join the guardians maybe this wouldn't have happened!" She cried.
"Amu if you didn't join the guardians I wouldn't have met you and this isn't your fault. If you were here they would've killed you." I reassured her.
"I have no where to stay..." Amu said quietly.
I smirked, "You could stay with Utau and me."
"Okay...if you insist," Amu whispered.
I chara changed again. "Then let's go."


Amu's pov
Nah, I shouldn't tell the truth.
"I quitted because it was boring and it wasn't that fun." I stated while acting bored.
"Cool & Spicy!" Everyone cried out.
The bell started ringing. Shoot, a few more minutes till I'm gonna be late. I grabbed my stuff, slammed the locker, and ran to my class. After I set my supplies down guess who shows up. That's right, Tadase, Nagi, Rima, and Nadeshiko have the same classes with me. It's going to be a long day at school today…..

after school
I sighed after I finished putting stuff in my locker.
"Hey, Amu," Ikuto said.
"Hey Ikuto, hi Utau," I replied without looking.
"How did you know Utau was with me?"
"Lucky guess. Let's go,"
What they didn't know was the guardians were stalking them.

Tadase Pov
I have to follow Amu-chan today.
"Guys, let's follow Amu today!"
"Why Tadase?" everyone asked.
"I just have this weird feeling about Amu-chan today."
"Okay let's follow Amu-chi!" Yaya said.

Amu Pov
Sigh so tired.
"You okay Amu-chan?" Utau asked.
"Yea, just tired." I replied.
"Do you want me to carry you home Amu?" Ikuto smirked.
"No way you pervert!" I yelled.
"Haha Amu you are still fun to tease." Ikuto commented.
"IKUTO!" I yelled out hitting him, but I noticed a car was following us.
"Umm Ikuto?" I said almost at a whisper.
"What Amu?" Ikuto replied in an annoyed tone.
"Why is there a car following us?"
"What?" Utau said shocked and turned around.
Ikuto suddenly said, "It's Easter and they want Amu!"

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