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No one's pov

School had ended for the day for Kukai, and everyone was leaving the classroom to go home. Kukai stopped by his locker to put up his things before going home. Once he was done, he closed the locker door. Correction, slammed the locker door. He was happy. He thought someone might be able to tell there's something wrong with him. After all, he just signed his death sentence by joining Easter.

"Kukai!" At the mention of his name, Kukai turned to the voice calling him. Suddenly, he felt himself slam into the lockers. He was pinned there and he couldn't move. There was somebody that was hugging him, but he couldn't see who it was. It was then that he noticed the person has pink hair. Instantly, he knew who it was then.

'Shoot,' He thought to himself. He was dead. She's going to kill him. He knew she would figure it out, but he didn't expect it to be this soon. How did she learn of this so soon anyway? He only signed up early this morning, right before school.

"Uh… Sup Amu?" Kukai greeted nervously. "How's it going?" A sound of sobs caught Kukai's attention. He looked more carefully to see that she was shaking. It clicked to him that she was crying. He panicked. He never knows what to do with a crying girl. He lives with his brothers who fight it out instead of crying. He's not experienced in this kind of thing.

"There, there Amu," Kukai patted Amu's back awkwardly. "It's gonna be alri-" A louder sob interrupted him. He stared as Amu's head finally leaves his now wet shirt. He could see her golden eye full of emotions like sadness, worry, guilt, and more. It made Kukai's heart heavy to see it.

"Stupid Kukai," Amu cried out, hitting his chest. "How could you join Easter! There's already Utau, Ikuto, and me. There's no need for another person to suffer along with us. I don't want you to suffer. That's why I joined, to protect you guys…" Her yells turned into whispers into the end. She stopped hitting his chest and just shook and cried. Kukai, a lost for words, only went forward and hugged the girl.

"I'm sorry Amu, but I had to," Kukai whispered. "I couldn't just stand here and watch you get hurt. At least when I'm in Easter, I can protect you better." Amu wrapped her arms tightly around him. She didn't want to let her go. He didn't want to either. He wants her to stay close and let him protect her. One thing's for sure, they needed each other.

"Thank you Kukai," Amu smiled lightly. The tears were falling less now. Kukai grinned and wiped the remaining tears that lingered on her face. Amu's face was still red from the outburst.

"Kukai, Amu!" someone called. The both of them turned to see the Guardians. They looked shocked. But once they snapped out of it, they gave Amu a worried look, but Kukai a hurt expression. Kukai felt bad, but it's not like he planned for these to happen, especially with them getting caught by them. He saw Amu quickly getting a hold of herself, back into her façade.

"Amu, are you okay?" Nagihiko asked. "You look like you were crying." The others silently waited for an answer. They hoped that she would open up to them, but to no avail, she only glared at them.

"It's none of your business," Amu growled. "Stop meddling in it." Amu crossed her arms and glared at them. Rima, who couldn't take it anymore, stepped closer to Amu. She grabbed Amu's collar and pulled her closer till they were inches apart. Kukai felt his anger spike up, but he held himself back.

"No, Amu," Rima growled, "You don't get to tell us what to do. We're going to bother you for the rest of your life until you come back to us and be the old Amu. When we were stubborn and in a tough spot, you didn't give up on us. So, we're not gonna give up on you!" By the end of her speech, tears flowed down her cheeks. Rima was shaking out of anger and sadness. Nagihiko and Nadeshiko walked up and put a hand on her shoulder. They knew how they felt, and they agreed. They won't stop until Amu returned to them.

Amu was touched by their determination, but that couldn't prevent her from continuing to protect them in the way that she was now. She gave them their most hateful face. It didn't faze them though. They got used to her glares by now.

"So heartwarming," Amu sneered. "It's disgusting. You're all deluded. I'm never going to go back to you. I belong to Easter now. And you guys can't do anything about it. All you'll ever be to me is a nuisance." Amu insulted them again, but she wondered why she bothered. They were stubborn. They know the real her, how she felt about them. This façade that she put up, they see through it.

"Tch, whatever," Amu sighed. "I'll see you later Kukai." She turned to Kukai and stepped close to him. She hugged him briefly, giving him a worried look. Kukai gave her his usual grin back, ruffling her head. This only caused her to fix it while playfully glaring at him.

"Ran," Amu called. The box that held her eggs opened up, and Ran flew out of it, stretching herself. Suddenly, pink wings appeared on Amu's feet and a heart formed on her clip. She ran out of the building and off to who knows where in a blur. That means Kukai was left to face the Guardians who looked none too happy to see him right now.

"H-hey guys," Kukai stuttered, "I guess a sorry won't cut it will it?" Seeing they all shook their heads no, he gulped and took a look of his surroundings. Noticing an open spot next to them, he decided to use his soccer strategy to escape. He faked a left, seeming like he was going to overpower Tadase, but he took a sudden turn right and dodged them all.

"Sorry, but I gotta go," Kukai called. "Plus, with a mob of angry kids coming after me, it's a good idea to run." He dashed off, leaving them yelling his name in protest. He didn't know where he was going to go. Grinning, he continued his run, but stuck it his hands in his pockets. To his surprise, he found a piece of paper in it. When did it get there?

Kukai, once you're able to get rid of them, Come to Easter. You're needed there right now. Kaozumi has some things you need to do.


Well, now he knows where to go to. Turning directions, he headed to Easters Headquarters in record time. He walked in, where the Easter employees pointed to Kaozumi's office. He walked in without knocking, only to see Amu, Utau, and Ikuto standing there silently. He noticed Ikuto and Utau giving him a confused look. Yes, unlike everyone's belief, and if you haven't figured it out by now, Kukai is very aware of his surroundings.

"Kukai, good for you to be here," Kaozumi grinned. "We need to start advertising you right away. Amu, I'm assigning you to show him around and help him. Ikuto, Utau, you can just relax for now. Dismissed." Amu, Ikuto, Utau, and Kukai headed out the room after that. Amu decided to give him a short tour, and the other two followed.

"What are you doing here, Souma?" Utau hissed. She whacked Kukai on the head. Kukai groaned, rubbing the bump to soothe the pain. What was it with Utau and hitting people in the head? He glared at her as Amu explained the whole situation to them.

"So, why are we doing this advertising thing?" Kukai asked. The others gave him an exasperate look. Question marks flew around Kukai's head. He has no idea what they do in the real world, the business world. Amu sighed, knowing she was the only patient one to do explain it to him.

"Just like when I first debuted," Amu started, gaining Kukai's attention. "I needed to get famous to get an audience. If I didn't advertise, no one would come to me. One way I advertise was the poster you guys found. Plus, being with a popular singer already promotes me. Easter is quick to advertise. After all, the day you found the poster, I did the photo shoot and they printed it out and passed out the flyers rather quickly."

Too bad that explanation was too long for Kukai. His eyes were full of spinning spirals by the time she was done. Amu rolled her eyes and grabbed his shirt. Utau grabbed the other side. They both pulled, dragging him towards the place where Easter photographers will take pictures of Kukai and post pictures of him to spread all around.

Kukai was gonna participate in the upcoming soccer match which was in a few days. They were taking pictures to advertise, but that wasn't enough. Utau and Amu were going to attend and perform, attracting more people.

Amu's Luck

"Are we done yet?" Kukai whined. It's been two hours and they were still taking pictures. If they didn't stop, he was going to faint soon. Amu gave him the thumbs up, much to his relief. He collapsed to the ground, no care about whatever was going on.

"Whew! Who knew taking pictures would be hard work," He sighed. Seeing, Amu and Utau's skeptical looks, he kept quiet after that. Amu took out a paper of what seems to be his schedule.

"Looks like we're done here," Amu informed, causing Kukai to cheer. He someone grabbed everyone's hands and dragged them out of Easter to the park.

"Souma," Ikuto panted. "Never drag me into one of your runs ever again." He gave him an annoyed look. Kukai just grinned at him and pointed to the ice cream truck. Wanting the delicious dessert, Amu ran to the truck. It halted, allowing Amu to catch up to it and order her ice cream. Kukai went right after, followed by Utau and Ikuto.

"Brain freeze!" Kukai yelled, holding his head. Pain coursed through his brain. The urging pain continue going through his nerves and his eyes felt like bulging out. He was really regretting having that ice cream eating race with Utau right now. Utau was next to him, pointing her almost finished ice cream at him, laughing and holding her stomach.

"Augh!" Utau suddenly yelled, gripping her head like he did. Karma had a way of hitting her. Now it was her turn to feel the wrath of the mighty brain freeze. Kukai soon had his turn of laughing at her face. Amu and Ikuto couldn't help but laugh along (Ikuto was more subtle about it though).

"You know, this is nice," Amu whispered, catching the others' attention. "No Easter, just friends hanging out with each other, free to be whoever we want to be." Amu looked straight ahead, off to the distance. Utau, Kukai, and Ikuto looked ahead too, thinking about it. Ikuto smiled gently and hugged her from behind.

"Aww so you like hanging out with me," Ikuto purred, resting his chin on her head. Utau smirked, silently cheering him on. Kukai watched, studying the chemistry between them. Amu growled at him, moving away.

"Get away you perv," Amu warned, "Or I will use my martial art skills on you." Ikuto gave her a skeptical look. Within a few seconds, Ikuto was cuddling with Amu again. Amu had an annoyed look on her forehead. She bent down and threw her fist up, following with a right foot kick. She knocked Ikuto down to the ground easily. Utau and Kukai were bystanders, with a face resembling a goldfish's.

"Told ya," Amu cheekily rubbed it in. After Ikuto recovered from the shock, pain, and crushed pride, they continued on their adventure, joking around and being themselves. If only that could last, but all good things must come to an end. Once it was getting dark, they all went home.

Amu's Luck

"Amu!" Kukai called, running to Amu, who stopped, waiting for him. "Let's go to class together!" Amu shrugged, walking off, and Kukai followed. Kukai joked around and Amu laughed along to it. Unknowingly, the Guardians were watching from afar, frowns etched on their faces.

They all had hurt looks on their faces. Tadase gripped the poster he had in his hand tightly, crinkling it severely in the middle. On the poster was a familiar emerald green eyed brunette along with two pink and blonde hair singers.

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