All That You Rely On

Eden - (i.e. the lost E. of childhood)

It's been three months and eight days since she's been living with Grandpa. Today they went to visit Mom at the cemetery, and she went to see Charlotte, her new (and only) friend, and they went to the movies.

All in all, a good day. Especially since Grandpa's been sober for exactly 50 days, and Charlotte made her snort, she was laughing so hard. ("Alice, watch this, I swear you'll laugh. It's called a 'bunchie'.")

And as she slowly drifts into sleep, she realizes that she didn't think of him at all today.

Not once.

And she's alright with that.

So, this episode came out last week. And I was kinda intending to get this up...last week. But, it's up now, and better late than never, right?