~ooO Atlantis Ooo~

Willow was afraid and having second doubts. Teyla must have sensed it because she spoke.

"You can always return to Sineya's World if you feel uncomfortable."

The red-head mentally shook herself. "No. I need to get used to going off planet."

Teyla nodded slowly then spoke to distract the newest resident of Atlantis. "What would you like to have regularly brought in from Sineya's World? I miss certain teas made from plants on the planet my people had to leave behind. Halling has great hopes of crops from the tea bushes my people planted on the mainland, but it won't be the same."

Willow relaxed and nodded. "I know what you mean. I've had tea prepared from the same plant that grew on different planets and each batch was subtly different."

"If you're that picky you are more than welcome to make special requests," Sheppard called out from the pilot seat of the Puddle Jumper. "Whoever Elizabeth sends back can make the purchases. If it's good Atlantis might place a bulk order. I know we're dying to find coffee and tea substitutes that taste like the real thing."

Willow smiled hesitantly and nodded. "You can try some of my stash," she offered. "If enough people like it you can place a big order for it."

"Does it have lemon? Or citrus products?" Rodney wanted to know. "I'm allergic," he explained bluntly. "But I'm dying for real coffee."

Willow blinked taken aback but smiled sympathetically at the explanation. "No lemon in two of the blends I have but plenty of caffeine," she offered. "I've done all-nighters drinking pots of the stuff. And it's not addictive or damaging. As long as you drink plenty of water your kidneys can flush them out."

Rodney looked thoughtful. "The Science Departments would definitely be interested. Would you be willing to trade seeds or cuttings?"

Willow shrugged. "I don't know if it's possible. And I do know most of the plants grow in higher cooler altitudes and need a specific insect to pollinate. The berries and leaves are used to make the tea blends because the leaf alone is too bitter," she explained.

Rodney made a face. "Well, to be honest it would be easier for us to trade for the prepared tea blends. We don't have enough personnel to tend a finicky crop and harvest it."

"We're here," Sheppard announced from the front.

Willow looked around feeling excited about being in a place that was legendary, and irked because she could not see anything. Not yet at least.

Remembering Xander's cautioning words, she raised her shields and wrapped them tight around her, meditating to settle into a balanced state. She opened her eyes when she felt the small bump of the craft landing. Kind of like the Shuttlecraft in Star Trek. She watched eagerly as the hatch opened to reveal a huge open hanger with one missing wall-to-ceiling section that had to be the access point.

Feeling more nervous without Xander or Dawn around, Willow unbuckled herself, stood up, walked to the open hatch, then down the ramp. The anticipation turned into a hum she could feel under her feet, a deep vibration that resonated up her legs and through her flesh. She inhaled sharply and stood still, thickening her mental shields. There was something magical in Atlantis. But she did not feel any taint or deception or corrosive emotions. It was powerful, pure and neutral.

"Willow d'Giles?" Teyla's voice seemed to come from a great distance away.

Willow opened her eyes and blinked blearily. Teyla and Sheppard were looking concerned. Rodney was dissecting her reactions in a clinical scientific manner. Ronan looked wary.

"I'm sorry," she apologized.

There were other strangers standing around her, a slim woman with curly auburn brown hair dressed in a grey and maroon pant-jacket uniform.

"Willow d'Giles, my name is Elizabeth Weir. I am the leader of the Atlantis expedition. Do you need a doctor?" she asked concernedly.

Willow shook her head. "No, it's nothing like that."

"Then what?" Teyla pressed. "You did not respond for almost ten minutes."

"Teyla is right lassie," a kindly looking brown-haired man said. "If you've had a bad reaction 'tis best we know now. The next episode might last longer and be harder to end."

Willow inhaled deeply. "I don't think it will happen again."

"So you know what happened," Elizabeth Weir noted.

"I just need to keep my shields up," Willow murmured.

"Shields?" Sheppard's ears perked as he pounced on the slip. "You're blocking her."

Green eyes widened as Willow involuntarily backed away. She ducked and avoided the hands reaching out to catch her. Only Sheppard did not move. He just held a hand out. "You can hear her. She wants you to open up and listen."

Willow stopped. "She?"

Sheppard smiled wryly. "I'm the only one who usually hears her. Probably because my ATA gene is natural and stronger." He tilted his head and studied her intently. "You must have it as well if you can hear her."

Willow cleared her throat. "Who is her?" she asked.

Sheppard laughed. "Sorry!" He waved around him, indicating the walls and the floor. "She is Atlantis. The AI that runs the City. I don't know if she would classify as sentient but she does have favourites." He blinked and smiled slowly. "You seem to be her newest one."

Willow opened her mouth and shut it. She didn't know what to tell them. No, your AI is not just an AI but an elemental guardian or some sort of magical being bound into a physical form? And it knows I'm a witch and can interface better with it? Deciding discretion was the better part of valour she spoke slowly.

"There's something about Atlantis that speaks to me," she allowed.

"You said your shields keep you from hearing her," Rodney spoke drawing attention. "You should lower them."

"I won't!" Willow cried out reflexively remembering the last time she had exposed herself so.

"You must," Rodney pressed. "What if you are unconscious? Or injured in some way? Can you keep your shields up when you're sleeping? If you're going to react badly we need to know now. Oh you won't be forced to stay or leave," he added hastily. "But you may have to stay on the mainland while we figure something out. Maybe isolate a section of the City."

Willow bit her lower lip and considered his argument. "You do have a point," she agreed slowly. "If I cannot sleep without lapsing into a zone it might be better if I stay on the mainland. Or if someone else replaces me."

The Scots coughed drawing attention. "I woulda prefer all experiments happen under my supervision," he announced. "With lots of monitors and resuscitation equipment close-by."

Elizabeth Weir looked at Willow and smiled warmly. Willow felt heartsick; she was reminded of Joyce Summers, a maternal figure she missed more than her own biological mother.

"You don't have to make any decisions right now," she said soothingly.

Willow shook her head. "No. I'd prefer to get it over with. Otherwise I'll over think the situation and worry myself into a frenzy."

Much later Willow would have confessed that she scarcely remembered the walk to the hospital, only that the path had been illuminated with crystalline lights. The hospital itself was very different from what Willow remembered of Terran hospitals. A lot of the equipment was wireless or very sophisticated looking. She could feel the gentle thrum of an odd energy that reminded her of magic but not.

She allowed the doctor (who had introduced himself as Carson Beckett) to seat her on a bed and paste a variety of sensor disks around her face, throat, and hands.

"I would prefer if I could do a full physical before any experiments," he mumbled.

"No physical." Willow was absolutely firm on that. "You can record what you can but you're not getting any samples from me."

Carson Beckett blinked taken aback by her vehemence before nodding. "If that is your wish I will abided by it. But if you are injured and I need to determine a course of treatment I will be taking blood and tissue samples. I will of course destroy them once you have recovered."

Willow smiled sweetly, with steel. "That is something you will not have to worry about Doctor. I do not plan on fighting and I am very capable of keeping danger away from me."

She could see by their expressions that they thought she misspoke. But she hadn't. Willow was very good at immobilizing enemies, neutralizing their weapons, diverting their attacks.

Gingerly she shifted and lay back on the bed, adjusting her light brown linen skirt so it was not hiked up her legs. It had become a habit, to wear long flowing skirts when she did not expect to do much physical activities, in Tara's memory. The long sleeveless cream-coloured tunic-style top was closed up the front with cord lacing that tied in a neat bow at the base of her throat. It took some effort, to control her breathing and to relax into the correct state of mind.

In, out. In, out. On the fifth repetition she uncoiled enough to let go and lower her shields.

Much later she would tell her friends, she was not certain if it was dumb luck or sheer willpower that she lived. The power of entire suns, the potential power of several dozen burning stars began flooding her mind and being. Before she could scream her conscious mind overloaded and she passed out.

Before several pairs of horrified eyes smoke began drifting up from the folds of her clothes, and then the bed beneath her. The monitors screeched a warning peal before the fabric beneath and around her burst into flames that incinerated the material but left her hair and skin unmarked before it burned itself out.

She lay nude on the scorched smouldering mattress pad, twisting and whimpering from unseen terror. She bit her lip and made an inarticulate noise as her back arched into a painful curve. The action highlighted her slim curves and milky pale skin, the triangular patch of red curls at the apex of her thighs. And then she screamed. Bright white light burst out from every inch of skin for a fraction of a second, long enough to blind everyone around and set the monitor alarms shrieking.

John Sheppard was the first to recover. He immediately grabbed a sheet from an unused bed and tossed it over her naked body. He grabbed the edges and hauled it up, to cover her torso. Just as he was setting the edges down at her shoulders his fingers brushed against bare skin.

He froze, unable to move away, unable to lift his hands and break the contact. He stood there and shuddered and watched as memories spanning almost two centuries flooded into his mind. Oh, not everything, but he saw enough to know it was truth and to make some very accurate judgments and guesses to fill in the gaps.

Willow d'Giles was born Willow Rosenberg, raised in Sunnydale, California, USA, Earth, though she doubted it was the same Earth the Atlantis expedition came from. Her life began when she met Buffy Summers, the Slayer. Everything after was a flood of images, horrific, sad, agonizing, with brief moments of joy and pleasure that was always followed by loss. In her world demons and magic were real. She was a witch and she worked beside others who fought those who wanted to either enslave or destroy the humans. When they thought they had made a real dent in their opponents they were exiled from their dimension by the Powers, their equivalent of interfering Ancients, because they upset the Balance.

The Sunnydale survivors created a home in Sineya's World and formed a community of those who had been touched by the darkness but willing to fight. Willow, Dawn, and Xander were the only surviving exiles, because they hadn't met their match like the rest. They were Immortal and ageless until they met their One and had a child. Willow had watched it happen to many friends and family, including the woman she loved. After that she had isolated herself, focused completely on serving the people around her, not making herself happy, because she felt there was no one for her. But she was wrong; because there was someone for her. He was here with her. He was touching her right now.

Even as he was looking into her memories he was very aware she was looking into his, seeing everything both good and bad in his past and in him. He felt guilt, shame, pride, anger, sadness, that she was seeing his secrets. There was so much bad in his past the only way he had survived this long was by focusing on the present, the small good things, the hope of a brighter future… just like her.

Two pairs of eyes snapped open as the owners gasped and came to the present. John found himself very reluctant to stop touching her. Unconsciously his fingers continued stroking the soft upper swell of her right breast.

"Do you know how long I've waited?" she asked harshly.

John shrugged. "Two centuries?" he guessed ignoring the gasps from behind him.

She made a face. "That's on the high side." Both of them knew Willow had spent hundred and fifty three years on Sineya's World. She was hundred and seventy eight years old, frozen for a long time at twenty-five.

He grinned. "Look at it this way… at least you're no Angel."

She choked and coughed, then laughed at the reference no one else would understand. Because to her Angel was a vampire, a much older male with an underaged teenage Slayer for a girlfriend. When Willow was young she had seen it as romantic, but John Sheppard wondered what Power had influenced them to think it was okay, to accept such a pairing without questioning the sanity of such a choice. Falling for a Stephanie Meyer Twilight vampire that could Choose to be evil was one thing, but falling for a demon-possessed one cursed with a soul was plain foolish. Common sense would point out that curses were bad things that were not meant to benefit anyone or to make them happy.

It was at this moment that Carson Beckett decided to speak. "Colonel, what just happened? The power readings were off the roof. I'm surprised the two of you didn't burst into flames."

John shrugged. "It was a meeting of minds. I was… introducing her to Atlantis."

Everyone could see much more had happened but the military head of Atlantis was not willing or ready to share it.

"It is as he said," Willow agreed sitting up, trapping the sheet under her upper arms to preserve her modesty. "I need some time and privacy to meditate on what just happened."

Rodney made a squawking noise. "That's it? You nearly set us all on fire and cause a meltdown from an unexplained power rerouting and overload and you need to meditate?"

She smiled sweetly, pointedly, at him. "So this doesn't happen again."

"Is there a chance of that happening?" Elizabeth wanted to know.

Willow shook her head. "It was a one-time thing only. I was being 'plugged' into Atlantis. But unlike most other people I can handle other resources, which caused the power flux." She looked away with a frown. "It will not happen again, I assure you."

"You accessed the subsystems of Atlantis!" Rodney looked just about ready to pounce on her. "How did you do it? There was some activity on some of the isolated and dormant systems!"

Luckily Carson put a stop to it. "Enough everyone! The lassie needs to rest. You can discuss everything tomorrow morning. After she's had a good meal," he added pointedly.

Elizabeth nodded slowly. "Miss d'Giles, one last question, are you a threat to my people? Do you or your people have any plans on taking over Atlantis?"

Green eyes met grey without flinching. "Am I a threat? Under the right circumstances definitely. Do I wish to take over Atlantis? No, it is not in my peoples interests to do so."

Elizabeth looked more thoughtful than put off by the blunt uncompromising words. John relaxed a fraction. He really didn't know what he'd do if they wanted to kick Willow off Atlantis. He felt really drawn to her, an affinity developed through shared memories and loneliness. It didn't help that she was lithe and young looking despite her true age, and he knew she was tough enough to handle worst case scenarios.

Carson nodded firmly. "Okay, everyone out! Miss d'Giles needs to rest and recover."

"Could I do it in my own room?" Willow asked immediately. "I'd prefer a private place, to meditate and rebuild my shields before sleeping."

Carson huffed and puffed, but after a thorough examination he couldn't find any medical reason to keep her in the medical wing. So with great reluctance he closed her file and signed off on her discharge.

John watched Teyla and Elizabeth guide Willow out of the medical bay between them. Ronon had a firm grip on McKay's shoulder, to keep him from chasing the women down and pestering Willow with questions. John himself was tempted to follow but common sense said it was too soon for anything.

He needed something to occupy his mind and time. A pack of reports waiting to be read, paperwork to be filled and filed, both sounded pretty good right now.


The paperwork helped. The problem came after John retired for the night. He found himself tossing and turning in his bed unable to relax enough to sleep. His mind kept drifting to the memories he had glimpsed in Her mind.

A quick glance at the glowing LED clock face informed him it was well after midnight. Giving up on sleep he threw his legs over the edge of the bed and stood up dressed in just a pair of comfortable grey-and-blue flannel pants. He tugged a faded Air Force gym tee over his head and slipped his feet into a pair of comfy moccasins. Perhaps a brisk walk would help clear his head.

John had not planned it but ten minutes later he found himself in the guest tower, the section of Atlantis reserved for visitors, a small spire isolated from the core systems with a great view of the ocean and mainland. Without conscious intent his feet took him to a particular door. He could hear Atlantis, her encouragement in the back of his mind. He raised a hand to press the key pad beside the door.

Thirty seconds later the occupant responded to the door chime. The door slid open to reveal Willow d'Giles dressed in just a pale green sleeveless smocked nightgown that stopped above her knees. The sight of her rattled him.

"I couldn't stay away."

She did not say anything. She just moved to one side to allow him entrance. A leftover habit from her early years hunting vampires and demons.

The moment the door closed behind him he grabbed her by the upper arms and pressed her against the door, trapping her between him and the door. She did not tense or fight him off, but simply sagged into his frame, sliding her arms up and around his neck. He buried his face in her neck inhaling the oddly familiar fragrance of herbs and incense.

"I've never felt like this before," he confessed, his voice muffled against her skin.

"It's the Powers curse, it creates an attraction between compatible partners," she whispered. "Lowering my shields amplified the effects."

"I don't think so," he countered. "I'm sure you've met plenty of ATA gene carriers since your arrival in the Pegasus galaxy. You weren't attracted to them."

"No," she admitted.

"So what you're feeling is something unique, just between the two of us."

"Perhaps," she whispered as he kissed her, a small string of feather-light touches behind her ear and along her cheek.

"Then again perhaps they are influencing us. But I feel what I feel and I like it."

He used his fingers to angle her head to meet her eyes. He could feel her pulse racing under his thumb, the fragile column encircled in his grip. She gasped and shuddered but not in fear. He could feel her pulse fluttering beneath his thumb, her body arch and press against his, see her pupils dilating, the deep flush suffusing her skin.

He smirked and focused on pushing his thoughts towards her. He did not want to censor anything. He wanted her to know the primal reality of his feelings and desires. He could see and feel the reactions they invoked in her; her stance softening and shifting until she was almost melted against him. She was straddling him now, rubbing her groin against his thigh through the flannel sleep pants.

She gasped as her body reacted to the raw graphic images and fantasies flooding her mind. She whimpered and stood on tiptoe to reach up and press her lips against his. It was a chaste contact that quickly became anything but.

He lifted his head away and broke the kiss. Both of them were gasping, panting to catch their breaths.

"I think a mind meld and very intimate and extended two-way memory sharing counts as dating and months of getting to know each other," he murmured against her lips.

"I agree," she replied as she hooked her fingers into the neckline of his tee-shirt and tugged it down. The thin wash-worn material gave way and ripped down almost to the hem, exposing the planes of his chest and abs.

He hissed as her small hands slipped up his scarred sides and her fingertips grazed over his pectorals, skimming over his nipples before cupping his bare shoulders. Reflexively he stroked his hands down her slender back, towards her butt to draw her closer. When she lifted one leg to wrap around his waist he helped, cupping her ass and lifting her up so she could wrap both legs around his waist, ankles crossed behind his thighs. She wrapped her arms around his neck, shifting so she could meet his eyes easily.

"You ripped my favourite tee-shirt," he said trying to lighten the intensity of the moment.

She grinned at him. "I'm soooo sorry John. Why don't I make it up to you, by making you feel a looot better, so you forget alllll about it?" she teased in a mocking sing-song manner.

"I don't know. That tee was with me through a lot."

She kissed him slowly and thoroughly. "If you really want it I'm sure I can work my magic and repair the damage. And make it more durable." She pouted prettily. "But for now why don't I focus on making you feel all better?"

He laughed. "Why don't we make each other feel better," he countered in a half-teasing, half-serious tone.

Her expression sobered displaying a vulnerability he recognized from her memories. She smiled shyly, endearingly, at him. "I'd like that."

John did not say anything else as he carried her to the bed. They could talk in the morning. Tonight was just for the two of them.


Teyla frowned as she crossed off yet another location from her mental checklist. John had not met her for their usual bantos stick sparring session. And he was not in his usual hiding spots. She had even checked to see if he had taken a Puddle Jumper out. He hadn't and no one knew where he was. He even left his ear piece in his room; not his usual habit. Teyla was concerned but she did not want to draw attention to it because she truthfully felt John deserved a break from his duties. He took too much responsibility on himself, and he was practically on-call all the time. If he was making use of his down-time Teyla did not want to disturb him.

Feeling slightly hungry she made her way to the mess hall and was pleasantly surprised to see him there. He was eating breakfast with Willow d'Giles. She walked to the end of the short line-up and filled her tray with a small plate of scrambled eggs, yoghurt with pressed grain and seeds, a glass of herbal tea and a cup of chopped fruit. She took her time making her way to John and Willow d'Giles, observing their manner and interaction. They looked very comfortable with each other.

"You've noticed it too, huh."

Teyla turned to look over her left shoulder. Rodney was sipping coffee from an oversized travel mug.

"The Sheppard luck with females strikes again," he said sourly.

Ronan, who was behind Rodney, made a soft sound. "You are wrong McKay. This is different."

Rodney turned to the Satedan. "What do you mean?" he asked more seriously.

"John is pursuing her."

All three turned to the couple and they saw what Ronan meant.

John scooped a spoonful of yoghurt and held it up towards Willow d'Giles, saying something that made her smile and accept the mouthful. Then he reached up with his other hand to brush a small smudge of the creamy substance from the corner of her mouth.

Teyla had never seen John take such personal liberties with a woman, not with out extended interactions and a give-take relationship.

Ronan said what was on all their minds. "It is what he wants, not what is happening to him. It is more real to him."

"He's really serious about her?" Rodney asked, both baffled and worried.

For Teyla the answer was as clear as daylight. "Yes."

Rodney looked ready to protest before biting his tongue. "Well if he's serious about her it's up to us to make sure she's the real thing and good for him," he said firmly.

Teyla and Ronan followed the Canadian scientist hoping he would restrain himself and not offend John's new girlfriend too badly.


Willow accepted another spoon of yoghurt and dried berries from John.

"Your friends are approaching," she murmured as she rested her head against his shoulder.

"Can't you see them as your friends?" he asked teasingly though his eyes were serious.

She smiled gently at him. "Oh I can. In time. Right now I'm the outsider and I don't fit in. In fact I'm a potential threat."

John blinked baffled before comprehension dawned. He scowled. "You're not a plant!"

"They don't know that," she pointed out gently. "They have to get to know me. It always took time whenever one of my friends found a significant other. We were never sure if they could handle our reality or if they'd run screaming. Or survive," she added bleakly remembering Tara and Anya.

"Okay I get it. But I expect them to give you an honest chance," John mumbled just before Rodney sat down across from them joined by Teyla and Ronan on either side.

"You look rather cozy together Captain Kirk," Rodney said bluntly.

Willow snorted and giggled as John scowled angrily at the reference.

"Rodney," he said warningly.

"Okay okay," the scientist said throwing up his hands. Then he focused pale blue eyes on Willow. "Are you serious about this or is it a fling? Something to brag about to your friends back home?"

She met his eyes without flinching. "This is serious."

"You aren't trying to use John as a stepping stone? Lying and tricking him to betray all of us later on?"

She smiled and shook her head. "No. I might lie to you but never to John. He knows everything about me."

That threw Rodney off. "What?"

Willow picked up her mug of herbal tea and sipped it slowly, using the time to gather her thoughts. "We shared a meeting of minds."

"Excuse me?" Rodney was baffled so Willow expanded on her words.

"You know, what happened yesterday, the light show?" Rodney nodded. "Our minds touched. We shared memories, sorrows," her eyes darkened. She felt John's hand cover her own and she turned to him, the sadness fading. "Joys, hopes."

"Wait a sec, you mean you two formed a mental connection?" Rodney's eyes fell on their joined hands where John's thumb was stroking her palm. "How do we know she's not influencing you?" He directed the question at John.

John took a sip of his tea before answering. "I know she isn't." Hazel eyes met blue evenly. "I dare you to prove she is."

Rodney backed away. "And what if this treaty, this arrangement with Sineya's World falls apart?" he asked Willow.

She did not have to think. "I will stay with John."

That threw Rodney. "You will?"

"Of course. My place is with him."

"And your family? Your kin?" Teyla asked carefully.

"I have no blood kin," Willow said calmly. "I have friends I am close to but they will understand my choice."

Rodney took a deep breath mumbling something indistinct under his breath. Then he opened his eyes and focused on Willow.

"Okay. John's a big boy who can make his own choices and I can't ground him how much I wish to. But just so you know, I'm a scientist and I can make your stay on Atlantis very unpleasant. I blew up a planet once and a few Wraith Hive ships."

Willow stared at him for five seconds before laughing. Her amusement was genuine and appreciative. "You know Doctor McKay, Cordelia and Anya would have loved you."

That was a reaction Rodney had not expected. "What?"

"They were not fans of social tact and preferred to say it as they saw it. Xander really appreciates those qualities because he dated both of them." Her expression turned reminiscent as her lips curved into a fond smile.

"Xander d'Joy?" Teyla asked.

"Hmmm. He always says a vague disclaimer is no ones friend." She turned to John with an apologetic expression. "Be ready for the shovel speech when he and Dawnie find out."

"Shovel speech?" Rodney could not see the connection or logic.

She smiled directly at him. "It's Xander's favourite speech to any prospective partner and spouses. Something along the lines of… hurt him/her and I'll beat you up with this shovel before using it to dismember and bury you." She was amused by their shocked expressions. "He likes to be upfront about things." She was even more amused when Ronan grinned.

"Xander sounds like my kind of man. I said something similar to the first boy who wanted to walk out with my sister," he confessed.

"Did the guy ever come back for a second date?" Willow asked.


"Then he wasn't worthy of her," she decided.

Ronan was surprised and pleased by Willow's words.

Then she turned to Teyla and smiled warmly. "I'd like to visit the mainland and visit your people, any shaman or wisewoman, if you happen to have one. Or a healer or expert on herblore. I'd like to exchange tips."

Teyla's considered the request and nodded. "I will speak to Halling and make arrangements."

"Willow will also be joining our practice sessions," John interjected.

"Do you have experience fighting with bantos rods?" Teyla asked Willow.

The red-head smiled wryly. "I use a variation but I'm pretty certain I'll pick it up easily enough." Fighting with bantos rods shouldn't be too different from escrima, she thought.

"Do you wish to send a message, to inform your friends?" Teyla asked.

Willow shook her head. "There's no rush. John and I will accompany the first trade shipment to Sineya's World. So I can tell my friends and the Council."

That was a lie. Willow was going to inform Dawn as soon as she had set up an anchor for the beacon communication spell. Dawn would inform Xander and the others. She felt John's hand squeeze her thigh. He knew that she was lying but he would not expose her. He would hold her secrets until she was ready to share them with the other residents of Atlantis.

She covered his hand with her own and squeezed back. She had a pretty good feeling it wouldn't be long before she was sharing more of herself with them. At least the parts of magic and some what she could do to help defend Atlantis.

At this moment Willow was absolutely certain she had done the right thing in coming to Atlantis. No matter what might happen in the future she had met the one who was meant to be hers. And he had accepted her. His friends were willing to include her within their circle. She was no longer alone. She had a new love and new hope. The future looked bright and full of potential.


The End

AN: And that's it folks. But as always there is always the potential for outtakes. Not anytime soon. I've got WIPs that Must be finished first.