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Summary: Grimmjow lives with his dad in a two story house ever since he could remember. One weekend while his dad is working he saw a weird shadow outside his window. Right before the figure disappeared he swore that the figure was that of an angel?

Warning: cursing, yaoi, man on man if you don't like it don't read it! Slight OOCness

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Chapter 1: Sneak out

"Come on dad why can't I go?"

"Because you're grounded, that's why"


"That was before you snuck into my liquor cabinet and got drunk on the lawn"


"yea, remember that? You should it was just last Friday"

"Yea, but…"


Grimmjow knew once his dad started to yell, that was it. Last week Friday his dad went to a business party and Grimmjow, being the teen he is, invited his friend Shiro over after he found his dads liquor. When his dad got home he found his son and his albino friend doing the Macarena butt naked on the lawn. Now he's grounded for the whole month. But no matter what he was going to that party.


"…yea...I get it…" he mumbled looking down at the floor


"Yes sir"

"Good. Now be a good boy and go to bed, I'll be back on Sunday"

His dad was going to work out of town to get some business contract signed by some big company or something. Grimmjow wasn't really listing to his dad when they talked about it. On the bright side this was a golden opportunity for him to sneak off to Renji's party which had already started an hour ago. As his dad got in his car he looked at his son and said,

"Don't try anything funny while I'm gone. Mrs. Neliel will be keeping an eye on you while I'm gone"

"Why yes father, I'll be on my best behavior." He said in his "I'm a proper rich kid" voice, as he called it

"I'm serious Grimmjow. No funny business."

"Yea, yea get goin' would ya"

Right before his dad drove off he saw their neighbor Mrs. Neliel waving at him from her window as she peeked through the blinds. Grimmjow knew she was a nice person; she used to babysit him when he was a kid. But there was someone strange in that house, and that someone is Neliel's husband, Mr. Nnoitra. Grimmjow always thought he was a freak from the first time he saw him smile with his piano teeth. To this day he still doesn't know how someone as nice and sweet as Neliel would marry someone as weird and creepy as Nnoitra. Just the thought of it gave him the chills, but at the same time he thought that they made a good couple.

Now that his dad was gone and Mrs. Nel left the window, he bolted into his house and ran up the stairs into his room. When he finds his cell phone under his mountain of clothes he calls Renji.

"Dude where are you? Everyone's here 'sept you." said Renji with the sound of loud music and people making noise in the background.

"I know, I know already keep ya pants on. I'll be right there, sheesh"

"Fine, just hurry up." said Renji before he hung up the phone. Grimmjow got off his bed, shoved his phone into his pocket, and grabbed his keys, wallet, and a rope. Yes he needed a rope so that he could leave the house without his neighbors knowing. Because God blessed him with a big ass tree just outside his window it was easy for him to leave the house in the middle of the night and come back in the morning without anybody noticing.

Grimmjow tied the rope to one of the braches on the tree and started to climb out of the window. Unfortunately, right before he fully got out of the window the house phone rang. When Grimmjow rushed back in the house to look at the caller ID on the phone it read Mrs. Nel.

"hello?" Grimmjow said trying to sound sleppy

"Grimmjow is that you? You sound tired."

"Yea, it's me. I was just about to go to bed *fake yawn*"

"Oh, ok then goodnight"

"Goodnight "

Once he hung up the phone he turned out the lights and bolted out the window. Carefully sliding down the rope making sure he didn't get rope burn he reached the ground with a quiet thud. Then he quietly ran to his garage where his motorcycle was. A deep blue and black bike with a glossy look and feel to it with black rims stood in the center of the garage. The plate said Pantera and had an image of a panther on it. The best part of the bike was that it doesn't make a sound. As far as sound goes, it only makes a humming sound. Once he put his helmet on he hoped on his bike and left. Luckily for him Renji didn't live that far away. Ten blocks away actually. But another problem found its way to Grimmjow. Finding a parking spot.

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