Through Danny Phantom: Phandom wide re-watch.

Because 53 episodes + 1 episode per week = 1 year of Danny Phantom goodness. :3

Hello Phandom.

What we're doing: Re-watching the series an episode per week. We'll watch Episode 15: "Fright Night" this Friday (that's September 7)

Where to find episodes: All episodes are out on DVD, available on Netflix, and for purchase on Amazon and iTunes. Select episodes are on Youtube and Nickelodeon's website and websites like goodanime and gogoanime show the series as well. Tanger-catnip will set up a livestream at 7 pm and 12 am Eastern Standard Time (US).

What to do then: After we watch it, we can chat about each episode and geek out as a collective unit. X3 We can write thoughts, reviews, theories, favorite bits, and pet peeves, etc. And then we can make gifs or artwork or fanfics or videos –anything!- surrounding that one particular episode per week. Contribute whatever you want. :D We just want to revive this show and phandom.

What this is: This collection is to house any fics that you would rather post here than on your own profile as well as links to works on your profile or other sites. Let me know when you have something ready to go and I'll put it up. :D

Where to find us:

Livestream: livestream /pieinthesky at 7pm and 12am EST every Friday

Tumblr: phandom-widerewatch . tumblr

DeviantArt: the group #Through-DP.

Fanfiction: here.

Forum: throughdannyphantom . freeforums .o rg

Wordpress: throughdannyphantom . wordpress led by Dash. :3

Ideas for stuffs: Stories could be blog or journal posts, reviews, drabbles, oneshots, character development or inner thoughts for a scene, an AU twist to the episode, a different ending (what should have happened), a parody, writing about a minor detail no one notices, writing a different plot for the same title, writing for a prompt based on that episode, etc.

Categories of art could be making videos, gifs, redesigning the title card, redrawing a screencap, illustrating a scene, doing portraits of the characters from that episode, drawing a cartoon or comic, etc.

Theme, by sapphireswimming

A 100 word drabble. To keep this chapter from breaking FF regulations. XP


"I can't believe you did this, Tucker."

"What, you don't like it?"

"Like it? It's a contest to write the best theme song for Danny Phantom!"

"I know, dude. Isn't it awesome?"

"No, Tuck. It's turning... me..." Danny whispered, "into some sort of comic book superhero thing."

"Well, that's already sort of what you are. Might as well give you a decent theme song."

"But that's so weird!"

"Does that mean... you don't want to hear mine?"

Danny sighed. "If you stop with the puppy eyes, I'll listen."

"Alright! Okay, so here goes: Yo, Danny Fenton, he was just fourteen..."


Table of Contents:
[chapter number. episode (or TDP for the show in general). author. summary. genre. rating.]

1. TDP. Theme. sapphireswimming. Tucker comes up with a theme song. Humor / Friendship, rated K.

2. 1MM. Discovery. sapphireswimming. Danny and Tucker discuss "telling the parents." Friendship, rated K.

3. 1MM. The Truth. Oak Leaf Ninja. What if Jazz hadn't stopped Danny from telling his parents? Family, rated K.

4. 1MM. The Chase. Fluetraya. The accident changed Danny forever. Friendship / Tragedy, rated K plus.

5. 1MM. A Good Day to be a Ghost. Watson Baker. A collection of three drabbles. Humor, rated K.

6. 1MM. Busboy. The Cinderninja. He was Danny Phantom... expert busboy. Humor, rated K.

7. 1MM. Therapy. MsFrizzle. Jazz tries to make Spike open up. Drama, rated K.

8. 1MM. Jack Hates Horse Meat. ~BrightBlue925. The reason Jack loves food. Humor, rated K.

9. TDP. Molecules Got All Rearranged. Tay1019411. The Danny Phantom theme song. Humor, rated K.

10. 1MM. Drabbles. SRL541. Three word-limit drabbles from Mystery Meat. General, rated K.

11. 1MM. Jack and His War. QueenyLeAcH. And still he babbled on... Humor, rated K.

12. 1MM. Serious. sapphireswimming. There were consequences for the man on the plane. Humor, rated K.

13. 2PB. Four Drabbles Inspired by Episode 2. QueenyLeAcH. Four drabbles. Humor, rated K.

14. 2PB. Shattered. SRL541. Dragon-Sam lost control... AU / tragedy, rated K plus.

15. 2PB. Crazy. sapphireswimming. This was simply ridiculous. Humor, rated K.

16. 2PB. Belt. Phantom-Lightning. Danny decided on a new wardrobe accessory... Humor, rated K.

17. 2PB. Beautiful. Oak Leaf Ninja. Danny thought she was beautiful. DxS. Romance, rated K.

18. 1MM. A Flicker of Doubt. Avearia. Her children? Ghosts? Impossible. Introspective, rated K.

19. 2PB. Elegance. Avearia. Sam refused to go to the dance. General, rated K.

20. 1MM. Beakers. Pterodactyl. Science was unbearable for the month after the accident. Friendship, rated K.

21. 3OOAK. Resources. sapphireswimming. How was Tucker's PDA ghost-compatible? General, rated K.

22. 3OOAK. Genius. sapphireswimming. Maddie puts the pieces together, with help from Genius Magazine. Family, rated K.

23. 4AOTKGS. Oops. theCinderNinja. Danny forgot one very important thing when he flipped the switch. Humor, rated K.

24. TDP. Jack Drabbles. Avearia. Because the big guy needs more love. Humor, rated K.

25. 4AOTKGS. Bumps and Bruises. Avearia. Jazz looks out for her little brother. Family, rated K.

26. 4AOTKGS. Project. sapphireswimming. Jazz set out to disprove everything. Humor, rated K.

27. 4AOTKGS. Practice. sapphireswimming. The glass of water disappeared. *poof* Humor, rated K.

28. 5SI. Happily Leaping Through Meadows With Ghosts. Phantom-Lightning. After Poindexter, Danny needed to run some damage control. Humor, rated K.

29. 5SI. Sorry. sapphireswimming. Sam had some unfinished business. Humor, rated K.

30. 7BR. Hospitality. sapphireswimming. Vlad opens his home. Humor, rated K.

31. 7BR. Danny Wins. Fluehatraya. Score one for Danny. Humor, rated K.

32. 7BR. A Single Voice. NebulousMistress. Vlad realized he wasn't alone. Drama, rated K plus.

33. 2PB. Rat Race. MsFrizzle. After getting dumped, Val goes to her dad's work for the evening. Drama, rated K.

34. 6WYW. Call Me Crazy, But... Avearia. Lance Thunder tries to explain that the car was flying. Humor, rated K.

35. 7BR. Drabbles. MsFrizzle. Two drabbles. Drama, rated K.

36. 6WYW. Phenetics. sapphireswimming. Danny and Tucker discuss originality. Humor, rated K.

37. 4AOTKGS. Clothes Make the Man. MsFrizzle. When Dash changed the dress code, it could only mean one thing. Humor, rated K.

38. 8POL. Allusion. TheDPFangurl. It was an escape. Poetry, rated K.

39. 8POL. The Most Thoughtful Gift. NebulousMistress. Jack knew better than to look a gift horse in the mouth. Humor, rated K.

40. 8POL. A Personal Nightmare. Avearia. A divorce couldn't happen. Drama, rated K.

41. 8POL. Escape Artist. MsFrizzle. Walker accepted the challenge. Mystery, Humor, rated K.

42. 5SI. Haunted Locker. MsFrizzle. Jazz begins a legend. Humor, rated K.

43. 8POL. Beach Comber. MsFrizzle. Real world flotsam and jetsam is very interesting. General, rated K.

44. 6WYW. Monkey's Paw. MsFrizzle. He should have known better... Mystery, Drama, rated K.

45. 9MBK. It's a Setup. MsFrizzle. The crazy thing about Dominoes is that they fall over. Humor, rated K.

46. 9MBK. Enthralled. PuppetMaster55. Spectra was fascinated by the halfa. Drama, rated K.

47. 9MBK. Science and Math. MsFrizzle. There are two approaches to putting the spirit back in spirit week. Humor, rated K.

48. 8POL. Filing. sapphireswimming. File that under, things it would have been good to know. Humor, rated K.

49. 9MBK. Turning Point. sapphireswimming. Kwan was going to be a hobo. General, rated K.

50. 10SOG. Benefactor. PuppetMaster55. Valerie should have been suspicious. Drama, rated K.

51. 10SOG. Squeaky. PuppetMaster55. Spooky chewed on his squeaky! Tragedy, rated K plus.

52. 10SOG. Experimentation. NebulousMistress. Vlad had plans. Humor, rated K.

53. 10SOG. To Be a Good Dog. NebulousMistress. That's all Cujo wanted to be. Angst, rated T.

54. 11FTF. A Budding Frienship. truephan. Klemper, meet Chilly-Billy. Friendship, rated K.

55. 11FTF. Updated. sapphireswimming. Lancer needed a new book title for this. Suspense / Humor, rated K.

56. 11FTF. Golden. sapphireswimming. He had a golden ticket. Drama, rated K.

57. 11FTF. Remember My Name. sapphireswimming. Maybe it wasn't a house fire. Drama, rated T.

58. 12TOTY. . Phantom-Lightning. What was the prize for winning again...? Friendship / Humor, rated K.

59. 12TOTY. Once Again. NebulousMistress. Once again, he ruled supreme. Humor, rated K.

60. 10SOG. Human Resources. MsFrizzle. How did Vlad find Valerie? Drama, rated K.

61. 11FTF. Study Aids. MsFrizzle. The Cramtastic Mach 5 was the best thing since sliced bread. Friendship / Humor, rated K.

Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions! And let the fun begin! ^^