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"Heh" Amatsumihiko chuckled "You are a strange one" He looked at Rin, then me "And you are a special one" He spoke smoothly. I knew he was looking at me, but then he looked at my necklace...

"I really liked your mom. She's so pretty and nice" I smiled sweetly, finally looking up at Ryuji... "If I could, actually, I would trade places with you, Kasu" He sighed. I looked over at him like he was crazy. I was about to say something, but he interrupted "because then you'd have a better life"



The ride back to Tokyo was tense for me as I sat next to Rin. Why was that? It was because I remember Mephisto being with me for a little bit back at Ryuji's parents place thingie. Or was it Shima's? Oh who cares, what really mattered was that I was going to get my a$$ handed to me by Mephisto on a f¥¢king silver platter.

I was in deep shiz, and I knew it. Especially after what happened in the forest. Oh god, the way he acted... it was just not him. Did he change and was now mean? God, he was just such a douche bag. I felt angry but fearful about the whole thing. I couldn't take the tension on the ride back, and neither could Rin. He tried cheering me up, but nothing worked.

I just knew that deep down, I hated Mephisto.

Uisce and I walked back to my dorm, dragging my backpack along as I huffed. It was agitating having to lunge it around since I was so damn tired. I just wanted to collapse on my bed and sleep for three days. Yeah, that sounds nice...I thought happily.

Finally, I'll get to rest in my bed! Uisce cried happily. Grabbing my keys out of my pockets, I shoved it into the keyhole. The door unlocked and I allowed myself in.


There he sat, on my drawing desk, legs crossed casually. I felt instant hatred for the man and tighten my fist. I felt my blood boil, and he just stared at me with that annoying a$$ smirk of his! I seethed at the man, shaking my head in disgust "Get out of my room!" I yelled at him stubbornly, and threw my bag onto the bed.

"Uisce. Leave" He ordered. I knew my familiar really had no other choice, being who Mephisto is, my familiar flew out the window. I could feel how fearful he was for me. Mephisto clicked his tongue, jumping down from the table. He wagged a finger at me "Now now, you are fully aware that you are in trouble Missy. One for heading full on in battle with the Kraken when instructed to do the opposite-"

"But I was helping Rin!"

"-And the second for heading out into battle once again when you needed to rest and wait for me to take you back to Tokyo" He explained smoothly, but I just turned back and continued unpacking.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, then he turned me around "You've got to know your punishment, dear" He smiled wickedly. I felt my heart stop, and I kept my lips in a straight, firm line.

I instantly regained my composure, but he just grinned at me in amusement, probably thinking how could I outmatch him in any way "Tch, who said I would listen to you?" I hissed, shoving his hand off my shoulder with a deep glare. He actually had no authority over me in the first place, so I had no reason to be grounded by him. He wasn't my father, and I was stupid to think he was a father-like figure.

Mephisto narrowed his eyes, smirking "You know the power I have" He said threatening, crossing his arms smugly. He knew it, I knew it, and I could never out master him "On top of that, you'd never leave the Okumura's. They're your family" He sang out, holding a pointed finger up in the air in a happy manner. He was winning. He was f¥¢king winning.

I watched him, and he watched me. We just watched each other until I finally came up with a decision in my head. I really had no choice. If I left, where would I go? I took a deep breath in "Okay, Mephsito... What's my punishment" I demanded, crossing my arms and looking away at my open suitcase. I hated that fact that I could never win against Mephisto, and that he would always over-power me.

He chuckled in victory "Well, my dear. I'm happy you picked the right choice" I had no choice... "You will no longer be allowed to attend cram school, only you are allowed on missions. That is, if I say so" My heart broke "And you will be confiscated of all your art supplies, your Nook, your writing journal, everything for three weeks" Now my heart is dust.

I couldn't move, breath, or just do anything. He pretty much took everything from me! How could he?! My jaw finally flew open "W-What?!" I screamed.

I then watched him as he snapped a finger, causing nearly all my possessions to disappear and a bin appeared in his hands "You will get this back three weeks from now" He spoke smoothly. Once again, he snapped his fingers and a water bottle and pill appeared on my naked drawing desk "Take that pill" was all he said before he left my room.

I ignored the pill fact and dug through my clothes-only filled suitcase, finding my locket, present, and note from the strange man all gone. "F¥¢K!" I screeched angrily, picking the suit case up and slamming it to the ground. I screamed in a huge hissy fit, kicking the wall, punching the walls, tearing my sheets off the bed, throwing my pillows all around, breaking my mirror.

I just can't take this, I just can't.

What did I sign up for? I thought, finally cooling down after a while. I held my head, squatting down, I didn't want this. Just when I thought I had a real family...

My eyes drifted to the pill and water bottle that still stood. I watched it, juggling my options. It doesn't really matter when I think about it, because I know if that makes me die, everyone would be able to continue in life. It wouldn't be bad, and it wasn't like I was afraid of dying, hell no, it was pain. Life could go suck an ugly pickle for all I cared, because the bastard would give me lemons but they turned out to be rotten, so I made some nasty ass lemonade that no one wanted to drink.

I got up, and walked to the pill on the desk. I picked it up with my scarred hand, staring at it. It was pink and black and blue. I just stared at it, just studying the pill with nothing better to do. I finally popped it into my mouth and picked up the water bottle. I took the cap off and chugged down the water, swallowing the water down. The pill slid down my throat, and I just knew I wouldn't die. Mephisto wouldn't kill me, and I knew it...

Would he?



Oi, Kasu" Rin said out as Yukio returned reading "Yesh?"..."Are you okay? You sounded pretty upset last night when you called me, and you said you didn't even want to leave your dorm"..."I"...