Yamada brought his sword down on the man, whom I still don't know the name of, so let's call him Tree since 'The Man' sounds like something you'd call a serial killer.

Oh, wait...

"Slay the serpent" Yamanda said as he attacked Tree. Was Yamanda on crack? What the hell is the serpent? I mean I know what a serpent is, just not what the serpent was. Did Tree not pay the full twenty dollars while he bought his meal at McDonald's where Yamanda worked? How the hell do I come up with this shit...

"And you are?" Tree questioned Yamanda.

Yamanda decided to just not answer that little question, and responded in a way that baffled the hell outta me "You are Amaimon, the Earth King" My eyes widen

"WHAT?!" I screamed in shock. This is getting crazier and crazier. My favorite demon was trying to kill me. I don't know what to do! It's like some school-life fanasty Manga!

Wait a minute...

"HOLD UP! HOOOLD UP, BITCHES!" I walked between them, holding my hands up "Wait, wait. I need to say something" I said in a dead serious tone, then turned my head to Amaimon "You're the Amaimon?" I asked. Of course, I got no reply from Amaimon.

"Well, I guess it is over after all" Sighed the demon as he lazily tossed Rin's sword to him, which then the bunny-man hopped away

"HEY! I'M NOT DONE WITH YOU!" I shrieked, shaking my fist in the demon's direction "DAMN YOU!" I screamed as loud as I could, squeezing my eyes shut. He first tries killing Rin, tries killing me, then brawls a bit with Yamanda like those old boxer toys and ones red while the others blue, and when they lose, their head goes up... I could really go for some red and blue action.

Maybe look up some porn of them...

Holy crap, I really need to find something to occupy my time with before bed.

Sighing, my attention shot back to Rin as I watched his flames die down.

Yamanda snatched the sword from him greedily"Oi, people will be comin' soon, cover ya'll tail's" he stated and ran off. I glared intensely at the boy, hating him so much. First, he gives me the impression Asthon Kutcher is screwing with me, then orders me around... ass cake.

I lifted up my shirt and wrapped my tail up around my torso, trying to tell myself that I need to pay attention to the tail so it doesn't come from under my shirt. Rin did the same as I did.

Reality soon shot me and I screamed, running up to the demon to hug him "You stupid idiot! You scared-you-you scared me to death! You. are. not niiiice!" I shouted angrily. I hated when Rin did that, charging in like a freakin' cocaine addict who was so excited to see the dealer, he ran across the street but didn't make it all the way because he got hit by a shiny white van that had Iron Man in it.

Rin didn't hug me back, he didn't do anything. I raised a brow and separated from him "Rin?" I asked softly, genuine worry in my eyes "What's the matter?" Oh, yes, because everything is freaking WHIP-DEE-DOO! That was a stupid thing to freaking ask!

"Hn?" He looked at me "Oh, sorry Kasu-chan" He said, seeming very distant.

I was just about to push further when I heard a scream "RIN!" Damnit, Sheimi we were having a fmaily moment gurl "Rin are you okay?" She asked and stopped in front of him. I took a step away to let them have their moment, but I still worried for Rin.

"I-I'm fine" he smiled, weakly.

I looked away from them and stared straight ahead.

Damn no one can stay mad at Sheimi she is just too cute.

"Kasu! Nii-san!" Screamed Yukio. I turned with happiness that he was here. Finally, he is showing up "What happened? And are you guys okay?" He questioned.

"Yuki-chan, Rin's okay I used some first-aid on him." Sheimi explained. I hated it when she called him 'Yuki-chan', just makes me think of Yukio in a dress.

Yukio turned his attention to me and he gave me a distressed look "Are you okay? You were crying over the phone, and-"

I held a thumbs up to him, which cut him off "I'm fine, just a little spooked, that's all! Nothin' for you to worry about" I gave him a toothy grin in attempt to convince him.

"A little spooked?! Kasu-" Once again, he got cut off just as he raised his voice

"Yer slow as always Yukio" I heard a voice say. It was Yamada.

He handed off Rin's weapon to none other than the demon himself, and I gave a 'WTF' look to the boy. He takes the sword from Rin to just give it back?! All I did was glare at him, hating the boy more and more as the seconds passed

"It can't be" mumbled Yukio, forgetting about talking to me in the first place and seeming very baffled.

"Long time no see" Yamada grinned


"Whatever, I've gotten tired of wearin' this thing" he then took off his sweater. But, he was... a she. With huge a$$ boobs and a small a$$ bra. Rin was gawking at her, not to my surprise.

"I'm Shura Kirigakure an upper first class exorcist" she explained.

Woo, I thought sarcastically, Give her a medal.

"I'm a senior inspector"

Run Rin, run.

She brought out an ID, then began speaking. She caught my ear when she said "Anywho, I'll be taking this guy to head quarters" and looked at Rin

"Why?!" I snapped at her. This big boobie lady is really ticking me off now.

She looked over and glared at me "First, watch the that tone of voice, it's gonna kill yer smart $$ one day. Two, I don't have to tell you" She turned away from me and I clenched my fist under anger. She's a b¶†¢h. "After I bring Rin to HQ, I'll come back and talk to the branch manager, Mephisto" That ass isn't getting near Mephisto-Outo-san "All other Exorcist will return to their dorms"

"Yes ma'am!" The others stated out, but I bared my teeth at her and growled

"Why the f¥¢k would I do that? You're not the boss of me" I snapped at her

"Kasu" Yukio stepped in the way and put his hand's on my shoulders "Go to your dorm, not later, now " He glared at me, doing that annoying ordering tone.

I scrunched my nose up "I don't have to!" I screamed and forcibly took his hands, shoved them away hard, and stormed off. Like hell I was going to my room. Sheimi yelled to me with Rin, but I kept going. I passed the rest of the class, ignoring them.

Once I made it to a little clearing, I sat down next to the pond. Yukio was siding with her and not me. Not his own family(Well we are basically a family). And why can't anyone leave Rin alone?! He didn't CHOOSE to be Satan's son.

I hated this.

I hated Yukio.

I hated that girl.

I hate being a demon.

I hated life.

I quickly sat up and quickly dipped my head in the pond then brought my head out. My dyed hair stuck to my face like glue and I swiped it away. I had got over my depression a long time ago, no need for it to come back. If it came back, I would have to go back THERE.

It's pathetic crying over them, so I had no reason to.