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Chapter One: School. Ugh.

When girls cry in class (they can't get enough attention for themselves), it pisses me off. The reason? I thought about it long enough and I have one: No matter how much I feel crushed inside, no matter how alone I am, no matter how much I die from all of this pressure building, I could never cry in class. I don't need that kind of attention brought on myself. I never wanted to hear: "OMG Hinata, are you okay?" Or: "OMG Hinata, what's wrong?" because I hated it. These people wouldn't have spoken to me any other day, but then when your crying everyone wants to talk to you and find out whatever drama was "wrecking your life" or whatever to satisfy their gossip trip. I don't need these wannabe friends lining up just to be looked at in a positive light for being "oh-so-nice."

People would characterize me (because we're in high school of course!) as a shy or reserved person, but I choose not to speak to anyone. And I might get a bit nervous (that's a lie, extremely nervous) around my crush, so I can be considered "normal" by some. Normal girl living a normal life, right? It's not even close to what's really going on.

I've been pressured by my whole family to be something I'm never going to be in different directions. The only one I can honestly handle is my little sister, Hanabi, who is a darling. I wished the rest of them would be like her, accepting and loving. Sadly, that's not the case. My father wants me to be as smart and as knowledgeable as Neji, my one-year older brother (technically he's my half-brother, but many would consider us cousins. Our dads were twins, but he's been like a brother to me since his dad died). My mother wants me to be something she's never been able to become and recently, Neji has hopped on the bandwagon. He wants me to start talking to people more (that is, people I don't like), to change my style and become one of those "girly-girls," and to be friends with people like his girlfriend Tenten. Honestly, he's getting harder and harder to handle. I mean, it's not like I hated people like Tenten. I just wasn't about to change for anybody—but I was the family pushover. It seemed my life was meant to be lived for others, and I hated, no, despised it. The Hyuga "elite" status made it millions of times worse. This means my father will eventually sit me down and tell me the kind of men I should be interested in. I imagine he'll say people like doctors, lawyers, businessmen, etcetera, etcetera…something that keeps our family's bloodline in the high-class and elite status. I was growing tired of all this, a little more each day.

The first day of school was always, somehow, a momentous occasion where everyone suddenly wanted to look their best. Me? I just wanted to be in my element, my own style and have no one comment negatively on it.

Tenth grade didn't seem exciting, I couldn't imagine how Neji was excited to be in eleventh. Bastard thought he would be on top of the school, no doubt. I really only wanted to see my friends because I felt this school thing was just getting drearier and drearier. The worst part was walking to and from school with Neji, since he loved to meddle in my business and he kept getting bossier and bossier with each second. Sometime I have to remember to punch him in the face.

"Hinata, you should try getting a boyfriend," Neji surprised me on our way to school. Maybe not "surprised" since he's already been driving me insane, but it came out of the blue.

"Why do you love telling me what I should do?" I rolled my eyes and I started to walk ahead of him.

"Well, I just thought that maybe you should date one of the athletes. I mean someone like Sasuke or Lee or Gaara or—hmm, not Naruto because he's a dumbass, but you know where I'm going…"

I simply shut him out as he continued rambling on about this guy on the basketball team or that guy on the soccer team and this one on the football team. Sadly, not everything makes it past my ears.

"And you should stop dressing like…that. People seriously think you're, well-"

I turned and glared at him, "Don't you dare say it,"

He said it anyway, "Emo,"

I gave him the middle finger and walked away from him. Fucking dumbass doesn't know what he's talking about. I have my own style that differs from other girls. Big fucking whoop. Apparently it makes me "emo" now, I thought last year I was considered "punk" or "goth" or a "rocker." Whatever! I leave the labels to the fucking soup cans.

I overviewed my outfit in my head as I picked it out especially for the first day of school: a tight dark purple skirt that came down an inch above my knees, patterned fishnets, lace-up boots that came up just below my knees, and my favorite part: my newest black tank top that said "The Doors" (one of my favorite bands) on the front in white complimented by my black leather jacket that reached a bit above my rib cage. It was perfection in my eyes. I was allowed to wear make-up last year so I've been putting on thick eyeliner and I always thought my eyelashes were long enough, so no mascara. I hated all other types of make-up. It was strictly eyeliner for me.

"HINATA!" I heard a familiar voice yell from across the street near the school.

I turned to see my energetic friend Leah who I met last year, waving excitedly at me while running over. We actually journeyed into the genre of Classic Rock together since we realized how much pop music went to the shitter. We got tired of all the repetitive beats and voices generated by computers; it just wasn't real for us anymore. There was no soul, no meaning. We lived close to each other, and I tended to join Leah at her house where she would turn on VH1 Classic where we would drool over the hot rock stars. At that time, the first band we got into together was Guns N' Roses: Leah drooling over the bassist Duff McKagan, while I preferred the lead singer Axl Rose. Soon, we were getting into this band and that band, mostly because Leah's dad grew up with them. Bands like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Rush, Van Halen, The Beatles, and The Jimi Hendrix Experience, were all we listened to. We got the music by illegally pirating music from the Internet, of course. You gotta love the future!

"Hey Leah! I haven't seen you in forever," I laughed sarcastically. We saw each other only a few days before, discussing our back-to-school outfits.

She laughed, "I know! Oh, and I finally decided on my new Led Zeppelin shirt as you can see,"

I laughed as I remembered how indecisive she was when we were trying to decide on clothes. She decided on the Led Zeppelin Knebworth vintage blue burn out trunk that she saved all of summer for to buy online, accompanied by a tight black skirt, fishnets, and knee-high converse which she'd been dying to wear forever.

"I see your outfit is complete!"

She grinned, "Of course! But I have a new addition, see?"

Leah motioned to her face and I noticed a perfect stud on her nose. "A nose piercing! It looks awesome!"

"I was so excited to get it, always wanted one,"

"I really want a lip piercing myself,"

"We gotta get you one, you'll look awesome with it!"

We walked into school together where we saw the person we both wanted to see the least of this year. I don't know what it was that made us hate her so much. Well, hate is a strong word, and Leah and I pledged not to use that word toward people (as part of our faith), but this, this, this bitch was seriously testing my nerves. I knew she got under Leah's nerves because, well, she wouldn't stay quiet when something offended her.

Karin thought she was all-that, this, and the other, Miss I'm-Better-Than-You-Because-I-Have-All-The-Fashionable-Clothes, Miss I'm-Popular-So-I'm-Prettier-Than-You, Miss Little Rich Girl with everything she could get from daddy which instantly made her "cool." Now, outside of her twisted mind, reality shows her a harsh fate. If she wasn't so spoiled and whiny I might actually have been somewhat friendly with her, but she's just so obnoxious. She thinks the world owes her something, no, everything. Really, she's like that spoiled brat Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, only we don't see the full wrath of her temper-tantrums.

This started back in freshman year, of course, near the end of the year. Leah and I were basically experimenting with different types of styles, and one day we both decided to come to school decked out in bell-bottom jeans and platforms. We also wore a different Led Zeppelin T-shirt because we both agreed they were the best band of the 70s. We felt just as comfortable in that style as any of the styles we wore to school, despite the looks we got from other students, but the one that somehow had a problem with what we were wearing was Karin. Apparently our fashion sense was so very important to fix. First, she gave us the nastiest look (creating a double-chin) trying to act all cool in her skinny jeans, UGGs (just sad), and of course, a pink shirt. Can't remember if it had anything printed on it, but it was pink and it was "expensive." The worst part was she wasn't even sneaky about the look, it was there for everyone to see, and I feel bad for their eyes. This is where Leah decides to say something about it.

"You know, if you're gonna be disgusted about someone else's outfit, you should try to make it less obvious," Leah gave a fake smile and blinked exaggeratedly.

Karin just continued to give us that gross look until she did that valley girl huff noise (I don't know what it is, it sounds like a huff and a squeak, just gross) and Leah and I held our laughs as she spoke.

"Well you two should try not to dip into your grandparents' closet, 20th century please," she crossed her arms.

"Who are you to care what we wear? Anyway it's the 21stcentury, dumb bitch. Fuck off," Leah and I walked off toward our next class, laughing our asses off as Karin just stood there with a dumb look on her face.

That was only the start. We thought that we wouldn't hear from her ever again since Leah told her off, but obviously she was one to hold a grudge. Of course, it's because we were all in this "girl world" apparently.

There came another day when Leah and I decided to dress up in 80s fashion, with the big hair and leather. Karin comments again, this time she had her BFF (one and only!) Tayuya as "back-up." Pathetic.

"Are you kidding me? You two losers look like you had an accident with some bikers!" Karin and Tayuya began laughing, no, cackling like a pair of hyenas.

Leah gave her signature fake smile and stated in a sweet sarcastic voice, "Aww, good job! How long did it take you to come up with that lame comment?" She fluttered her eyelashes really fast then rolled her eyes.

"Look you punk freaks, you should know not to mess with Karin," Tayuya crossed her arms and leaned on one foot.

"Are we still in fucking middle school Tayuya? Look at the way both of you are acting. Grow the fuck up already!"

All I did was stare and listen as I wasn't good with comebacks like Leah was, but I was fortunate to have her as a friend and hang out with me. I felt more confident when I was with her.

They both made their valley girl noise as they were so insulted.

I rolled my eyes, "Act like the victim when you're just asking for the drama,"

"I want drama? You guys keep fighting back," Karin flipped her red hair.

"That's the fucking definition of standing up to a big, stupid, annoying-ass bully," Leah was turning red with anger, "dumb bitches,"

"Did you just call me fat?" Karin stated as steadily as she could manage without her voice cracking and her tears falling.

"You didn't just call her fat…" Tayuya gasped.

Leah and I looked at each other and cracked up as the bell rang and the two bitch-snakes slithered away.

Ever since that day, Karin has been trying oh-so hard (she has so much time on her hands) to 'ruin us' and make the school hate us. It always fails because, really, no one gives a shit. Especially about her. She was just a fucking annoying bitch who would not leave us alone.

"What are we gonna do this year?" I sighed.

"We'll try to ignore her, most of the lame-ass stuff she decides to spit at us. Anything that insults us, our family, friends, or style, we have a duty to defend ourselves. I don't give a shit about the 'ignore, walk away, and report' like a fucking pussy policy the dumbass principle Tsunade has added. I'm not about to take her shit and give her the feeling she's won some sort of game that she created in her fucked-up world. You shouldn't either, Hinata, I mean it, please. Even when I'm not around, you have to-"

"Hai, Leah-sensei!" I stated valiantly and then started to laugh.

She laughed along with me, "That's the spirit!"

"Well just look who decided to come to school," Karin smirked.

We ignored her as we walked toward our lockers. We got outside lockers this year, and Leah was praying there were no spiders, cockroaches, or other bugs. The only things we could not stand, insects! Just thinking about it made me shudder.

"I guess this year the emos have decided to submit, perfect!" she clapped her hands together, face twisted with glee.

Leah wasn't gonna let that slide, "Excuse me? Emos? You fucking bitch! Go suck some ugly-ass guy's dick for money,"

Karin was about to say something, but we saw Temari walking over to us. She's a senior now, but we met her last year in our health class when we started our style experiments. She really liked our styles and told us to check out Van Halen. We've been friends ever since.

Karin obviously backed down, Temari looked fierce with her new eyebrow piercing.

"Watch the fucking vermin run," Temari laughed, "She's still annoying you guys? I swear we are not in elementary school anymore,"

I rolled my eyes, "The bitch just loves the spotlight,"

"And drama," Leah added.

"Figures, girls like that,"

"More like girls like you and you, oh yeah," Temari's brother, Kankuro appeared out of nowhere (as usual) and began hitting on Leah and I, putting his arms around us.

"What the fuck Kankuro! You dirty-ass mother fucker!" Temari attacked her brother as he ran in fear.

"It feels like we're back at school," Leah mumbled.

I simply nodded as we watched Temari yell at Kankuro and try repeatedly to kick him between the legs. We laughed as her leg finally made contact and gave each other high-fives as he crawled away in pain.


We finally got around to finding our lockers and were pleased as they were relatively close to each other. Then the fucking bell rang and we had to get our tired asses to homeroom and prepare ourselves for a day of boredom.

I was thankful that Leah and I were in the same homeroom, but it was horrible to find out as we arrived that Karin and Tayuya were fucking there. They stared at us with horrible, ugly, snotty bitch-faces as we took our seats in the back on the other side of the room. That's when we noticed some familiar faces sitting near us: Ino Yamanaka and Sakura Haruno.

"I saw how Karin was looking at you," Ino whispered.

"Yeah she's an annoying bitch who won't leave us alone if you hadn't got the news," Leah rolled her eyes and frowned.

"I know! I always see her totally trying to mess with you guys when you're just minding your damn business. She doesn't have a life. All she does is knit-pick at other people's lives instead of facing her own. She needs to grow the fuck up," Sakura stated frankly, as we all knew it was true.

"You're telling us," I sighed, "She loves holding grudges and doesn't know when to stop,"

"What did you even do?" Ino asked.

"We called her a dumb bitch and told her to fuck off after she criticized our outfits," Leah explained.

"She wanted us to dress in the 20th century," I added.

Both girls laughed.

"What a stupid-ass bitch!" Sakura continued to laugh as our teacher walked in.

Almost immediately, everyone started to be respectful. One reason was that they wanted to stay in the seats they picked near their friends.

"Good morning, I'm Kurenai-sensei and I'll be your homeroom teacher…"

We waited drearily through attendance and for our schedules. Once they were going around, friends began chatting with each other. Once Leah and I got our schedules we compared.

"Damn, we have three classes together and PE," Leah pouted, "I wish it was all of them,"

"Let's just hope we see less of you-know-who,"

"You got that right,"

I smiled, "Let's just enjoy AP world history, English, and Algebra II together," then my smile faded into a thin line, "and try to enjoy PE,"

"Yeah! Let's hope Naruto and Lee are there too~" Leah nearly squealed.

I frowned, "But, Lee's in 11th grade,"

Leah pouted again, "Ruin my dreams would ya?"

I laughed, "Maybe he'll be in Algebra II with us,"

"That's better,"

We were interrupted by Kurenai-sensei and talking about what we do in homeroom and all the boring stuff. Whatever, who listens anyway?

First period was Algebra II, and I could feel Leah getting hopeful and excited. She did well at controlling it, but she obviously wasn't talking or she'd squeal. Before we walked up the ramp we stopped at the side so Leah could calm down.

"Deep breaths," I say in a mocking tone.

Leah begins to breathe in and out as if she was in labor. I laughed.

"I know, Hinata, I'm way too hopeful and psyched," she sighed.

"Let's just go inside, we'll never know standing out here,"

As we walked inside the classroom, my heart began to beat faster than usual and my stomach became knots. I felt as if I should've skipped breakfast this morning. I imagined Leah was feeling the same thing. There they were, sitting next to each other: Rock Lee and Uzumaki Naruto.

Leah was better than this than I was, "Hey Lee and Naruto! What's up?" She immediately sat across from them (Lee particularly) as the classroom was arranged with two desks pushed up against each other.

I followed Leah and simply waved to each and said, "Hey,"

"How was break for you guys?" Leah asked the two.

"Great! I've never felt so youthful!" Lee exclaimed, full of enthusiasm as usual. The thing Leah loved about him, I guess.

Naruto grinned his famous big grin, "Oh yeah bushy brows? Youthful?" He snickered.

Leah almost said something, but instead she glared at him. She didn't want anything to seem obvious.

Naruto saw this and was a bit startled. He whispered to me, "Hinata, can you get your best friend to stop looking at me like she wants to kill me?"

I felt myself blush (A LOT) and I giggled, "That's out of my reach,"

"Well Naruto? What about your break?" Lee asked, filling in the almost-awkwardness.

"Oh yeah! Uh, I ate ramen a lot and I went places and ran and swam and exercised and hung out with Teme,"

"Very descriptive," Leah rolled her eyes and whispered to me, "well, you can be the brains in the relationship if you get him,"

I huffed and rolled my eyes at her as she laughed. Lee looked at us questionably.

"Naruto, are you good in math?" I asked, drawing the attention away from Leah and I.

He suddenly looked up and grinned his grin, "Why yes I am. It's the only subject I'm awesome at, the others are just boring,"

"But then, why are you here Lee? I know you're smart," Leah added.

Lee sighed, "They messed up my schedule and I had to take Algebra over again. I tried to get it changed, but apparently I belonged there. I'm hoping to take Pre-Calculus in a college class,"

We heard the second bell ring, but our teacher wasn't around.

Naruto sighed, "Kakashi-sensei, late as always,"

Lee nodded in agreement, "3…2…1..."

As if on cue, Kakashi-sensei came rushing in.

"Sorry I'm late class! I helped an old lady cross the street on my way…"

"Of course you did," Naruto rolled his eyes.

The usual first day of school routine kicked in with attendance, rules, supplies, etc.

"Hey let's compare schedules," Naruto whispered to me.

I nodded and we exchanged papers. I noticed that the classes we had the same were Algebra II, English, and Chemistry.

He smirked, "Excited for PE?"

I rolled my eyes, "What do you think?"

He grinned and I felt my face flush with redness. Kakashi continued talking so we ceased our conversation and I was left remembering the first time I met Naruto…

In the 7th grade all my friends turned on me. I was already shy enough without their horrible treatment. I knew who Naruto was, but we never talked before that day. We were in health class, watching some video about drinking and driving and we had a substitute teacher. Obviously, everyone started to take advantage of the sub by sitting together or whatever. My friends told me to sit with them, though it was just to pick on me. I still remember the insults.

"Oh Hinata! I just love your jacket and how ugly it is on you!" All four girls laughed.

"Your hair is just so amazing. Amazingly disgusting! Do you ever shower?"

"I know right? She always smells!"

Naruto was sitting across the room, but apparently he saw everything. I didn't notice he noticed because I just hung my head, waiting for my friends' hurtful comments to be over. I was nearly on the brink of tears.

"Hey stupid girls! Why don't you leave her alone!"

I looked up, surprised to see an angry Naruto basically growling at the girls.

"Look it's Naruto the loser!" the girls began to laugh again.

"You may say that now, but you'll end up nothing! Come on Hinata, sit with me,"

That's when I officially stopped talking to those stupid bitches. I found a new group of friends to hang out with, and it was all thanks to Naruto. I wish I hung out with Naruto more, though. I began developing a little crush on this strange blond boy, and now we're in the same high school. Leah and her superstitions say that it's destiny and fate pushing us together and we were meant to be, but I just think it's pure coincidence that we lived fairly close to each other and therefore went to the same schools nearby.

The bell rang, taking me out of my daydream and forcing me to second period AP World History. Two more years until senior year? Ugh, this will take forever.