It's summer, which means it's time for our vacation. My family and I have been planning this vacation for months. As soon as I and my sister were out of school, we would be packing and leaving for California, and spending a whole two months there, visiting my aunt. I couldn't wait; it was going to be amazing. She has a nice beach house, which is where we're staying.

I'm so ready to leave sophomore year behind, and just lie down and chill on a nice sandy beach. Leave behind stupid Dallas who broke up with me a few months ago for Liza Jenkins. I mean, he totally is just dating her now because he couldn't get into my pants. I'm not going to just have sex with him so easily. That's all he talked about, and I'm glad I didn't give in, because he probably would have just broken up with me after.

One other thing that I really wish that I could leave behind too, is my sister. Her name is Victoria, she's fifteen and just super annoying. We're almost two years apart, my seventh birthday is in a few months, and you wouldn't know it. She looks about my age, maybe older. And I look about her age. Dallas would have probably left me for her too if he could've. She's been complaining about the trip since we first mentioned it. She doesn't want to go; she doesn't want to have to hang out with me and my family for a summer, she rather spend it with her friends.

We're on our way there now, and Victoria hasn't said a word since we left the airport. She has had her head buds in the whole time, and her phone open, texting while she could. She can be so stupid and act really spoiled. Sometimes I wish she was somebody else's sister. So I didn't have to deal with her.

Like every time I had mentioned Dallas before, she'd say stupid stuff like, "why is he even dating you, you have no boobs." Or "Your outfits suck." Things I should be actually saying to her, since I'm older and that's my job. But no, she acts like she's the older sister and I can't get her to shut the hell up about it.

Unfortunately, on the way to my Aunt's house in the rental car, she spoke up, "Can I like, just go back to the airport and go home?"

I can see my father's eyes roll in the rearview mirror; he just ignores her and concentrates on his driving. My mother is looking herself in her pocket mirror, and fixing her lipstick. She makes sure her appearance is nice. When no one answers her (we don't bother answering her anymore because it's pointless) she speaks up again, "You guys really suck you know."

Already fed up with her crap, I speak up, "Shut up Victoria. You should be glad you're going on this trip, not many kids get an opportunity to go to nice places like this." I say.

"Yeah, who cares what you say. You have no friends or boyfriends at home to miss anyway, so you would like it here." She says, staring at her phone.

My mother clears her throat but doesn't say anything, "Screw you. I have more friends than you." I say. Victoria laughs, hard. I think she even snorts.

"Yeah right, you only have Trish. And then you can't even keep a hot guy like Dallas." She always has to bring Dallas up, and now I'm getting even more pissed.

"You can't get one guy, at least I had one." I say.

Our parents are out of the car now; we're at our Aunt Tracy's house. They are probably at the trunk now, but mine and Victoria's conversation isn't over yet, so neither of us moves.

"Yeah, you can't keep a guy because your too prude to have sex with them, how sad." She says.

I can't believe she just said that. How does she know anything about my life? I don't talk to her about anything like this. I know she'd just ruin my life completely if she had actually known anything about my personal life, not that I have much of one. She's actually pretty right. I don't have many friends besides Trish.

"Because I have more respect for myself than others." I say, while getting out of the car. If I could get away with strangling her right now, I so would.

My aunt Tracy runs out to greet us. She's a small woman, in her 50's. She's really nice and a great cook, I've only met her one other time but I can't ever forget her fried chicken and biscuits. I really hope she makes it at least once while were here, "Wow Ally! You've really grown!" She says, while hugging me, squeezing me tight.

Victoria walks right by her into the house. I really need to slap her or something. I grab my bag, and leave hers in there. When I go into the house, it's prettier than I remember. It's so open, a lot of windows and screen doors, letting in the salt water smell from the ocean. Beautiful baby blue walls in the living room. And her kitchen, it's like my dream kitchen. It's huge, with a bar in the middle with stools, and one of those giant refrigerators, which hopefully contains some ready to cook chicken and biscuits.

"Your house is so beautiful." My mother says happily.

I walk over to the screen doors and look out to her back yard; beautiful green grass with her lawn chairs and beautiful flowers, and then there are stairs and that leads to the sand and the water. The beach is already full of people. I can't wait to go there.

I'm so thankful that my aunt's house is big, because I don't have to share a room with Victoria. I get one all to myself. I smile at the thought while I walk over to my parents talking with Aunt Tracy, "Your room is the second door on the right upstairs." Aunt Tracy says to me. I nod and grab my things.

My room has just as good of a view as the living room. I happily pranced around, throwing my stuff on my bed and checking everything out. My room is beach themed, how ironic. I grab my bathing suit out of my bag and lay it out on my bed. I don't want to leave right away, I don't want to be rude to Aunt Tracy and make her think that's the only reason I'm here. I mean it's what I am most excited about. But I am happy to be seeing her too.

I walk into the kitchen and Victoria's sitting on the couch, ignoring us. My parents are sitting at the bar, drinking lemonade and talking with auntie (it's what I call her), I walk over and take a seat. She pours me a glass of pink lemonade, my favorite. I take a sip of the ice cold lemonade, ice cubes hitting my lips. It's the most refreshing drink ever. I listen quietly to their small talk, itching to go to the beach. I wish my sister was normal, it's going to be weird going to the beach alone, not knowing anyone. I'll just bring my songbook as a distraction. I love my song book, I write songs and thoughts and personal things in it. I'm surprised I've kept it away from Victoria this long. I'd probably die of embarrassment if she were to ever read it.

"Honey, don't you want to go check out the beach?" Auntie says. My face lights up with a smile and I shake my head. That's all I really needed to hear, I was up and out of my seat in about 3 seconds. I go up to my room and grab my bikini and put it on. I grab my sun dress to cover up until I actually go in the water. I grab my tote bag that I bought specifically for this vacation, and throw in some sun block, a towel and my songbook.

The sand in my toes, feels awesome. Yeah, I know I live I Miami, and I can go to the beach all the time, but there's just something about California that gets me. I just don't know what it is, but I have a good feeling about this place. There's a bunch of people everywhere; lying on beach towels, sitting on lawn chairs, playing volleyball, and running into the ocean. And there are a lot of hot guys, abs everywhere! There's also a lot of girls is skimpy bikini's and it makes me feel like mine is an old lady's bathing suit or something, even though it's not. I should have worn the one I bought a few weeks ago, but I just thought it was a little revealing. Like have you ever heard that song? Itty bitty teeny winey yellow polka dot bikiniā€¦ Yeah.

I find a lonely spot and set down my tote bag. I take off my dress and I lay out the towel and grab my song book and sit down. I breathe in the air, and look at the ocean. Now, this is the life. I get to be like this for the next two months, no distractions. No schoolwork to worry about, no boys, no nothing.

But then I see a boy running towards me, and I see the football flying too, he's going for it, he has to catch it. And he apparently doesn't notice me, because he trips of my tote bag and lands right on top of me, no, not across me, but like, right on top of me. His face was right in mine, and his stomach was directly touching mine. This blonde boy is smiling at me, and you'd think that wouldn't happen, since this is a very awkward situation.

And then he says it, "Hey. I'm Austin."