I'm so sorry for the short, crappy ending, but i've had the biggest writer's block in the world on this and i'm just so thankful for all of you that have read this and reviewed and enjoyed it. Check out my two other stories that i'm still writing, Mayday and Don't Let Me Fall.

I looked at Austin and my parents in shock, as I look around the room and all our furniture from home was in it. It all made sense now, why my father was always busy, why Austin was always ditching me for something else. They were all planning and doing this. There isn't going to be another sad goodbye between me and Austin because I'm not leaving. I'm moving here, not far from Austin's own house. And I'm never going to have to leave Austin again.

Austin and my parents' faces start to change, worried because I haven't said a word. But that's when the biggest grin appears on my face, and I jump up and down, "This is amazing!" I yell. I hug both my parents and then practically jump Austin who returns my huge smile and laughs at me.

They bring me on a tour of the house, and it's really beautiful. It's bigger and better than our now old one. It's full of windows and it's extremely cozy. Eventually Victoria and Auntie come, and yeah, they knew all about this too. I guess I was the last one to find out, but that's okay, because it was the best surprise ever.

Before I know it, we were settled in and life was better than ever. Trish was upset with my move, but she was sure to visit me as much as she could. I started going to the same school as Austin, and we've been inseparable. He promised to never keep a secret from me again, and that makes me happy. We've been dating for a while now, and he's hinting about proposing.

Victoria and I get along so great, it's like we finally are sisters for real and it feels good. And it's nice to be able to see auntie whenever I want. Let's just say, my summer started out bad, then good, then bad again, but then I realized that sometimes, life does give you a happy ending.