Author's Notes: We had a super crazy and intense thunderstorm that passed through where I live the other day. There was more lightening in that one storm than I think I have seen in my life combined. It inspired me to write this short fic. I don't own anything and as always, reviews are appreciated!

Abby, Phil, and Clint – Part 17

Thunder shook the air as lightning struck and clapped around the city. Abby woke up with a cry and ran to Clint and Phil's room.

"Dads, I'm scared. Can I stay with you?"

"How about we get you a mug of cocoa first and then you can stay with us." Clint said sitting up and holding Abby close to his chest as she nodded approvingly. The three of them went down stairs together to the kitchen and got out milk, cocoa, and some sugar. Clint stirred the hot cocoa while Abby laid her head down on his shoulder. Phil rubbed soothing circles on her back as she calmed down. Steve came out of his room.

"Couldn't sleep either?" Phil asked with a sympathetic smile on his lips.

"Not right now. Flashbacked to the war for a few minutes." Steve said as his left hand shook a little.

"Have some cocoa." Clint told him as Phil poured the drink from the pan into four mugs while Abby added some mini marshmallows to the top. They took the cocoa to the den and sat around the fireplace slowly sipping on their drinks, taking comfort from both the company and the warmth. After a few minutes, Abby dozed off to sleep in Clint's arms.

"You want to talk about it." Phil said quietly to Steve.

Steve took a sip from his mug. "It wasn't really anything specific. The thunder reminded me of the guns and cannons and everything. The lightning amplified the clouds to make it look like the guns were firing. It just brought back too many different memories."

"We're always here for you Steve." Clint told him.

"You can always talk to either of us about anything." Phil told Steve as he helped Clint up from the floor careful not to wake Abby.

"Thanks. I'll keep that in mind. The cocoa was excellent, by the way. Good night."

"You're welcome and we'll see you in the morning, all right." Phil said tiredly to Steve as he and Clint turned to head back upstairs. They slowly walked up the stairs and back to their room, laying Abby down between them before they all fell back asleep, more peaceful than before.