First off, I want to apologize for the low activity I've had. I do still have a lot of passion for writing, believe me, but I get so distracted with other things that I always forget to write more, and before I know it, I'm already on to something else. Things are weird for me like that, but I am still committed to posting, I promise.

Hopefully in the future I'll be more active, since we have recently been let out for the summer.

I do hope you like this story though! Enjoy!

~ Selena

"Bring in the prisoner."

The door opened to the cabin of the air ship, the guards flooding the room in seconds. A smaller group entered, and after parting, they revealed a figure, head slumped forward and body limp in the arms of the men.

"This is the prisoner?" The man asked, raising himself from his chair as he moved to stand in front of the figure, eyebrows raised.

"Yes captain. We caught her below decks. She had engaged one of the guards in a fight." One of the men responded. A single eyebrow rose upon the captain's face.

"Did you say she?" The captain asked softly. The guard nodded.

Eyebrow still raised, he moved his hand so that it rested under the figure's chin. He pushed the head upwards, his eyebrow rose just a bit more as he caught a glimpse of her face. There were scars and cuts here and there, obviously gained from the battle, but she was beautiful nonetheless. He continued to gaze at her as the short, wavy hair moved away from her face.

"She looks like…" The captain began quietly, pondering to himself. Suddenly his eyes widened.

"Summon Lord Buckingham immediately!" The captain demanded, turning away quickly as he moved back to his desk.

The guards seemed to be a bit flustered but nodded and left with the prisoner.

As soon as the door shut a small smile came upon the captain's lips.

"We've got you now….Musketeers."

Alright, so there you are. The prologue for the entire story! I hope you liked it! Please review and I'll try to have chapter one up soon. 3

~ Selena