He was infuriating when she first met him. Not that he was any less infuriating later on; she was just used to it. Regardless of her husband being in jail he dropped flirty compliments. He had already taken her son out, something her husband hadn't done even when he wasn't in prison. He seemed to care about her more than her husband had. Her husband may love her, but he didn't care for her. He came to her hospital to get a tetanus shot for getting bitten by an alligator. He had been to her home, asking her much more personal questions than someone who barely knew her should be. But she answered them, which probably had something to do with his blue eyes. The two had even been on a date, more or less. He would say more. She would say less. Even though it was only a beer by the beach, she began to have a small crush on him, and he on her. This was their beginning, Jim and Callie.