The Girlfriend Experience

Jim had been trying, really trying to flirt with other women. Maybe even develop some sort of relationship with them, but then he'd get a glimpse of Callie. Whether it be walking down the street or in the hospital, sometimes even from the memories in his mind, but it didn't matter. He still saw Callie and that halted any of his hopes with other women. Callie had begun to share her problems with him. She had done that before, but now Jim knew her and felt a part of her life. Like he could help and be there for her if need be. Jim began to understand that often times Callie didn't need someone to fight her battles for her, just someone to be in her corner, rooting for her.

Then Jim started his most recent case, which had some similarities to his own life, but not as many as the previous, and for that he was thankful. "You know what's really traditional?" Jim had asked a suspect, "Shooting a guy you find sleeping with your girl." The thought crossed Jim's mind that he had considered shooting Ray many a time, but no…wait, that's not how it would go. The positions reversed, the girl not his, however bad Jim may wish her to be. Jim had, practically on auto-pilot, brought the issues of his most recent case to Callie. They had become a little distracted talking about one of Callie's friends who was happily married with three children. "So ultimately she followed her heart and took the plunge," Jim had commented to Callie about the friend. He hoped that she would take the hint and take the plunge with him. But that conversation grew much too serious and Jim redirected it to something a little safer. It seemed that's what they were always doing, directing the path to somewhere safer. The two always danced along the edge of what could be, but never took the leap over.

The case continued to pester Jim slightly as the woman involved had asked him, "Are you in a relationship detective?" Jim easily replied, "Not at the moment." She stared back at him, "Would you like to be?" At that the detective grew quiet. Of course he would like to be, but he couldn't no, not at the moment. Too many complications, too many twists and turns, so much trouble.

The case had ended, the woman arrested, but the themes of the case still ever-present in Jim's mind. Colleen made an off-handed, innocent comment "You should worry about you own love life." But it had stuck with Jim for the reminder of the day, even coming back to haunt him for the next few weeks. He was worried about his love life, on how to fix it, make it right; be with Callie. She had come over to retrieve Jeff, Jim having watched him during her meeting. She had oh-so casually stolen his beer, taking a sip for herself, before returning it back to him. It made Jim smile on the inside. This comfort, this familiarity was so sweet to his heart, so enduring. Callie had quickly told her son to pack up before conversing with Jim, confirming his suspicion that a woman in love could be detached if she needed to be. Jim had of course already decided for her that she needed to be.

Callie was up and walking away with Jeff, but Jim couldn't let her go. He had to tell her of this sweet comfort he felt whenever she was around. "Hey Callie," He said and she turned around, "Sweet dreams." Callie had nodded slightly before giving a small smile saying, "Sure, sweet dreams." Callie had turned and walked away leaving Jim to sit back down with his beer. He shook his head saying, "Sweet dreams? Idiot." But this was; Jim was sure of it. Jim and Callie was such a sweet, sweet dream. He just had to find a way to make that dream a reality.