Hi guys! This is my first Push fic so sorry if its not so good!


Eight Years Ago

All that Nick could hear in the silent darkness was Cassie's frantic panting alongside his own. He knew they were being followed, even though the follower was silent. Cassie grabbed his hand and dragged him around a corner. Without letting go, they started racing down the alleyways, taking random turns every ten seconds. Finally, in the brick wall to Nicks left, they found two doors. Each went into its own building. Cassie stopped running as if she had found what she was looking for.

She looked at Nick wearily, "we have to split up."

Nick looked down at her shadowed face, noticing her skin was a bit darker from dust, tinting its usual pale tone, due to their recent lack of showering opportunities. Her eyes were wild with the emotions she tried never to show pouring over, after all, they didn't have time for emotional breakdowns when they were on the run like this. He wanted nothing more than to tell her that everything would be okay and they would be together always. But they both knew that would be completely unrealistic, and as much as he hated to admit it, he knew that she was right. If they had any chance of staying alive they had to throw off the division agents and go their separate ways.

After this moment of thinking, he spoke softly, "do you see us together again?".

Her eyes glistened and she wrapped her too-thin arms around him. "I have no idea." was all she said.

He heard voices a few buildings away. "Where are they? Hudson will kill us if we lose them!". He held her tighter for just a moment, kissed her flat, terribly-colored hair quickly and let go of her. He brought her face to look at him, "we will see each other again." He said firmly.

She nodded weakly, obviously not very assured. They heard the voices again, closer this time, "are they over there?" a deep voice asked. "Not a sign of them." another answered. "Lets try in here." the deep voice said back. Nick looked at Cassie one more time and than released her tiny hand.

He nodded and gave a small smile. She barley returned it and then she disappeared through the door on the right.

After watching the door close, Nick went through the door on the left, running through what looked like a liquor store as quietly as he could to the front door. He threw open the door and ran to the nearest cab, as he was getting in the backseat, he found himself praying that Cassie got out safely.

As if God was trying to reassure him, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a flash a wildly colored hair, getting into a cab, seven cars away from him. He closed the door of his cab and told the driver to take him to the airport. He leaned back against the soft, fabric that smelled strongly of cigarettes and closed his eyes, holding on to one thing in the world; his own voice attempting to comfort her.

We will see each other again.

So there it is! I know its short! Next one will be longer! Please tell me what you think!