I'm not asking you to be anyone but the Quinn that I know. Who can't always find a way to be honest. Who can look into me with those perfect eyes that shine golden in the moon above us and know that this isn't some new game I've discovered I find entertaining. Who sees right thru me. It's weird, the way I know what you're feeling, how you see things and see yourself in any circumstance but this.

I'm not afraid anymore. I don't want to push you away, and I won't...because I know you already chosen fight over flight. I guess I'm not asking for anything. I just wish I knew why your eyes are shining like that right now. Are you thinking about Baby B? About whether or not she's as happy as you are right now? Why are you so happy, Lucy Q?

Because you're here, not having to talk, no one asking you how you feel about Shelby moving to London and taking B with her without even thinking about how you would feel about it? Because you love to watch the stars and the moon? Because you're with me? Do I make you happy? I hope I do...I try to. I hope you know that. That I would give up anything for you to be happy. Everything. That I already have...

Do you know what else you do for me besides making me happy? You take the pain away, Quinn. When I think about it too much, I visualize the two of us slowly removing long barbed knives from eachother's hearts. Along the way opening up just big enough of a gash in our armor to allow the other in. That's what it feels like. Like you're a part of me now.

I gave up everything for you. But now it feels like you've built a new everything in my heart...made me whole again. God, I'm such a fucking dork for you, Quinn. I guess you could see that in me pretty clearly. But I learned a while ago that sometimes you just have to say what you thought you couldn't. I'm not asking you for anything you don't already have in you, baby. I just want for you to need me the same way I need you.