Sorry for any spelling mistakes, I just wrote this in half an hour.

The Avenger's own a comic book store in this AU.

"But why, brother!" Yelled Thor across the cramped confines of their comic book-store causing the few customers their store had managed to accumulate that day to flee in terror of the large sales clerk. Tony shook his head; it was a wonder this store managed to make a profit as long as it did, was it really a surprise they were facing eviction.

"People like coffee, Thor. People also like books. It's not my fault your store failed to make ends meet." Said Loki, the smug smile crawling on the edge of his lips.

Tony had to agree with him, Loki had actually helped gain a few sales on the few occasions he'd come to talk to his brother. Really, the only two here who were qualified to run a store were Natasha and himself. And he was always too busy trying to upgrade the cameras to be useful at management.

"You have betrayed me, brother," Thor growled, flexing his arms and barrelling his chest underneath the tight black singlet he always wore to work. "You have betrayed the Asgards. Ever since you were banished from our household-"

Loki sighed, "For the last time, Thor, I wasn't banished. I went to college. I actually learnt something, like how to manage a business. Which is what I will be doing here as soon as you're evicted."

Thor went quiet, jaw and fists clenched tightly shut. Tony just rolled his eyes and turned to Loki. "How long have we got?"

"Two weeks, according to your landlord." Tony had never really liked Loki, he'd always just wanted to wipe the smirk off his face whenever he saw him. "You have a little bit of time for a last sale or something like that."

"It won't be our last sale."Said Tony, smiling.

"Oh, you intend to set up shop somewhere else?" Asked Loki, patronising bemusement dancing across his face. Raising his walking stick, he slid the top layer of comics off the shelf and watched them twirl to the floor. "I'm sure someone will love these... pictures somewhere else."

"Maybe in a few years. A second store would be nice and all."

Loki's smile fell just a little, his smug fa├žade becoming just a little hollow. "What?"

"We're not going to lose this store." Explained Tony, as he re-stacked the comics on the floor. "No, I think we should be able to hold onto it," he glanced over at Thor, who still seemed to be fighting the urge to beat his brother into pulp. "As long as someone stops making impromptu Shakespeare performances."

Loki started to chuckle, his gaze jumping from Tony's serious expression and his brother's clueless one. "You've been evicted."

"That happens a lot."

"You won't win, Loki." Thor said, as he unclenched his fists.

"Do you think you can change Fury's mind?" He asked, mockingly. "What do you intend to do?"

"Paying off our debts sounds like a good start." Exclaimed Tony.

Loki smile dropped, "I have lawyers."

"We have a Hulk." Hopefully Loki didn't realise that was Bruce's nickname. Threats didn't sound nearly as threatening when they involved small asthmatics kids, even if they were dangerous.

Loki snickered. "Threats won't work on me."

"They should. Clint's a mean shot." Even if he did have an unfortunate name.

"And I have Mjolnir!" Roared Thor, as he walked towards the counter.

"You still have that woodwork project?" Loki asked in disbelief.

"You better believe he does." Said Tony.

Thor reached down below the counter pulling out the rather impressive weapon. "Would you wish to feel it's swing, brother?"

Loki sized the two of them for a moment, his twitching hand playing with his long, green scarf, the only indicator of his fear. After a moment, he replied. "Fine. I hope you're next weeks are very productive, that money will have to last you through your unemployment after all." The villain turned, his scarf sweeping majestically behind him. "Say hello to Natasha for me."

He left the door with a slam, the door smashing into it's frame behind him. It was only then Tony let go of his breathe. "Jesus Christ, your brother's a piece of work."

Thor placed his hammer back underneath the shop, "You have no idea, Midgardian."

"Is anyone else in your family like that, Thor?"

"No. He's actually adopted."