iiwake maybe

I thought that we were just friends
But I want to see you, you, right now.

Maybe, maybe
Maybe I like you

There isn't a single cloud in the sky
Maybe, maybe
Maybe I like you

I know that this is love
But I'm making excuses

All that Nezumi really seemed to know, in that moment, was that Centre had taken her roughly by the shoulders and pushed her up against the wall, long before she had even had a chance to greet her dryly as was her usual manner. She supposed she was beginning to become increasingly aware of the fact that she had no idea what emotions were stirring in the other girl's eyes, too, but amongst Nezumi's endless list of talents was the ability to prioritise efficiently, and, well, her physical well-being was bound to take the cake in any situation.

"Centre, what a–"

In a moment she couldn't even begin to fathom the speed of, Nezumi's words had fallen upon Centre's lips, and in a moment of what she felt was desperation, Centre had gotten their mouths moving together as though they had been waiting since the beginning of time to dance this dance. There was a resounding tension in the other girl, so Nezumi moved to relieve her of it and allowed her arms to snake their way up her back as palms found her jaws and thumbs found her cheeks.

The definition of closeness may have had to be rewritten to suit Nezumi's needs considering the fact that, even as their legs began to brush against one another, she felt like there was some dreadful, indeterminable distance between them yet to be closed. Just when she was about to get to the bottom of this mystery, however, Centre retreated.

Open-mouthed, breathing heavily and steadily becoming pissed, Nezumi licked her lips and narrowed her eyes.

"What was that?"

A smile ghosted over Centre's lips as she tried to catch her breath.

"I was just wondering, y'know."

Nezumi frowned.

"Y'know," Centre continued in answer to her unasked question, "just what would happen if maybe I kissed you."

A moment of silence hung between them, and then Nezumi took note of their proximity, and how they still clung to each other like lovers.

She wondered what would happen if maybe they kissed again.