Chapter V- Blitzkrieg

SHIELD Helicarrier

June 21, 2012- 10:29 PM

He had already been though 20 punching bags since he began his workout that morning. And yet no matter how hard he punched he just couldn't work out the sadness and fury that still overwhelmed him as the images came to his mind of former best friends fighting in the war of good and evil, tyranny and freedom, justice and revenge. Captain America, was working on his 21st punching bag, tears rolling down his face with each punch, when Nick Fury entered the room.

"Are you OK Cap?" Fury asked with genuine concern and sympathy for his mourning friend playing across his face.

"No Fury I'm not!" screamed Steve, the fury and sadness clearly showing in his voice, "I was just beginning to accept the fact that my best friend had died during the war…" Steve quit punching the bag and turned to look at Fury, "but now knowing that not only is he alive, but working for HYDRA that I don't think I will get over. I don't want to accept the fact that one day I'll be fighting my former best friend, who had defended me from bullies since I was a boy, and maybe even killing him!" Steve said as he wept.

"I am so sorry that you had to find out this way Steve, I really am. I wish the opposite was true, that Bucky had lived but would be your best friend to this day, or that he had died in the war and that you could continue to think of him as your friend," Fury replied sadness filling his voice. Then Fury did something that no one had ever seen him do before, or perhaps will never see happen after, he hugged Captain America and let the legend of World War II cry into his shoulder. As he did so he said to Steve, "However, even though you have lost one friend in this world, you are not alone in this world Capt. You have me, the rest of the SHIELD staff, the Avengers, and your former love Peggy Carter. I promise you that we will never leave your side."

After a few minutes Steve calmed down and he stepped away from Fury, "Thank you Nick. Your kind words did more for me than punching 21 bags did," Steve said with a smile coming across his face for the first time in days.

"Anytime my friend," Fury replied.

"So, do we know anything of HYDRA's plans and where they are going to strike next?" Cap asked now serious again.

"For the first time since we've met I can honestly say I don't know something. Whatever HYDRA is planning to do, they're keeping it super-secret. Our surveillance of the organization still has not given us any clues as to what's going on as of yet," Fury replied.

"Then this is very bad Nick. Whatever they're planning must be huge if they are trying so hard to keep it a secret," Steve replied.

As soon as he said those words a strange portal opened up in the middle of the room and out of it stepped Thor, the God of Thunder. "Asgard is in under attack!" Thor screamed as the portal closed behind him.

"Who is behind this?" Fury and Captain America asked in unison.

"The organization from Midgard known as HYDRA is the cause. They opened some kind of a portal and they started flowing in like the Chitauri when we fought them!" We try to beat them back but it seems their numbers are infinite because they keep coming. Men, air machines, land machines, and other weapons are wreaking havoc and already there have been many casualties on both sides! We need your help now!" Thor pleaded.

"Is the Winter Soldier there?" Steve asked.

"I do now know of this Soldier of Winter," Thor replied bewildered.

"Who is leading the soldiers Thor?" Captain America replied in frustration.

"Some mythical creature that looked to be half man and half machine, but why does it matter?" Thor replied.

"That would be the Winter Soldier and it matters because he was my friend, Thor.

"I'm sorry Captain America. However, I don't think he's the main guy. I heard your former friend talking through something on his ear and he mentioned the name Baron Strucker several times. I think he's the main person in charge."

Shock, awe, anger, and then determination played across Steve's face for a moment when he heard that his old foe had returned. He turned to Fury, "I need someone to fly me to the Swiss Alps," Steve said with a great intensity.

"You need it you got it," Fury replied and ran off to make the final preparations.

Steve then turned to Thor, "I need you to go back to Asgard and continue fight HYDRA's forces. I think I know what's going on and I think I can stop it but we'll have to work together on this."

"Ok Captain but Please hurry! Asgard ddoes not have much time left before complete destruction."

"I will try my best old friend," Steve replied. He then ran off to find his suit and shield while Thor opened up another portal to Asgard using Mjolnir. The final battle was about commence.