Until You

(A/N:This is my first fan fiction in a very long time. So constructive criticism is greatly appreciated! The story takes place after the season 3 finale. I'm making all my chapter headings titles of songs. I encourage you to listen to the music, (and read the lyrics to the songs when you get a chance). I wrote this while listening to the songs displayed to try and get the feel of the chapter. The song for this chapter is "Lose Control" by Evanescence. Hope you enjoy! )

"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players" -William Shakespeare ("As you Like It")

Klaus's POV:

Yesterday, I was stuck in a coffin, doomed.

Today, I find out my doppelganger is now a vampire.

Being in Tyler's body was to ensure that my body would stay preserved so that I may continue this plan. And now it's shot.

My design has gone to waste, and now I'm starting to reconsider death.

Alas, there is Rebekah to put into thought. She'll need looking after. Then there's Caroline... and that kiss.

Even I almost believed it. Such a beautiful lie. And yet, I can still taste her on my lips, feel her against my chest... Tyler's chest. I tried to not let myself be so in the moment, I had an agenda of my own to fulfill, and I wasn't going to let Caroline get in the way of that.

Either way, Caroline believes Tyler is dead and this body is of no longer use to me.

I've been doing nothing but drink vodka and wander aimlessly in the woods for the past however many hours. It's about time I do something about this. I pull out my phone and dial Bonnie.


"How's my favorite witch?"

"What do you want Klaus?"

"I'm starting to feel a little homesick now, how soon can you work the spell?"

"Are you sure it's safe to switch back now?"

"Well if I remember correctly, you did pull the stake out of me, and after Alaric's damage all I need is some fresh, non-incinerated clothes."

"Alright then. The grill, eight o'clock."

"Can't wait."

I press end and check the time, it's six. I suppose I could go for a snack right about now.

Caroline's POV:

I haven't moved from my bed since Tyler died. The tears don't stop, nor does the pain. Matt and the-new-vampire Elena have tried to comfort me but it's pointless. I've asked that they leave me alone. I want to be alone.

If I could, I would stay in this bed and drown in my sorrows, but my endless tears have made me thirsty and hungry. I need blood. And to get out of this stinking hell hole I've sunk myself into.

I gather myself together and put on some fresh clothes and makeup. Once I'm ready, I bolt out the door and head over to the forest to catch whatever wild animal I can find. I come across a couple of rabbits and suck on those for a little bit. I'm starting to lose my appetite though as my thoughts set in on Tyler again. I'm about to start another round of tears when I hear some branches shift on the floor to my far right. I run in that direction and hide behind a tree close to where the sound came from. I peak out slightly from behind it and let out an uneasy breath.


Klaus's POV:

Oh great.

I quickly wipe the blood from my lips and stand transfixed. Even when she's a wreck, she's beautiful. But I already made a deal within myself to not covet her. I want her to come to me, willingly... gladly.

I can't have this. Not now. Not like this.

She tackles me to the floor and starts sobbing into my neck.

"Your alive!" She chokes out, "I'm so happy you're alive! How can this be?"

She pulls her face away to look at me and I shrug. What could I possibly tell her?

"Maybe because I'm a werewolf, only the vampire bloodline died in me." I'm so pathetic, at least this talk will suit Tyler well.

Her smile intoxicates me, and I can start to feel the urge to taste her lips again. I fight to push the feeling down in my chest, but it becomes more of a struggle as I try to shove myself away. I can already start to feel the taste fade from her last kiss in the cave, when she was saying goodbye to Tyler.

To Tyler...

This is not how I want her.

But then again, what's one more taste going to hurt?

I give in to my selfish desire and indulge in her. I savor every second. I know she's kissing Tyler, not me. And for right now, I don't care.


Preview for later this week:

"You helped save my life Klaus... more than once. I can't stay mad at you"