The night was dark. There were too many clouds for the moon to have any chance of peeking through. A man walking through the woods was the only disturbance. One of his hands was perched on the small of his back, palm facing outward, and the other was covering his mouth slightly as he walked. He paid no attention to the crunching leaves underfoot; he was too deep in thought. Normally the man wouldn't be so careless in paying attention, but even if something wanted to hurt him it probably wouldn't see him. His clothes were dark, save for his white undershirt and gloves.

The man wore a black overcoat with tails, black shoes and a black tie, dark gray vest, gray pants and his slicked-back hair was jet black as well. His hair was softly curled upward toward the tips. Bright gray-green eyes and a kind, fair smile complemented his face. As Jam Crincklecut walked along, he thought about Erec Rex.

The boy, aside from King Piter, was Jam's best friend. Jam would do anything for him, and had even accompanied him on a quest not too long ago in Otherness against monsters. He was basically fighting against friends, for the butler had old family ties in Alypium and Aorth; the "monsters" being fought against. The battle was over now and Jam felt that he needed a little break from everything. So, after Erec Rex went back to live with his family for a while, Jam took the opportunity to walk in the woods of Smoolie, Otherness. It was the most beautiful place in the Kingdom of the Keepers.

A cool breeze blew some of Jam's hair around his face. He brushed it aside when he smelled something weird. It smelled like a mix of carrion and milk left out to sit for a few days. Curious, Jam made his way toward where the smell was coming from. He scrunched up his nose as he came nearer. It was coming from a tunnel in the bushes. Jam suddenly realized that the smell had led him out of Smoolie. He was now somewhere unknown in Otherness. Looking around he saw that everything was...dead. Wherever he was it was dark, gloomy and truly unnerving. The trees were thick and Jam realized he couldn't see three feet ahead of him because of the heavy fog that lay slightly above the ground. Anything could jump out at him here. Jam looked behind him, longing for the comfort Smoolie had brought him, but curiosity about his earlier task overcame him once more. Looking up, he shivered, but not from cold. Over the brush he had spotted where the scent was coming from.

Jam just about screamed and his jaw dropped as he gave an inhuman, shuddering gasp. He was staring at a dead mountain lion. But it wasn't just dead. It was mutilated. As Jam looked closer, he saw that the cat's eyes were glassy and crazed. It's stomach was gutted out which was causing the wildcat to lay in it's own blood. This cat had died from rabies; that much was obvious. That was where the carrion scent had come from, but what about the milky part of the smell?

Jam didn't want to know. He turned on his heels and sprinted back the way he had come. Arriving again in Smoolie, he noted that the place no longer looked as inviting to him. He kept seeing the rabid animal's eyes everywhere he looked. It haunted him. He wanted to forget, but it wasn't easy after seeing the look of death. Reaching the Port-O-Door he had come through, he slipped back into Alypium after tapping it on the map.

There was an eerie silence in Jam's head. Everyone around him was bustling and making noise but he heard nothing. He kept his eyes straight ahead and looked at no one. It was out of the ordinary for him to act like this. The ground seemed slanted all of a sudden as Jam felt that inhumane smell hit him again. It rose up to meet him and Jam's head slammed on asphalt as he succumbed to a dead faint. Then there was black.