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The day for the funeral came. For some reason, Sofia-Marie felt peaceful. Just nice and calm. Of course there was still the pain that Phil was gone, yet she felt as if she was ready. Ready for the taxi that picked her up. Ready for the crowd of people in black. She was ready when her cue came for her performance.

She stood up with her cello and walked over to a chair in front of the crowd of people. Tony also walked up with the accompany book in his hand. They bowed and Tony sat down at the piano. She stayed standing up. She saw Pepper dabbing at her eyes with a Kleenex, the Avengers with solemn looks on their faces, and Director Fury nodding at her. She also saw Phil Coulson's family and friends.

Sofia-Marie made her speech. "Thank you to Mr. Anthony Stark who, as I have heard, has been practicing the accompaniment for my piece for hours and hours on end- and willingly, too. I appreciate it a lot. And thank you to SHIELD for giving Phil a proper funeral.

"The piece I am about to play is a very famous one called 'The Swan': from the Carnival of the Animals by Camille Saint-Saens. I have chosen to play this piece specifically because it was Phil's favorite piece out of all the pieces that I have played for him.

"I remember him saying that he liked this piece because it was so sad and beautiful. I remember correcting him. Many people think of this piece as about a swan that is dying. That's because someone choreographed the ballet, "The Dying Swan," to the piece by Saint-Saens. But the music that Saint-Saens composed is about a swan that is gracefully gliding through water. Phil and I discussed why the music spoke such a sad language. I remember that he said that the piece and the way I play it was so beautiful that it was heartbreaking. I will always remember that whenever I play this piece. His death was very heartbreaking, and I felt as if I couldn't move on without him. Everything seemed so confusing and sudden. But then I realized that the beautiful thing is that life goes on. The world keeps spinning and I can't do anything about it, so I might as well move on. Thank you to the Avengers for showing me that there is still kindness in this world, even if Phil is dead. And thank you everyone for listening."

So she sat down and nodded to Tony, who began playing. When she started playing, it seemed that nobody could breathe. The music was truly beautiful. It seemed to pierce the crowd's very souls. They had never in their life heard such touching music. Sofia-Marie seemed in one with the music; it was as if she had opened a gateway to another world by her playing. They could envision the swan beautifully, gracefully on a lake.

With the music they all remembered their favorite memories with Coulson. They remembered the way he would smile at you and yet say something snarky. They remembered his sense of humor, and how hard he worked.

It seemed too quickly that the music ended. She stood up and bowed, and the crowd clapped.

So life went on.