A/N: this idea came to me as a random thought awhile after I watched the "Jackie Bags Hyde" episode in Season 3. It comes from the comment Jackie makes, "I wish my daddy could buy him for me." It has parts from the show, but goes off in certain areas.

Jackie couldn't get the frown to leave her lips as she entered the Buckhart mansion. She stepped up the stairs and headed towards her bedroom. As she passed the study she was almost shocked to find her father home. He was reading in his chair like he had not been gone for the past four months.

"Daddy?" She stepped inside with mild caution since she didn't want him to be disturbed by her intrusion.

"Sweetheart, come here." The sound of her father's voice seemed almost foreign as it entered her ears, but it still gave her a relaxing sensation that she was starting to forget. She stepped over till she was sitting on the arm of his chair, she was too big to sit in her father's lap years ago.

"Yes, daddy?" She wanted to ask him where he had been and what he been doing that kept him away for so long. She held her tongue though since she knew the answers would only upset both of them.

"I hear you and that Kelso boy are no longer dating." He closed the book leaving a marker been the pages. He gave a gentle toss and let it land on the desk. "What happened?"

Jackie knew why her father was asking since he had done a lot of things to keep her from dating Kelso before. She could easily tell him the truth that Kelso had cheated on her and then he'd probably end up in more trouble than ever thanks to her father's money and connections. "We grew apart." She lied simply.

The lie came off her tongue easier than she could imagine. As she watched her father nod his head in silent thought, "I also hear you've been spending time around that Hyde boy."

Even though he had clearly rejected her, Jackie still could not stop the smile from spreading across her lips. "Steven is great. He's smart, nice, brave-"

"Jacqueline, you shouldn't be spending time with that boy." Her father scolded.

Jackie wanted to roll her eyes. All her father ever seemed to care about was who she kept as company because of course the family image was the most important thing here. These kinda of conversations really only bothered her after she started hanging around in the basement with everyone. Her cheerleader friends were never called to question even though they were all skanky and bitches. And when she tried dating someone from the football team her father more than approved.

"Daddy, we aren't dating!" She cried out. Her lower lip jutted out in a pout as she remember his rejection. "He doesn't like me." She muttered playing with the hem of her sleeve. She glanced at the watch on her wrist, "Oh! I need to get to the Foreman's or I'll be late." She jumped off chair and gave a small kiss to her father's cheek before rushing out the house.

Jack Buckhart rubbed his jaw as he thought of his daughter's sad, defeated expression. "Steven Hyde..." He frowned as the name came off his lips. He grabbed the phone a top his desk and looked up the Foreman's number before lifting the receiver and dialing.

"Hello?" A woman on the other line spoke.

"Hello, this is Jack Buckhart, is Steven Hyde there?"