Disclaimer: I don't own One Piece or any of its characters, but how cool would that be! Oh and to be clear this is when Hordy is a child for those of you who don't know.

Wandering around the outskirts of the district I find myself away from my friends and the small thing known as safety in my life. Even though humans sometimes come into our homes and steal our loved ones away from us we still consider this place our home. Although I don't want my kind to be concealed within the shadows when there's a beacon of light just above our heads, yet to the islanders we're monsters. They don't even give us a chance before they judge us from where we came from, the district. Well I certainly will have to change that, they're thoughts of peace with humans, and they're thoughts of how to leave children down here all alone when they're only children. Alas, I guess being born in the district isn't that bad. What's bad is how my kind thinks these days. Although if I have to agree with one thing that the queen says it has to be about the change that's coming, but no one will think about the certain type of wave that my generation will bring.

Hordy needed a first story since nobody has written anything yet so I'm the first to write about him. Also I think that he might have thought about all of these things, so anyway the review button is working just fine so please use it.