Things That Go Bump in the Basement (final)

Santana Lopez turned up the volume on a small radio which sat on a nearby shelf, humming along cheerfully as she wrapped a cast-iron skillet in some bubble wrap then set it at the bottom of a large cardboard box. She did the same with a large boiling pot and two ornate candlestick holders.

"Santana?" a familiar voice called from the top of the stairs.

"Down here!" she answered loudly, wanting her voice to travel from the back corner of the cavernous basement.

The old wood of the staircase squeaked as footsteps travelled down it.

"Hey, what do you want to do with these old jars of preserves?" Santana asked, her nose crinkling as she picked one up and read the label, identifying its contents as Tomato Chutney.

"Throw them out, I guess," Brittany told her, "My grandmother sure loved canning. Too bad nobody ever ate them."

Santana turned another jar to read its label as Candied Figs, quipping, "Can't say that I blame them."

The brunette bent over to set several of the jars into an extra box, standing back up and rubbing her dusty hands on the sides of her baggy jeans.

"I can take this box out to the big trash bin when I leave," Santana said.

"No, I don't want you carrying these heavy boxes, San," Brittany responded, "I told you I would come back tomorrow and finish down here in the basement."

Santana shrugged, "I know…but I feel bad leaving you to clean it out by yourself."

"Don't feel bad, you've done a lot today. You need to rest…besides my sister will be here all day tomorrow. I plan on putting her to work right after breakfast."

"Are you sure you won't need me?" Santana pouted slightly.

Brittany nudged the brunette's shoulder playfully, "I always need you, but you've got work on Monday. I don't want you to drive back too late at night."

Santana looked around the massive basement, seeing plenty of stuff that needed to be boxed up or donated or tossed. "Your grandparents were pack rats."

"They were just…sentimental," Brittany redefined with a smile.

"Uh ok…sentimental pack rats then," Santana winked, setting two more Mason jars of jam in the box on the floor then, "You guys should have started thinning this stuff out years ago."

"True, but we got a lot accomplished this weekend. All we have left is the kitchen which Mom is upstairs cleaning, and my aunt is going through my grandmother's closet. We'll be done in plenty of time for the estate sale," Brittany sounded determined.

"'Estate sale' sounds so final," Santana frowned, watching the blonde's face, "Are you sad at all?"

Brittany bit her lower lip, "Seeing this house empty is a little sad, but it's been months since my grandmother died. It was time to sell it."

"Do you miss them much?"

"Sometimes…mostly, I miss being young and innocent and running around this place without a care in the world," Brittany specified, absentmindedly twisting the simple band of white gold on her left ring finger as she looked around the basement, "It's like my childhood is boxed up down here."

"I like being down here," Santana volunteered, smiling widely at the taller girl.

Brittany returned the smile, noticing that, even without makeup, twenty-six-year old Santana Lopez was still breathtakingly beautiful. Giggling, Brittany asked, "Since when?"

The Latina set down the roll of bubble wrap in order to snake her arms around Brittany's waist, pulling her close to her body, responding, "Oh…since about the time a gorgeous blonde seduced me down here."

"Seduced you?" Brittany laughed louder, "I was cold and in pain…how did I seduce you?"

"Oh now don't play innocent with me, Brittany Susan Pierce!" Santana purred, slapping at Brittany's backside for emphasis, "You got me to fall in love with you down here, didn't you?"

"Hey, you kissed me first!" Brittany reminded, a smirk crossing her lips. She privately acknowledged that kissing Santana was something she had wanted to do for quite some time before the night the two of them got trapped in the basement.

"True…but you had me bewildered with that absurd movie idea of yours," Santana retorted, "It was just so adorable…and insane…that I hadto kiss you after that."

Brittany leaned in and kissed Santana tenderly, assuring her, "And you're still my brave protector eleven years later."

The start of a new song began on the radio, and Santana started swaying the two of them gently to the slow music, "As long as I have a breath in my body, I will always protect you, sweetheart."

A smile spread across Brittany's entire face as a hint of pink accentuated her freckled cheeks, "You can still make me blush too after all these years."

"I love you, Britt," Santana said sweetly, continuing to sway to the rhythm of the music, "I always will."

"I love you too, my honey," Brittany returned the sentiment, lowering her head onto Santana's strong shoulder as they danced slowly, enjoying a moment of quiet intimacy.

"We should do this more often," Santana verbalized as the song ended and another one began.

"Clean out houses?" Brittany sounded confused. It had been a long Friday and Saturday back in Lima, Ohio while her family disposed of her grandparents' belongings, and though she always enjoyed a trip back to her hometown, she could think of much more satisfying experiences than this.

Santana shook her head and chuckled at how literal Brittany could be at times. "No, babe…dance together. We used to dance like this all the time," Santana clarified, "When we were younger."

"We dance…sometimes," Brittany bit at her lip again, "right?"

"Hmm…I guess," Santana agreed, trying to search her recent memory, "I've just been missing you lately. Is it wrong of me to want private time with my wife?"

Brittany lifted her head and kissed Santana again, "I admit that this past year has been sort of hectic."

"Hectic doesn't begin to describe our life lately. Especially with your schedule…between your school and classes at your dance studio," Santana pushed lightheartedly though she was admittedly a little jealous when Brittany's students got to spend more time with her than she did.

"It's hard being a new teacher, especially with second-graders," Brittany grimaced, "I just feel so overwhelmed sometimes…with lesson plans and grading…."

"You're a fantastic teacher…and you're so wonderful with little kids," Santana validated, squeezing Brittany closer to her, "I just miss this."

Brittany kissed Santana passionately, moving her hands up around her wife's neck, confirming, "This?"

"Yes, this," Santana smiled into another kiss, opening her mouth to allow for Brittany's tongue to push in and wrap around her own.

The two of them held each other tightly, no longer moving to the song playing in the background, as they continued to share a long, exploring kiss.

"I really have missed you, Britt," Santana told her wife, breaking to refill her lungs with much needed air.

Brittany tilted her head, kissing a trail along Santana's jaw then up her exposed neck until she could whisper in her left ear, "I know, honey. I promise you that I will make some adjustments when I get home next week…I want us to have more time as a family."

"Promise?" Santana confirmed, nuzzling her face in the crook of Brittany's neck and collar bone.

Brittany used her index finger to raise Santana's chin so she could see her face, assuring her, "I promise."

The blonde moved a raven lock of hair that had fallen from the loose bun on top of Santana's head, looking deeply in her chocolate-colored eyes. The last time the two of them stood in this basement together had been over eleven years earlier.

She occasionally thought about the night they were accidentally locked down here. Her memories went to that night usually on really cold, rainy days when her ankle still ached slightly. The girls had entered the basement as best friends and exited the basement as lovers.

Brittany was so proud of Santana for slowly accepting that their love for each other was strong enough to withstand any comments their classmates might make. It certainly wasn't an overnight transition, but eventually, the two of them went from stolen touches and knowing side-glances to walking hand-in-hand down the hallways of their high school.

By the time they finally made an official announcement at the start of their junior year, the other members of Glee Club shrugged and told them that was old news. Eleven years later, it still made Brittany laugh to think she and Santana believed they were hiding their relationship from everyone around them for those ten months.

She sighed, lamenting internally, the angst of being a teenager is one thing I don't miss about my youth.

She was just glad it all worked out for the best so the two of them could enjoy being girlfriends for the last half of their high school experience. Next to their wedding day four years ago, attending junior and senior prom on Santana's arm was the blonde's happiest public events.

As Brittany continued the reconnection with her wife, brushing her lips purposefully across the brown skin of Santana's neck, she could hear soft moans escape the Latina's throat, the muscle vibrating under Brittany's kisses.

The more Brittany kissed her, the more Santana tightened her hold on Brittany's shapely backside, her hands pushed down in the back pockets of Brittany's jeans, squeezing her butt cheeks and pulling Brittany further into her body.

Brittany's hands naturally wandered up and under Santana's fitted t-shirt, rubbing the smooth skin of her back. Brittany's stance unintentionally moved Santana back a step, causing the couple to bump into the dryer.

"Oops," Brittany said with a laugh, never taking her mouth off her wife's, when she heard the thump of the hollow metal, "Sorry."

"S'okay," Santana replied, deepening their kiss and moving her arms up and embracing Brittany in a more frenzied arousal, "Is it naughty of me that I want you so much right now."

"Here?" Brittany clarified, sounding as breathless as Santana.

"Right here," Santana confirmed, bringing her fingers around to unbutton and unzip Brittany's jeans before pushing her hands down under the fabric to grab at the bare skin of Brittany's backside. She squeezed at her again, inching her wife even closer in order to get her message across, repeating in her usual raspy voice, "Right now."

"My mom's upstairs though," Brittany reminded the horny Latina.

"Good…then everything up there is under control," Santana surmised.

"Well…it is sort of a tradition…huh?" Brittany paused to listen for anything out of the ordinary.

"It's nearly our anniversary, and this may be our last chance to do this," Santana speculated, her fingers kneading the muscular tissue of Brittany's butt as she spoke, "The new owners probably wouldn't be amused to find us down here."

"True…," Brittany relented with a chuckle, the heat between them rising quickly. She unbutton Santana's jeans then put her hands on her waist to pick her up, setting her up on the top of the dryer with a slight thud.

The noise caused them both to laugh.

"God, this is like those awful pornos Puckerman made us watch any time his mom was at temple," the brunette quipped, helping Brittany as she pulled the t-shirt over Santana's head.

Brittany smirked as she unhooked her wife's lacy, blue bra, "Hey, do you want to do this or not?"

"Hell yes," Santana said adamantly, leaning down the slight distance to kiss Brittany before lifting the blonde's white shirt off of her and tossing it to the side.

"Then no more mention of Puck," Brittany requested, "Or boys in general…because gross."

"None of them compare to you, babe," Santana assured Brittany, giving her a sexy wink.

"Damn right they don't," Brittany agreed, devouring Santana's mouth with a deep kiss.

Santana's legs hung over the side of the dryer, parted by Brittany's body, as they kissed feverishly. Their hands moved up and down each other's exposed skin, easily remembering each other's familiar curves.

Unable to restrain her passion any further, Brittany tugged hard on the waistband of Santana's jeans, yanking them over her wife's narrow hips.

"That was hot…," Santana commented, lifting one butt cheek then the other to allow Brittany to pull the denim with her underwear the rest of the way down. She kicked off the excess fabric that pooled around her ankles to make room for Brittany to lean closer into her now naked body, letting her slip-on sandals drop to the ground with her pants.

"You liked that, huh?" Brittany chuckled before running her hand between Santana's thighs, asking in a low sexy voice, "What about this?"

"Very," Santana responded with a reflexive gasp when she felt Brittany's long fingers stroke the length of her vulva, bracing herself with her hands on Brittany's shoulders and adding, once she caught her breath, "Oh wow."

Brittany parted the brunette's knees wider with her elbow while she used her other arm to pull on Santana's hips, moving her closer to the edge to create a better angle. While she slowly stroked her wife, causing more and more wetness between her legs, the blonde cupped and sucked on one of Santana's large breasts, eliciting an even louder moan.

"Shhh," Brittany warned with a giggle, looking back over her shoulder to make sure they had no unexpected audience. She suddenly thought back to all the times she and Santana had sex in places which were less than appropriate, places around their houses or in the girls' locker room at school. Probably none were more inappropriate than the backseat of the school bus on their way back to Lima after the Glee Club won the National Show Choir competition their senior year.

Brittany felt a heat in her face when conjuring up that memory. She was thankful for darkness inside the bus and the cover of thick fabric from their varsity letter jackets. Suddenly giddy, she smiled sheepishly and confessed, "I feel like a teenager again."

"That's great, babe," Santana dismissed and leaned back to put her hands behind her on the flat part of the dryer, arching her chest further into Brittany's mouth, pleading with her, "Will you pleasefuck me already."

That made Brittany giggle harder, knowing it had been way too many weeks since she and Santana had sex last, telling her, "Patience, my horny devil."

She continued to massage Santana up and down and back up again, expertly stroking at her vulva, always returning to the Latina's clit which pulsated under Brittany's focused touch. Brittany made sure to pass by the hardened knot each time, circling it, flicking it then rubbing the top of it before repeating that pattern again and again and again, having perfected that particular skill over the years. She knew the pattern in just the way that drove Santana wild with desire.

When Santana leaned forward into Brittany again, digging her fingernails into the skin on Brittany's shoulders, Brittany pushed her fingers up and inside her wife, instantly hearing a sharp gasp before feeling Santana bite down on her collarbone and moan deeply.

Brittany gave Santana a second to acclimate to the sensation before moving in and out with long, meticulous strokes while still continuing a determined rub with her thumb on Santana's clit.

"Is that better?" Brittany asked, already knowing the answer.

"Uh huh…much," Santana confirmed between groans, her voice catching in the back of her throat, wrapping her legs around Brittany's hips and locking her ankles tightly at the small of Brittany's back.

Brittany kept up her stimulation until Santana's core clinched tightly around her hand and her body quivered hard in Brittany's embrace, hearing a muffled "oh goddddd" and "ohhhh Brittttt" as Santana tried to censor her orgasm as best she could, articulating her gratification into Brittany's shoulder.

Not wanting to end their moment, Brittany slid Santana off the edge of the dryer and lowered herself to her knees on the ground, bringing her wife's body with her and down into her lap, leaning the Latina back against the cold metal of the appliance to continue pleasuring her.

The unanticipated transition only deepened the depth of Brittany's fingers inside Santana. "Ohh shit," Santana gasped, air caught in her lungs. After a moment to mentally and physically adjust, she relaxed back into Brittany's hold.

"You okay?" Brittany checked.

Santana nodded, her pulse still racing and her breathing still heavy, "You're not kidding around, are you?"

"Nope," Brittany smirked, "You wanted me to fuck you, didn't you?"

Santana nodded again, kissing Brittany passionately and pushing her backwards until she was flat on the ground before pushing herself into an upright position and rotating her center up and down on Brittany's hand that was still deep inside her.

The Latina moaned and breathed heavily, bracing herself with her hands planted firmly on Brittany's chest, working the soft mounds of flesh with her fingers, tweaking Brittany's nipples and making them harden under her touch.

Brittany was now moaning too, her hips reflexively bucking a few times, but she didn't move her arm much, allowing Santana to maneuver any way she wanted so she could hit that perfect spot inside her, the Latina giving herself the greatest amount of pleasure.

Brittany felt heat rising between her own legs, but she was mostly enjoying watching her wife move over her, a focused look of ecstasy on Santana's face.

Within a few minutes, the rocking motion of Santana's hips became slower and harder until she let out a loud, guttural groan, finally collapsing against Brittany's torso underneath her, her body shaking powerfully.

Brittany held her wife close to her chest and kissed her tenderly on her forehead until her breathing and heart rate slowed some. Once Santana was sated, Brittany pulled her hand from between the brunette's legs. Normally, Brittany would have rolled Santana over so she could kiss her, but she had the presence of mind to remember that they were lying on a cold, dirty basement floor.

"Feel good?" Brittany playfully asked, lightly trailing her fingertips along Santana's spine.

Santana stirred, lifting her head to look at the blonde, answering, "Sooo good."

"This basement is the best thing that ever happened to us," Brittany offered sweetly.

Kissing her wife's lips, Santana agreed, "I guess that mangy cat deserves some of the credit."

"Thank you, Princess Penelope…may she rest in peace," Brittany looked up toward the sky to say.

"Where are you looking?" Santana grimaced.

"Cat heaven," Brittany said as if that answer were obvious.

"Why heaven?" Santana laughed, "She probably returned to her rightful place in hell."

Brittany dismissed Santana's amusement as a cover, remembering her wife cried the day the old feline died, the two of them loyal friends at the end of her life.

"I love you, honey," Brittany assured the brunette, hugging her and kissing her again.

Santana kissed Brittany's throat and down the center of her bare chest then licked across the blonde's very erect nipple, saying in a sexy but sincere voice, "…and I love you, my beautiful girl."

There was a loud voice at the top of the stairs that interrupted Santana's efforts, calling Brittany's name then her name.

"Just a second!" Brittany called out loudly in response, adding, "We'll be right there!"

Both girls laughed uncontrollably as they moved lightening fast to collect their clothing and to make themselves presentable.

"Where's my other shoe?" Santana wondered aloud as she zipped her jeans.

Brittany pulled her shirt over her head and tightened her blonde ponytail, searching the floor. "Right here," she told Santana as she reached between the washing machine and dryer to retrieve the brown leather slip-on shoe.

Santana put on her shoes and grabbed Brittany by the hand before the taller girl could walk away, drawing her close enough to kiss her tenderly, telling her sweetly, "Thank you."

Brittany chuckled, returning the kiss, clarifying, "Pretty damn good for a quickie, huh?"

The brunette smiled, squeezing Brittany's hand in hers, "I meant, thank you for being you…and for being in my life."

Brittany kissed her wife again, a warmth passing through her entire body, "Always."

The girls heard their names called again so they climbed the wooden staircase and stepped out into the hallway, telling Brittany's mom that they were ready then making a quick stop by the half-bathroom to wash up before ending up in a nearly-empty living room.

As soon as the couple came around the corner, their gaze went to a tiny brunette who was sitting up in a bubblegum pink pack-n-play. As the girls moved toward the infant, she pulled herself up to smile at them enthusiastically.

"Hey there, gorgeous!" Brittany exclaimed with delight, "You woke up from your nap."

The baby giggled, a clear stream of drool making its way down her chin. As she smiled, the dimples in her cheeks showed just like the dimples in Santana's cheeks always did.

Brittany loved seeing the same endearing features on her daughter's face as she always adored about Santana, especially those dimples and her big brown eyes.

When Santana reached out for the baby, the little girl smiled and reached up, acknowledging excitedly, "Mama."

The Latina picked up the nine-month-old and turned toward Brittany, pointing, "Can you say 'Mommy'?"

The baby smiled again, looking at Santana, giggling in a happy baby-type way.

Santana said again, "Mom-my."

The baby smiled widely at Brittany and said, "Ma-mi." It came out a hybrid version of Mama and Mommy but was definitely different than the first "Mama", making both of her moms ecstatically pleased.

"She said 'Mommy'!" Santana beamed.

"She sure did!" Brittany agreed, taking the infant from Santana and holding her up high above her head to make her laugh. As Brittany lowered her daughter to kiss her chubby cheek, a string of drool dropped into her eye. "Oh Ella…," Brittany cackled, wiping the moisture from her bright blue eye, "You got me good, girl!"

"She's perfecting her aim too," Santana teased, having been victim to Ella's drool bombs many times.

"Are you ready for some dinner?" Brittany asked her daughter, looking back at her wife and adding with a wink, "I think Mama and Mommy need some nourishment too now."

"Yes! Mama is starved," Santana slipped her arm around Brittany's waist, squeezing both of her girls tightly, giving a sheepish grin to her wife and assuring her, "And once you're in bed tonight, little one…Mama owes Mommy big time."

"I'm going to hold you to that," Brittany winked at Santana, saying to Ella as she started walking toward the kitchen which was located at the back of the old house, "Let's go see what Grandma made for us."

Santana Lopez watched Brittany walk ahead of her, holding their infant daughter, talking to her cheerfully. The Latina paused a moment and looked around the old house, realizing it would be the last time she ever stood in it. It had been a huge part of Brittany's childhood, but because Brittany was Santana's whole world for as long as she could remember, the house was, by default, a huge part of her past too.

Santana took a deep breath, her insides still tingling from their earlier activities down in the basement. Her life was different than she ever envisioned it would be at twenty-six, but she was blessed with a loving, devoted wife and a beautiful baby girl. Yes, fate had an interesting way of working itself out…but sometimes, the brunette admitted internally, you just have to let go and enjoy the show.

Santana Lopez smiled widely as a feeling of perfect peace washed over her.

The End

Author's Note: This story has been such a fun project with you guys being so interactive. I might try something else like this in the near future. Perhaps we could have Brittany and Santana marooned on a deserted island or something…or maybe we'll have them barricaded away from those flesh-eating zombies. ;) Anyway, I adore each of you for embracing the concept of this story wholeheartedly!

I know some of you guys will be disappointed it didn't continue with them in Brittany's bedroom that night and that it didn't explore some of the girls' coming out journey, but honestly, I evaluated that and felt those topics were for a different story. I wanted to keep this fic upbeat and mostly fluffy-Brittana. I hope I gave you that much-desired happy ending. At least, I did come through on that promise of sexy times. See, I never go back on my word to my readers.

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